Saturday, November 7, 2009

liFE biRtH bLoOd DooM

"what is life, except excuse for death... n death is nothing but an escape from life"

some quote i found online... d circle f life n death... well known topic.. nothin new u guys gona find in dis post..

random n irrelevent connction between sm lines u myt feel.. but kept dis in drafts 4 long ... certain hapnin in d past got me started writin dis post.. so wot evr gets 2d brain.... , am jotin it dwn... all need not b related well .. jst d idea of life n death mite revolve thruout.. so hv fun

reading dis post u mite jst feel sad n go back in tym not like d feeling... but dats not my intention here.. tho i knw its no gud writin dis post .. i personally dont like readin such works wich r talkin abt reality n philosophical stuff.. rathr wud njoy readin smthing dat can mk me smile n get me laffing.. only felt like postin here .. so got down doin dis... now d concept f evrything dat starts gota end... all is perishable, nothin remains 4vr. how many tyms v hear dis n get across such fundas in life.. but still dnt want any such thing 2 hapn wid us.. v loose wots close 2 us .. smthin or sm1 v cant think f life widout.. but d fact is v still continue 2 live ... our tym is still not ovr.. n hence v gota go on till d tym is up 4 us...

d concept of attachment detachment is funny 4 me, smhw feel dat v human being as per our convnience get attachd n detachd as n wen requird... myt not b d case wid all , but most f us n dat % f ppl including me i feel ,r nothin but polishd hypocrites ... hw does hypocrcy works here,, i dunno.. probably foolin our own selves f how detachd v r .. while d truth mayb d othr way round... i personally am kind f a person who wont b affected much or b moved by news of death n all.. smhw it seems 2me dat evntually its gona hapn.. i dunno how 2 react if sm1 says der so n so died.. i dnt understnd y ppl say sorry wen dey hear f such news?? ok u feel sory 4d persons lose, but den again u dint do no nothin n der ws nothin u cud have had done 2 stop it.. y r v sory den??is dis has now become a standard way of behaving wen smthin like dat hapns... i 2 wud jst say d same thing probably cos v realy dnt knw wot 2 say... do v say 'dats sad'.. yes it is.. is der a point askin 'r u ok'.. no u fool defintly d person is not ok... n worse still evry 3rd person walkin in ask d same ques of 'how n wen ' it hapnd

d person is alrdy messed up in der grief n u wana knw how it all hapnd? y is dat?? guess wot else do v ask den.. so standard set things ppl say n do at such situations n dats how it all goes...

now ppl wont eat, as in wen sm1 expires arnd dem.... dey wont feel like goin ne whr aftr getin 2knw such news... dey instantly get sad n feel its all over ... n dis is not dat sm near n dear 2 dem died.. but any1 dey knew 4m smwhr... dats bein sensitv 2d news n behaving like a human being i guess... but dis is wot gets me wondering... mayb smthin wrong wid me?? am i 2 insensitve 2wards ppl n life ?? cos if i get 2 hear such news .. i tend 2 b in d same frame f mind dat i ws proir 2 it.. i wnt stop eatin.. or stop wot i ws goin 2do d next moment...well dats me....

dey say as v grow up, v ourselves start understndin wots hapnin arnd.. v become more n more sensitv 2 such tyms.... but dunno wots wrong wid me.. i hear news of sm1 passing away n am unmoved... b it sm1 i barely knew.. or sm1 i knew well.. or sm1 i dint know at all.. its d same reaction 4 me... 'OK' .. does dat means am 2 insensitv 2b a human bein ?? i hope not... does dat means losing ne1 close 2me wont affct me eithr.. i feel not... cos d idea f losing sm1 who mttrs 2me,, mks me jittery.. knowin its all gona end n death is d final destination of life.. wich v all will 1 day or d othr reach,, but d only way i feel i can cope up wid losing my dear 1s is dat i die b4 dat.. dats how strong n detached i am... or how insecure n weak i am.. hmm dats only 4 tym 2 tell..... but its funny cos smhw i cannot relate 2 any situations or ceremonies wich mk ppl go on extremes... i dnt like goin 2 cremenations.. n i dnt like attendin marriages eithr.. but at tyms v r complied 2do so... der is no comparison btween d emotions invld in d 2 ceremonies.. but neithr of dem mks me feel like bein der.. call me weird but dat hw it is 4me...antisocial mayb.. but wot can i do if such emotions dnt come natural 2me.. or mayb i'v conditiond myself wid tym..not 2 react much n b cold 2 all such evnts... tho smtyms it shakes me bad.... imagine v decide not 2 get in touch wid sm1 again in our live n less v knw , it jst mite b d case... how does it feels wen u hv argumnt wid sm1.. u develop  grudges 4 certain ppl n decide 2 stay away 4m dem 4 alwaz... but if it so hapns dat u get d news d der demise .... how do u feel.. its like d last confrontation wid dat person ws a fite.... now d person is gone 4 real n in dis life v arnt getin in touch again wid dem.. (xactly wot v decideed,, only not dis way),wot if v feel smwhr it ws our fault n shud hv got d records strait wid dat person.. or evn if it ws dat both d parties were at fault, wot gud is it doin 2 dcyd not 2 get in each odrs way in dis life tym ?? so v dcyd 2 set things asyd but b4 v knw.. its 2 late now.. n wot r v left wid,,, a guilt insyd cursing our ownselves ..d last words u had wid d person were smthin dat jst myt haunt u 4evr.... so jst 2 mk sure no such thing hapns..shud v b leting morons be demselves d bearing wid dem.. cos v dnt want 2 regrets later??? or do v doom dem 2 hell n keep dem asyd , live our lives peacefully???   den der r chances f u hatin a person n evry1 knws wot d jerk he/she ws in der lifetym but wen dey die.. well ,,,all go on sayin wot a wonderfull person he or she ws.... n how dey wud b missd.. but bringing forth d truth wud b rude n bad.. 4 not 2 tk bad of sm1 who is dead... isnt it so? but wen d person ws alive.. curse him/her like hell.. wot a wonderfull concept v ppl have... respect d dead n mock d living...

sm say d ultimate way f life is bein detachd n not feeling nethin.. but lyk i said v nvr knw wen n wot will get us attchd 2 it or dem.. lookin at d world arnd wot do v get 2 keep wid us... wot all can v possbly gain... in d same aspct... wot can v possbly loose....hmm heavy stuff isnt it ... n dnt v all like 2 talk n sound philosophical.. but hw many f us practice wot v preach?? i dbt not many.. 

dnt hv much 2 rite now... guess wud leave dis here only.. dis mite b 1f d short post 4d readers .. so wont get dem complaining...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

d TAG of innocent guilt...

anothr of tags i got, kinda strnge dis 1 .. did not get it in d 1st go.. aftr askin d tagger it seems here v hve certian questions n gota gv 1 word ans 2 dem...where innocent says no n guilty means yes in d tag... so will get ovr wid dis now..  not much 2do in dis tag... dey say tags r gr8 way 2knw more f ppl... well go ahd knw more f me..

MONICA @  tagged me.

RULE 1- You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
RULE 2- You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!
RULE 3- Copy and paste this into your notes , delete my answers, type in your answers and tag to your friends to answer this.

Asked someone to marry you? Innocent.
Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Innocent.
Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent.
Ever told a lie? Guilty.
Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Guilty.
Kissed a picture? Innocent.
Slept in until 5 PM? Guilty.
Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty.
Held a snake? Innocent.
Been suspended from school? Guilty.
Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent.
Stolen from a store? Guilty.
Been fired from a job? Innocent.
Done something you regret? Guilty.
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty.
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent.
Kissed in the rain? Innocent.
Sat on a roof top? Guilty.
Kissed someone you shouldn't? Innocent.
Sang in the shower? Guilty.
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent.
Shaved your head? Innocent.
Had a boxing membership? Innocent.
Made a boyfriend cry? Innocent.
Been in a band? Innocent.
Shot a gun? Innocent.
Donated Blood? Guilty.
Eaten alligator meat? Innocent.
Eaten cheesecake? Innocent.
Still love someone you shouldn't? Innocent.
Have/had a tattoo? Innocent.
Liked someone, but will never tell who? Innocent.
Been too honest? Guilty.
Ruined a surprise? Guilty.
Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn't walk after wards? Guilty.
Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty.
Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Innocent.
Joined a pageant? Innocent.
Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Innocent.
Had communication with your ex? Innocent.
Got totally drunk on the night before exam? Guilty.
Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty.

as 4 taggin ppl... guess whosoevr wants 2 do it...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


THE dUMB dUMBER dUMBEST QUIZ. seems like d funny quizzes have had alrdy made der way in2 blogger 4m facebook n all.. got 2do dis 1 by monica... lets c wot i score

Here's the quiz

[x] Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were talking
(worse still d gum got stuck in my hair, hair on d head, thot shud specify :P...)

[ ] Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were NOT talking

[ ] You have ran into a glass/screen door

[x] You have jumped out of a moving vehicle
(jumping of d moving bus qualifies i guess)

[x] You have thought of something funny while walking by yourself
(hapns alot..)

[x] Laughed, then watched people give you weird looks
(hapns all d tym)

[x] You have run into a tree/bush.

[ ] You know that it IS possible to lick your elbow
(hahaha dint knew dat.. )

[x] You have tried to lick your elbow… a few times
( :P jst tried after reading d above statement, no success tho)

[x] You never knew that the Alphabet and Twinkle Twinkle Little star have the same rhythm.

[x] You just tried to sing them.
(hi dey do kinda hv d same ryhme,, not dat dumb a quiz i guess,, only makin ppl smarter)

[x] You have tripped on your shoelace and fallen.

[ ] You have choked on your own spit .

[x] You have seen the Matrix and still don’t get it.
(got d 1st 2 parts... d 3rd 1 got way 2 wierd)

[ ] You’ve never seen the Matrix.

[ ] You type only with two fingers.

[x] You have accidentally caught something on fire

[x] You tried to drink out of a straw, but it went into your nose/eyes.
(now d water gt in2 nose cos f stupid lafs)

[x] You have caught yourself drooling.

[x] You have fallen asleep in class and fell outta your chair
(fallen asleep yes,, fell outta chair yes... but not both at d same tym.. )

[x] You stared hard at someone trying to figure whether the person was he or she

[x] Sometimes you just stop thinking

[x] You are telling a story and forget what you were talking about

[x] People often shake their heads and walk away from you
(some evn shake der heads wen dey knw dey gota talk 2me now :P :P)

[x] You are often told to use your “inside voice”.
(dont understand d concept f inside voice tho.... depends tym 2 tym it seems)

[x] You use your fingers to do simple math

[x] You have eaten a bug
(not knowingly.. myt hv munched few at nites wid d food)

[x] You are taking this test when you should be doing something more important
(not exactly... got nothing bttr 2do if think in 1 way...n have alot f stuff 2 tk care f if think d othr way)

[x] You have put your clothes on backwards or inside out, and didn’t realize it

[x] You’ve looked all over for something and realized it was in your hand
(in hands ?? hahaha evn more funny a kid wen got 2 wear d specs initially ws searching 4 my specs all arnd only 2 find myself wearing dem on d eyes wen searchin 4 it in front f d mirror :P :P... wow d quiz is made 4 me it seems :P :P)

[ ] You have ran around naked in your house.
(hahahahahha ok... hmm probably one day wen i'll hv my own house n live alone den jst myt do dis :P :P.. not run arnd tho.. walkin wud b jst fine)

[ ] You repost bulletins because you are scared that what they say will happen to you if you don’t.

[ ] You break a lot of things.
(not alot .. but things keep breakin here n der ...)

[ ] Your friends know not to use big words around you.
(wot type of big words??..askin dat question dumb?? but still big words differ 4 all)

[x] You tilt your head when you’re confused
(well can tilt or do othr random stuf wen confused n helloo wen confused ur supposd 2do random stuff)

[x] You have fallen out of your chair before

[ ] Mistook your teacher to be a student

[x] When you’re lying in bed, you try to find pictures in the texture of the ceiling or wall
(hmmm well need not specialy be lyin in bed... jst gota b vela n nothin 2do like rite now :P :P)

[x] The word “ummmmm” is used many times a day.
(it hapns most wen in viva n interviews i guess :D)

[x] Have you opened your mouth to say something but then you pretended as if you were yawning because you forgot what you wanted to say.
(smtyms not dat i 4gt but lookin at d person 2 whome ws goin 2say... decyd against sayin it ..hence d yawn or smile or random face)


I am (29/40)*100 = 72.5% DUMB!!!

chalo if not d academics ... getin a score f 70 + not bad... probably my dad wud b hapi ... hahahahhahahahah
n who i wud like 2 compare my dumbness wid... hmm guess all in d list f followers n whosoevr reading dis.. n do lemme knw once u thru wid d dumbness :P :P... n complete it soon.. d sooner u knw d bettr it is 4u my frnd,,, go chk ur dumbness... BE A MAN... or WOMAN... wotevr b ur case

Saturday, September 26, 2009

the unforgiven II

"what i've felt , what i've known
sick n tired , i stand alone
could u there?
cos am d 1 who waits 4u
or r u UNFORGIVEN too"

well dats 1 f d songs 4m metallica dat i heard wen i started listening 2 d band.. alwaz loved d song n since d tym i started bloggin had dis in mind 2 use d title as name f ne f my post.. felt it looks fine 4 wot am thinking 2 type now so jst thot wud start it off wid few lines 4m d song only... hence d para in d start.. no pun intended der.. ppl need not mk horses up der brains run wild.. 4 d post is yet 2 begin :P :P

so nehw lemme get dwn wid d post.. now smtyms it hapns dat i write n talk irrelevnt stuff.. ppl evn hv hard tym readin or getin 2 understnd wot am tryin 2 say.. funny der r tyms wen i myself find it hard 2 understnd wot am i sayin or wot do i want in life... 4 smtym now my brain has been fcukd up..refusing 2 work at all... n evn if it has been working.. only d wierdest f not so hapnin thots hv been botherin me.. n 2 mk it all worse.. i hv been devoting tym thinkin ovr dem... d things wich hv been botherin n trblin me r d most irrelevnt f stuff.. but wen ur head is 2 go wrong .. nothin can help u out.. u get stuck in d quick sand.. n d more u try 2 get outta it d more u get stk in2 it.. u try n get urself out f a tangled web n d more u struggle 2 get out d more tangled up u r in it.. probably d same hs been my case off late... d more n more i try not 2 get my brain trbld d more worse it got n blew it away at d best of tyms 2 mk d worst of situations..

generally am not sm1 who thinks ovr certain things alot... 4me it hapns .. if its 4 my gud den alls well.. if not so gud den so b it... wud c wot nxt n gota move on, but wen d let go... n mv on phenomena keeps hapnin tym n again dats wen d funny thinking part of my brains get working.. or rathr shud i say d wierd mechanism up der starts workin.. it has been pretty rusty uptill now ,4 a long tym hasnt made use f it.. but wen it starts kickin... its like not willing 2 read dis post smwhr.. abt escapism n dunno y .. (probably i knw y) seemd as if am no gud but escaping all arnd me 2... n bein nothin but a coward by letting go n not caring much 4 all arnd me.. thot d move on n will c later attitude myt help but escapism is nvr d answer 2nething.. n extreme of nething is bein an escapist.... so got my share on tangling up in d web... n worse dat cud hapn... messd up few ,not so tangld up things n ppl arnd in d web...n dats wot makin me go mad... now dis post here is reminding me f d very 1st post dat i wrote.. d 1 wid wich i started off my bloggin career (:D ya ok... ) goin thru a similar phase den but still it ws diff .. only my fuckd up mood n irritable behaviour ws d same..

i pity my frnds n ppl who overlook such deeds of mine n still choose 2b my frnds... dey sure dint do no wrong 2 deserve my wrath(hmmm heavy word here .. got only dis at d tym , so will let it b).. 4 widout ne fault f ders i still go on 2 mk d atmosphere wierd 4 dem.... spoiling sm1s special day by bein d total jerk.. well not many can do dat.. but i can n hi did so wid d worst possble timings... cud i get bttr in bein worse ??? i dbt it... feel funny wen i say dis but things wich bothred me wud find appreciation in othrs eyes... now comeon how many of us wud get irritated at ppl 4 bein all mannerd n culturd n dignified.. or at d 1s who r greatest f souls arnd n overlook all flaws in ppl n still do gud evn 2 dos who do bad 2 dem?? now how many of us can get irritated 4m such acts n ppl wid such high standards in life?? well beat dis all such acts of mannerism n dignity got me iritated n 2 mk things worse.. i let it trbl me wd few of my frnds arnd... as worse as it gets .. i let my mood b fuckd up wid frnds who r in evry aspct of life far bttr souls dan me .. n if nethin i bttr get sm gud qualty f dem.. but no sir i rathr dcyd 2gt my brain fuckd up wid dem.....

remmbr last tym u were mad at sm1 n dat got u mad at ur own self .. 4 u knew dat it ws u who ws behavin wierd at bein trbld by d sincerity(or wot shud i write here??) of ppl arnd... yes i write wierd stuff.. dunno wot comes nxt aftr wat n der is no flow n probably no sense in certain statemnts i type.. but its still gud 4 i can b far more fuckd up dan dis.. so my brain goes off ...n l8r i realise how big a jackass i am by bein mad at ppl who hvnt done no wrong ... n den it gets me mad at myself 4 y am i bein such a jerk ..... spins ur head readin dis... well jst think wot i hv had  been thru.... ur mad ur frustated but d only person u can tk it out on is urself.. so eithr ways ur not goin 2 get away wid dis frustations n ugly air arnd.. 4 ur d 1 havin it.... ur d 1 2b blamed 4 it ... n probabaly ur d only 1 who desrves all dis crap ... wid all dis arnd ... i start 2 wonder wot hv d 1s arnd done 2desrve all dis?? guess only fault of ders wud b dat dey knw me n still hv der concern 4 wots trblin me... now wot am i suppsd 2 say.. its my own insignificant n disturbing thots ... n if any1 needs 2b blamed its me... smhw feel its d funda of attachmnt n detachmnt dat gets my head go round n round at tyms... not many dat am attchd 2.... its not easy 4me 2gt atchd eithr.. but detachmnt is smthin dat mks it all ugly.. n if 1 cannot get detachd 4m his attchmnts den its hell waitin 4u ...

evry1 has der weak points n low in life.. probably i went thru 1f d lows f my life in d past week... now dey say no1 is perfct..well hence proved am not evn near 2 bein perfct 4 sure.. only thing i myt b perfect at wud b imperfection... but den again aint dat bad eithr.. have seen worse souls arnd.. but wen v r no gud ourself v dnt hv d rite 2 point fingers at othrs.. do v?? no v dnt..cos blame game is easy ...sit dwn n analyse stuff n it all comes dnw 2 bein ur own fault... atlst d case wid me dis tym ... goin thru such lot 4 no rhyme or reason i ended up realising jst 1 thing.... its nvr ne1 elses fault... no1 can mk ur life miserable but u urself.... if ne1 is 2b blamed 4 ur plight its u again... in d weak moments d decisions dat v tk thinkin v r strong enuf r d worst f decisions n dey only mk us realise how weak v r.. n pretending 2b all strong n unmoved by all arnd v only blow away d few who actually r d support dat v hv... but does all dis keep any meaning aftr u hv been a fool??.. spoil up things 4 ppl n den realising ur mistk wich all d tym u were aware of ,, does sayin sorry help?? very convinient word SORRY... but if v really mean it ... den y gv a chance 4 othrs 2 hear it 4m u ... cos d sorry state can nvr b gud.. n if v r in it den v r all total waste..

behve like jerks n end up disappointing ppl... der r levels in life dat ppl maintain n if v think evn 1 level below of our mental state den v r doomed bad... imagine bein messd up wid d stuff dat u alwaz detest .... dey say dont stoop dwn ur own level but in d weakest of moments u nvr knw were u end up... probably cursing urself by d end f it all 4 bein such a trash... but no1 is perfct n its only in tyms like des wen u need 2 sit dwn n recollect urself 2b able 2 hold ur head still high.. irrespectv of wot u hv been thru 4 no fault f ne1 but ur own.. not evn a fault but only random wierd irrelevnt thots ..... so goin thru all dis i cud only gt 1 thing outta it..(wid help f few frends) 2 much of thinkin can get u mentally disturbd... 2 survive in d world u gota b able 2 maintain ur own kool n if any distrbance is 2 hapn... it bttr not involve u... nothing is permannt n humans beins r weak... u can nvr hold on2 ne1 or nething... so no point wonderin ovr wot wen u mite lose it.. thinking ovr it n losin wot u hv at present rite now 4d momnt ... damn u spoil d present 4 thinking ovr d future ,, d othr way round.. wid past exprnce ,,limiting urself in d presnt,, again so not hapnin... now i hv alwaz been told by ppl dat am jst 2 cautious at tyms n in order 2 not hurt sm1 n mk sure nothin goes wrong.. hahaha..dat extra effort screws it all up... assumptions on baseless issues mk me tk steps wich jst dnt mk no sense... n d ppl arnd me... well dey only wonder wots trbling me... while am only tryin 2 mk sure nothin is trbls dem... d problem is .. if i get slightest d idea or hint dat sm1 arnd me is not vry comfrtablr ...b it any reason.. i tend 2 gt on d backfoot n b all cautious... n being so i get uncmfrtble myself.. so ne1 arnd feeling uncmfrtble..mkes me uncmfrtble... n dat mks d air arnd wierd... n funny seems d uncmfrtin issues r only baseless n non existant.. only dat ovrcautious attitude often mk me bein a total fool... tym n again i felt it is lyk dat.. but dint made sense 4 i ws pretty convncd of wot i do is rite.. but wen 1 n all hv d same opinion n say no1 can understnd d sudden chnge of behaviour.... i smhw felt probably alil dif appraoch in life wont hurt... cos its des vry ppl 4 whome i smtyms act diffrntly.. but dat dey find it wierd n dis seems wierd 2me.. 4 its all 2 mixd up... heads spinning again?? dnt wory gues am abt 2 get ovr now... so nehw... i guess i wrote wot i wanted 2... not many can mk sense of it ... n if u can den u mite b left wondering.. wotevr b d case... d gud thing is.. its d week gone by... as 4me.. wot all i typed here is only makin me smile looking at it.. have had d wierd issues screw me up enuf .. so no more its an issue... got my head all cleared up... in d process ended disappointed a few .. but feel dat disappointmnt gt dem thinkin 2 blog :P :P so hahaha... its all gud.. as 4 me yes evry1 goes thru der bad n weak phases.. i went thru mine... but now am gud again... it feels gud once again making fun f ppl :P :P.. getin 2 sport dos mean grins n finding humuor in almost abt evrything..( sm f u mite find dis wierd n read pyscho.. but haha ur free 2 think wot evr.. dnt care)

i still get 2 b wid my frnds..who hv been mature enuf n tolerated me evn in my worse of moods.. hats off 2 u guys... am pleasently surprised at how ppl can ovrlook n b all dignified.. hmm smthing i said b4 in d blog 2 dint i ??? :P :P.. d optimistc n living life d fullest is smthing i gota pik up 4m u guys... tho still i wud prefer goin on 2 mk fun f ppl.. 4 like i said no1 but ourselves n responslbe 4 our plights,.. no1 can mk fun f us unless v allow it 2 hapn ourselves... now jst 2 mk sure i dnt get attacks 4m social workers ... i dnt mean 2 disrescpect n rub ne1 of der dignity while makin fun f dem... no no not d case... but wen i comes 2 njoyin life 2d fullest.. i mite b alil mean in my own ways..... so d week gone by is past 4 me... present is all gud.. n dnt care abt d future..i'v 4goten all my stupidity... few frnds hv been mature enuf 2 let go n 4gt it 2.. alil request 2 othr few 2 4gt it n not talk abt it n keep d air heavy still.. i behvd like a total moron.. not neccsary 4u 2 behve like 1 :P :P... u alrdy gt ur point across n i understood no matter wot "widout GOPALJI koi VIKAS ni hoga" :P :P.... n othr way round "VIKAS ke liye GOPALJI zaruri hai"... hahahahhahahhaha ... lol well dis wud not mk sense 2 few... but i 1s who can understnd d lines wud defin8ly knw wot am sayin :P :P.... its has alwaz been like dat since centuaries... n will remain like dat 4 tyms 2 come....

am glad 4 i feel i wud have had done alot of gud karmas in my past lives ..:P:P 4 in dis life i can find company f d few elite n dignified ppl who r way beyond d normal human dimensions... havin such souls as frnds is a blessing n if i cud b evn slightly like dem.. my life wud b way neat n millions f notches up 4m wot i hv... but hi not complaining... wot all is hapnin 4me is still 2 gud 4me.. n dey r d uplifted souls.. i need 2 work my way 2 match der levels... till den am glad bein stuck in dis mean bad world... 4 evn tho d world mite d evil infested .. i hv my angels arnd me 2 tk gud care f me :P :P... wid guardians like des... my life is gud... so gota cherish wot all i hv in present n not b bothrd of wot mite hapn in future wen dey wont b arnd... y think so, i say.... dey say all gud things come 2 an end.. so do all bad things.. 2 side f d coins.. y flip it n get dat 100% of d 50 %.. i say rathr roll d coin along n let d gud n bad roll along wid u... its lot eaiser 2 let d coin roll n let it dcyd 4 itself wot side its goin 2b 4us den flipping it n d thots d getin bad 1 trbling u al thru.... now i read dis msg smwhr n loved it.. cudnt b bttr timing 4me 2 come across dis... evn used it as a status msg on facebook.. n here m ending my post wid it cant say hope u guys had fun readin it.. but alls well dat ends well .. quotes mk it so much easier it say stuff :P:P....

P.S. (using it 4d 1st tym in my post :P :P)thot aftr all des awrds n tags my next post wud b smthin wer i wud talk abt d tags n awrds,, but den dis post came up.. but no worries i'll probably get dat 1 here soon... cos wid tags n awrds smwhr it seems blogger has become tagger .. not dat am criticizing dat... but den again wid d amt f tags smwhr it kills d spirit of blogs .. 4 tags get u write certain formulated stuf.. n wot all i mean by dat wud get 2it later... till den i leave u wid dis

"Doubt holds you landlocked in paralysis unable to move either way. The time you spent doubting is the time you are not So, rid yourself of the doubt, take that step one way or another, your heart knows what is best, but take it right now"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

AWARDS SEASON in d blogsphere....

2 more awards... ok... am starting 2 wonder how gud my blogs r... or r dey?? cos off late its not much of blog but tags n awrds.. so d real bloggin is not here ,only posting... smthing cooking up in d mind so probably wud mk it in a post soon...

well coming 2 dis.. pleasent surprise.. only recently came across dis fellow blogger n she has been generous enuf 2 gv me 2 awrds so am flatterd... like i said b4.. many more desrving bloggers.. (hmmm will mk a post soon on all dis...) ya ok... but appreciation in any form in welcome.. infact appreciatd i dnt mind getin awrds but its intersting wen u gt 2knw wot post or posts made sm1 gave u dat awrd.... cos den it wud feel more deserving .. but a n awrd is an awrd after all... so will accpt it wholeheartedly n a big :D... it feels nice ..tho my brain n funny way f thinking alwaz makes me c an opinion not many wud agree on or like... so dat opinion n dos thots wud b up in some post soon.... 4d tym am gona proudly display d awrds on my page n thank hapibirdie 4 bein so kind.... n will tk d opportunity 2 gv it away 2 sm i find desrving of dis awrd far more dan me .. tho dey alrdy mite hv it ..still gota pass 2d blogs dat mk me feel dey gota hv dis on der display...
n thnx 2d birdie again..b hapi alwaz

And The Rules

Link the person who tagged you.
Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post.
Post this in one or all of your blogs.
Answer the four questions following these Rules.
Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them.
Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNer(PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.

Questions & Your Answers:

(i) The person who tagged you: happy birdie
(ii) His/her site's title and url:
(iii) Date when you were tagged: 17 September 2009

1) monica @ most deserving candidate in my list
2) sugandha @ funny blogs she rites at tyms.. n fun blogs r best read 4me
3) parul @ not many blogs by her.. but fun she is... n ya her brday here is alil gift :P :P hapi brday.. n get more motivated by dis n start up sm serious fun bloggin
4) roshmi @ mythology n history ... dis is ur link
5) kasab iangurl @ now dats a hardcore blogger... alrdy many awrds 4 her... probably dis 1 mite b repeated .. but all gud
6)hapibirdie @ giving it back 2 whome i gt it 4m... read a few post f her n dey were fun.. so nw dat i can gv away d awrds... she gets it 4m me 2
7) rane @ .. now amm not much in2 reading poetry .. but certain posts f her made me go hahaha.. well i hv dis nack of goin hahahaha on almost evrythin .. n nething wid few obvious excption.. so guess wud gv her d awrd 2..
8) grl nxt door @ now few f her posts dat i read , gv a picture of how it is 2b getin in d corporate world n workin out der... n ne awrd wich can mk me :D.. gets sm appreciations 4m me..
n now d awards dat d birdie gave 2me


:P :P .... dis is kool.. 2 in 1 awrds.. kinda excited how gud a blogger i am :P :P 4 ppl deceiding 2 gv such awrds.. indeed it seems lyk an awrd season in d blogsphere 2me...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

superior scribbler

not bad ... geting awards on d blogsphere if not smwhr else :P :P .. not used 2 getin awards tho.. but all gud .. now MONICA( has been generous enuf on awarding me wid dis 1 n few b4.. but dis is diff 4m d 1s b4 4 it seems only lucky few hv been getin dis 1 :P :P (chalo sm apne muh miya mitho hapnin here... no worries :P)  but seriously i feel wid such awrds...  der r many who desrve it far more n bttr dan me.. ppl r dedicatd n so  attachd 2 der blogs.. d way dey tke effrt in makin a gud post n working on der pages... i dnt feel i can match der intensity.... now reasons 4 y i wud b bloggin here is wen i feel like takin d fuckd up part f my brain out n den wen i wud c wot i hv jotted dwn i wud realise wot d heck.... its all not dat bad aftr all..its only dat am feelin its all gud .. besyds geting 2 cmmnt on posts  :P :P well dats i thing i like 2do .. .. so blog awrds r welcome only der r ppl more deserving .. but if ne1 feels i cud get 1 ... hi i dnt mind :P :P so thnk u monica.. i like d secnd haf f d awrd more tho.. scribbler ..ohh yes dat sounds like me.... superior,... hmm if u say so.. tho am jst like an averge joe.. nothin superior... :P :P.. but still wud b glad 2 display it on my page...

now 4d awrd n its rules

* Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.

* Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.

* Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to This Post, which explains The Award.

* Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List.

* Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.
(now am alil confused  4 it says most deserving bloggy frnds?? cos dat ways den few alrdy havin dis awrd r getin it again... fair enuf?? or shud it b like 5 new 1s in d list??? am confsd guess will gv 2d most desrving who i find r desrving on d blogsphere.. n ya wots wid d mr. linky list??? wots dat n how 2 add name der?? help me out ppl.. )
1. monica at no surprise der... (tho it shud b superior writer n not scribbler 4 her)now she ws my inspiration behind starting up dis bloggin n all.. n also d 1 thru whome i came across dis blogging world ..d 1st blog i evr read if at all any1 likes my posts n wot i write ,..den i owe it 2 her... so gota gv her sm credit f getin me across d blogsphere  ... its fun out here.. or rathr in d blog world :P :P thnx ... gues alrdy u ppl hv read her posts.. if not u shud do dat, simple living high thinking... dats her as 4 her blogs... read n u wud knw bttr
2. puneet at .. he's a childhood frnd... very naive 2d blogging world...(saale ko bool bool ke suru hi karva di blogging) n its not dat he's a frnd n dats y am givin him dis awrd... i genuinly like wot he writes.. he's alwaz at his witty best.. jst like he is as a person... am sure very soon he is goin 2b a big star in d blogsphere.. CHEERS brother
3.roshmi at (again not a scribbler)now her post r alwaz interesting 2 read 4 d facts dat she gathers n puts up.. probably she has a lot f vedic knwlgde n smtyms searchs on net alot.. now u can find such stuff on net 2.. but she compiles it well .. tho hers r post evn more lenghty dan mine... u gota sit dwn 2read dem.. but once thru u sure wud b gaining alot f knwlgde 4m it.. so yes its fun 2 read her posts.. its like a google in its own :P :P..
4.sugandha at once in a while visit her posts n i hv fun reading dem.. got 2 read alot f funny stuff on her pages(besyds f othr not so funny..4 intellctual ppl who like posts wich mk sense... not much f a fan of thot provoking posts tho... not against dem eithr..only prefer d lite hearted 1 more)... including THE BRO CODE.... a whole post devoted 2it.. wot can i say.. i got speechless... 4 ws laffing out loud :P :P..n few f her baba bashing post ..u bet dey r thot wud drop her d scrbbler awrd...
5.parul at
ok now she doesnt writes much.. but dats probably bcos she made 3 diff pages n writes only on 1 n has 4goten othrs links of hers :P :P..but d scrbbler awrd sure 4 her....not becos she is a gud frnd..well mayb cos f dat 2 :P :P..but knowing her in person 1 can find her presence in d posts she writes.. alwaz smiling n all chirpy ..hmm guess superior smile awrd wud do more justce 4 her.. but nvrdless she gets dis 4m me 2...
DISCLAIMER: now me awarding dis 2 des 5 doesnt means dat d othr r not scribbling well in d 1s i like 2 read... only mayb d 1st 5 names wich got 2 my head got d HONOUR :P :P... so evry1 reading dis n provided u blog .. or rathr scribbler u r a winner of dis prestigious awrds... n i'll b glad 2 awrd it 2 u,,,:P :D hahahahaha
but d fact remains... best 5 in my list u got ur name in my post.. so CHEERS!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

the 8 + 1 tag...

another tag i gota 2... 2nd 1 4m d same i dnt find it easy 2do des tags but like mst f d ppl i 2 njoy reading tags.. so guess i'll do it nehw ..besyds seems ppl find it easier 2 read d tags dan my posts... but dats not really a reason y i am doin dis....probably its cos wen a gud frnds tags u,it ought 2b done sooner or later... moreover felt lyk completing it 2day so here it goes..n yes its a frnds brday n 09/09/09.... so mayb shud add 1 more point at end of each1 heren makes it 9 tags....hmm ya shud do dat n will tk d liberty f doin it

9 favorite dishes I love to eat

1. Chicken salad-works 4me all d tym provided its made as per d taste.. seldom ne1 mkes a salad bad.

2. Rajma chawal-1 dish can savour all d tym.. 1f d most sought aftr lunch dishes.

3. Chocolate truffle- funny am writing it as number 3.. but its jst dat randomly wots gets 2 my head... now d numbers r not d dark rich alil bitter chocolate is game 4 me

4. Tandoori chicken-n let me include all d tikkas n kababs in it.. so its lyk d chicken coming outta tandoor....

5. A certain FISH dish d name seems 2 escape me rite now...but it sm white fish wid gud marination..n not all fish dishes dat i like...jst dis 1

6. KIWI- dats 1 fruit i love 2 eat... diff 4m d usual 1s

7. d typical butter chicken daal makhani n missi roti combination..wid obviously diff types f chicken preparations.

8. daal ka halwa-1f d very few indian sweets i like.. 4 rest r a lil 2 sweet

9. Sprouts- healthy n lite.. tho i dnt hv dem regularly n its rathr junk dat i eat... but still i like 2 eat dem tym n again... mks me feel gud abt a healthy leats 4 once

(now der r many dishes n i cant fit in wid jst 9 options.. at d same tym writing des 9 were no easy eithr...)

9 things bothering me right now

1. the knee injury n 4 how long its gona keep me on back foot.

2. not being able 2 set my priorities n makin a complete fool f self 4 nothing..its like gota get d frustations out but its no gud n only mks tyms worse 4me (n few who i care abt arnd me)...well still cant help dat..dats hw its goin 2b.

3. not bein able 2get started wid working out.. jst wen i got goin.. gt bed ridden n dat2 4 long....

4. d hipocrisy n pretentious air arnd.. gets me suffocating n feel like ending it all .

5. not bein able 2 drive on my own .. n a fact of not bein able 2 ride my bike 4 a yr ... dat hurts.

6. not bein able 2 get all serious n using d who cares attitude 2much in my life.. probably shud b alil more serious.. but damn who cares.

7. being unable 2 mk my mind free f all arnd me 4 sm tym n getting sm peaceful relaxing thots... its all 2 jammed up rite now....

8. disgusting ppl who think dey r oversmart n can get der things done n probably mk use f ur resources 4 der own benefit.... knwin dis n still not being able 2 get rid 4 such ppl... 4 if its not much f a trbl 4 me will still do dem a favor evn knowin wot jerks dey gona turn out 2b later....

9. d exmz coming up n no preparation..besyds d final semester jst not seem 2b gettin ovr.. gota get ovr wid dis MCA n wid studies now... damn.. hv been studyin now 4 more dan 20 yrs now.. n still no gud... wot crap

(wonder y i let such stuff bother me but tym n again d stupid lil thigs come back 2 haunt me n feel lyk running away .. but dats no options eithr ...evry1 gta go thru der share f shit.. so do i)

9 Movies I would never say no to

1. notting hill- 1f d sweetest movies evr made...

2. tropic thunder- amazing comedy... probably d best ben stiller evr did...

3. dil chahta hai- dnt think need 2say nething abt dis 1

4. andaz apna apna- all tym fav.. dunno how many tyms hv watched it.. still find it funny

5. hmm now not technically a movie here... but d edward noton movies... from 'american history x' to 'the illusionist'.. dis guy does great work.. b it primal fear or the score or fight club .. u name it...

6. the departed- kill dicaprio n d movie is a sure shot hit... n jack nicholson is top notch in his costella act

7. the dark knight- probably d only batman movie dat i like

8. rock n rolla- talk style n dis is ur movie

9. BORAT- now dis is undbtedly 1f d most disgusting comedies evr made,, but get a grp f frnds n u gona hv a lafter roit watchin dis 1...n d guy who did dis borat act is ourstanding...

(again jst dat des movies came up in mind so jotted dem down here... bet der r many more.. specially d spoofs.. not all f dem but few r jst awesum)

9 things I plan to do in this week

1. well get over wid dis tag.. n am abt 2do dat so all gud.

2. kick off wid studies n do sm serious work.

3. get sm aim in life n decide wot i wan2 do wid it.... (well dats a thot not jst 4 dis week but rather 1 wich has been in n out f my mind tym n again...)

4. start up a healthy eating habit n cut out on d junk( again a life long funda n not jst 4d week).

5. not b botherd f d things(ppl) dat(dos) hv been or do bother me n b able 2 exist peacefully wid evry1 arnd.

6. catch up wid few close frnds n hv a gud tym wid  dem ..4getin all dat has been trbling n fucking up my brain(dis is 1 dat needs 2b done almost each week )

7. eat n drink n talk loud ...

8. well aftr cmpleting dis tag n wid certain ppl reading it.. myt jst gv me sm peice f der mind or rathr dey wud chose not 2 speak at all.. not dat am lookin 4wrd 2 it... or plan 2do.. but things mostly dnt hapn d way i plan dem 2b so... will c ...wot reactions i get... or get nothin at all.. probably loose wot i hv...

9. b a gud person n not bother n b rude 2 othrs.... (again smthing not only 4d week but 4 alwaz.. but dunno wen dat gona hapn)

9 sounds that annoy me

1. continuos honking wid stupid so calld fancy horns... irritate n annoy me like hell..feel like getin out n beating up dat fool

2. d tone f certain ppl speakin... der voice is really annoyin.. probably rude on my part but dats how it is.

3. d sound f paper rubbing of d chalk of blackboard.

4. d disturbance on d fone due 2 netwrk trbl n all.

5. d noise dat a crow makes.

6. newborns crying continuosly 4 no ryhme or reason.

7. d screeching sound f a table or chair bein dragged along d floor.

8. d noise f old furniture ..probably rusty old staircases.

9. loud n noisy snores...

9 reasons I love life right now

1. for wot all i hv in life..look at many arnd n feel am so privilgd 2hv d things ppl n life dat i hv.

2. gota go 2d colg as lil as possble n stay home sleep eat n rest.... feels gud.

3. hainvg frnds who r der 2 lift up my spirits wenevr am donw n out... n who dont botr 2 pik n drop me evn if dey gota go in cmplete oppo direction.. well dis is 1 thing wich mks me feel gud 4 der r ppl i can count on.. at d same tym feels bad 4 bothering dem so much all 4 my trbls.

4. d food n beverages dat r der 4me 2 savour..wot wud life b widout such delicacies arnd.

5. look 4 1n u will find many fools arnd who make dis life worth while living.. widout dem it all wud b so boring, again a rude thing 2 mk fun f ppl but den again wen ppl demselves act stupid n wierd ..der is not much u can do but hv a gud laf..

6. 4d family i hv n d frnd who r a family 4me outsyd my home.... cant think of life widout dem... 4 dey r d reason who keep me goin on

7. hv been in a pretty fuckd up frame f mind wid few f d most precisous ppl of late.. but wid things sorted out,, it feels gud...

8. being able 2 accompany ppl who r gems in evry aspct f life n getin 2 bfrnd dem..well certainly not smthing i wud hv thot of..(lets c 4 how long).

9. funny but true ..certain ppl at tyms seek my advc.. makes me feel gud,, as in can b f help 2 sm1.. it seems nice

(not bad actually came up wid 9 points)

9 traits I really admire in people

1. Honesty & loyalty- bein in ur face be it gud or bad... it means alot.. 2 speak in front f d person

2. respecting others n 1self...many arnd in order 2 respct n mk othrs feel gud... smtyms lose respct in der own not hapin

3. d quality f treating all alike irrespectv f who n 4m where dey r....

4. humility- again more or less like d previous 1s ...

5. strong character- no matter how stupid n funny 1 behaves ..but wen it gets dwn 2 character ... d1 who can hold der head up high ..hv gr8 amt f respct in my eye

6. friendliness- being able 2 mix up wid ppl easily n making new 1s arnd u comfrtable instantly is smthng not many can do.

7. a gud sense f humour- its needed 4d kind f life n tyms v r living in... genuine gud n not so ugly humour wich wont hurt sm1 is 1 qualty vry few ppl have... now laffin at cost f othrs.. not a humuor many wud approve of (hmm well i aint got no rite 2 say dis 4 i do it all d tym)

8. sm1 who can hold a grp of ppl togthr is sm1 i respct alot 4d person can mk ppl who r way apart 4m each othr 2gt along.. not an easy task

9. well dis 1 lemme say 4 frnds n not generally 4 ppl arnd me.. i genuinely respct n feel comfrtable wid frnds being alil informal wid each othr n not alwaz behavin in a vry dignified manner come on wid frnd u gota get lose n not b formal n cautious.. yes der r limits up2 wich u gota go.. but dats wot depends person 2 person... but at tyms cpl f frnd behve so formal dat it seems its jst a formal hi hello thing v hv arnd n wid such formality it makes me uncomfrtble n wonder if v r frnds or jst bunch f ppl hanging 2gthr.... 1 quality wot i admire in ppl who r 1 way or d othr  my gud frnds is dat dey can b free n informal n b cmfrtable wid me arnd dat i can b cmfrtble 2 .. at tyms it gets 2 formal n d fact dat v r frnds seems like an obligation.... on d contrary der r fools who r obligation 4me talk as if dey r d best f frnds n it pisses me off like hell...

9 things I see myself doing in the next five years

1. givin shit 2 ppl in der face as n wen i feel like.

2. havin d grp f frnds i do n cherish at d moment 4 5 yrs 4m now n alwaz.

3. being able 2 decide finally wot i wan2 do in life(probably shud do it b4 d tym f 5yrs)

4. earning gud money doin smthing dat i wud like 2do n am gud at.(stil dunno wot dats goin 2b)

5. becoming a gud person n having more peace widin.

6. finding dat 1 perfect woman n settling dwn in anthr 4 5 yrs.

7. being happy in evry aspect f life n getin 2c all dos who i care abt arnd me happy.

8. probably blogging evn more n more stuff .

9. havin d same ease n comfrt wid certain frnds dat i do now... hope it all remains d same...

9 things that annoy me

(now am adding dis on my own..jst feel like so here i tk d liberty again.. mayb not d best f things 2do.. but freedom f speech .. am makin use f it...)

1. ppl being all gud on ur face n talking shit behing u... hv balls dude.. talk on d face... ugot a problme wid    
    me... try talking 2me dan behind me

2. well said dis b4... frnds acting 2 formal n dignified,,, irritates me smtyms... but den wot am i sayin here ..dat d elegance n class ppl hv.. dey gota get rid f it?? ...yes dey do wen wid frnds... i dnt think 2wc at tyms 4 askin or rathr i tell my frnds 2 do stuff 4me.. funny thing... d more informal i can get.. d btrr is d frndship 4me... now dat doesnt means ppl shudnt b respcting each othr.....hmm nehw guess d1s who knw wot am speaking f will understnd, rest can remain all formal n classy... not smthing i fancy in frndship.. tho respct it immensely as a charactr in ppl as a person

3. ppl acting wierd wen photographs r bein taken n claiming of not bein so fotogenic.. well u aint gota b fotogenic 2 get clickd ..its abt d memories n tyms ppl capture in pic dan whtr u look gud or bad.... n go ahd n delete ur clickd pic... well annoyin n can b irritating.. but den again wid memories 2b captured... formalities need 2b kept aside n ppl gota b der free selves.. else d idea f clickin d keepin memories is nothing more dan a formality itself

4. ppl taklin f 1 thing n only 1 thing all d fuckin tym... 4 exmple say all u hv in life is dance dance dance.... seriously der is much more in life.. now i hv jst used an exmple nothing more.. no pun intended here

5. mean jackasses who act smart n think othrs dnt knw wot dey r up2.. u fool its evident n stop behavin like a jerk.

6. gud 4 nothin ppl showin der importnce in petty things dey hv control ovr.. bugger get out of d small pond ur living in n der is a world outsyd.

7. d fake attitude n d act f tryin 2b kool.. dunno wot gets 2 head f ppl n wot all dey will do 2 categorise demselves as kool.... but reality is u end up being fools.

8. ppl showin how busy dey r n workin4 othrs while d truth is dey r doin nothin d jst acting pricey.... go fuck urself morons...

9. finally d mr dude m miss dudette characters.... get a life

(now dey say dat am 2 rude n annoying at tyms myself n need 2 improve on dat... wid so many such advices arnd ... probably dey r correct in sayin so... but dats hw it is wid me.. a few readin des specifc 9 things mite jst feel like hitting me in d face or getin annoyd by me.. u hv all d rite in d world 2 do dat so go on my part no bad blood in it)

9 Bloggers I  tag

(now dis is again a task 4me.. 4 dunno who 9 am goin 2 tag.. cos most f d followers i hv seem 2hv alrdy done dis tag.. but still funny thing,, cos here i can den tag few ppl... who atlst r gud 4 smthing... cos few hardly seem 2b readin d post,,, it seems like its, u follow me n i follow u world rathr dan follow n read wot u like.. so am glad ...if not 4 readin d post... i can mk use in such tags f few bloggers here... now i follow sm blog 4 i like 2 read d post f d author n not 2 get d person 2 follow my links... so genuinly its not d i follw u n u follow or vice versa philosphy wid me.. ne1 doin dat is more dan welcome 2b offended by my rudeness n do as dey like...)

1. Puneet at

2. megha at

3. pooja at
4. girk next door at

5. rane at

6. vj sophie at

7. swati at

8. roshmi at

9 aditi at

(n c i cud tag 9 ppl... dats not bad at hv fun ppl..if u wan2 do d tags.. or ur free not 2do dem...jst dat i had 2 tag 9 n i did so.. now its ur call)

now am taggin few other ppl..or rather ne1 i follow or ne who follws me... in dis..... 4 its not d 8 tag rathr 9 tags :P :P... as 4 dos who hv alrdy cmpleted it well u can only do d part u hvnt in d previous post.. but u gota mk all ur 8 to hahahahahaha.. hv fun ..n am not givin any number now so as 2 keep d figure 9 intact... njoy

*monica at
*parul at
* happy birdie at
*kasabiangurl at
*sugandha at
*jalpari at

Monday, August 24, 2009

"not a post... jst a long comment..."

well ppl dis post f mine is not a post in itself but rather a commnt i wrote 4 a certain blog dat i came across.. a frnd gave d link n said how gud d post ws, so decided 2go thru it 2.. n yes true 2her words indeed a vry well written post.. but off late wen i read such posts wid social issues n stuff like dat.. my brains work in a very random n strange way.. i cmpltly agree wid wot is bein written abt certain hapnings n issues worryin d whole f human kind n also how d very humans in d society r d culprits n victims... so aftr goin thru dis amazingly written post, i decided 2 drop a cmmnt on how my brains work on reading stuff like dat,,, not many wud agree wid my ways n thots but its all gud.. am not here 2 convince ne1 rather jst play wid words n jot down my own ideas.. so i wrote dis cmmnt but cudnt publish it... 4 like a day did not get y its not allowing me 2 publish.. seemd as if d owner f d blog had sm spam managmnt or rathr control system wich dint allow my commnt 2b published....(if not ppl mite think f getin 1 now :P :P).. but later i realisd my commnt had exceeded d word limit allowd 2b publishd.. so had 2 brk down d commnt in2 3 parts n publish it... n den i thot dis is rathr a big commnt, shud hv had made a post out of it.. thot ovr it n yes not a bad idea considering hw lazy i am 2 think n write smthing....hmm guess i hardly think wen i write smthing... nehw..also no gud ideas cooking up.....wich wud mk me write smthing worth writing 4me n readin 4d ppl..... here i had sm write up n it surely cud add 2my posts.. so not talkin randomly any further.. well hv done it thru out d post... so nvrmind... am dropping d link of d post at d end 4 wich i posted dis commnt,(n now my blog) so d ppl curious 4 wot made me write all dis can read.. its like a prequel on rathr underlying basis of dis blog of mine.. hope a author f d post doesnt minds,, n has no copywrite issues... so here is sm write up wich is vry diff 4m wot all i hv posted till now.... lets c how ppl find dis.... n yes d cmmnt(ie dis blog) mite not b as gud as d post 4 wich dis cmmnt came 4m dat post is sure worth reading .. nehw here is d commnt... (4d post go2 d link at d end)

now i dint read ur tk on advantages f bein a woman .... n yes sure dat wud hv been funny... but on d other side f d coin it gets all d more bizzare n hell 4bein a woman.. yes wot all u wrote here is all abt d society n d stupid stigmas attchd wid it..n evn worse dat wen it comes 2crime against woman , its not only d men but also women involvd at tyms.. now u talk f soaps on color.. ders a certain shw on ndtv imagine wich shows hows a village bein headed by a woman has all its stigmas f bein a gurl der.. n its dat very lady governing d village who goes on enticing crime against d woman (jst thot shud let evry1 knw am not watching des soaps or following dem no :P its jst dat my folks watch dem n i hapn 2 b der at tyms .. so dats how i get dat knwlgd.. but knwlgde never goes waste so ..:P :P), nehw comin back 2d post n d serious issues.. wot am tryin 2 say is.. very well written n gud thot provokin post.. d issues u hv displayed in d true colors.. but d ugly part f d society is while v all like 2 discuss n talk n debate on such issues.. none f us does nothin more den dat.. (now am not sayin u dnt do nething.. am talkin off ppl like me)general masses ..v all knw wots hapnin but wot do v do?? u knw its not jst wid ur post or any othr issue.. wot i find strange is dat more n more such post come up but hardly ne1 goes on n does smthin abt it n den write a post whr dey wud tell how 2 mk sure dat such elemnts f our society get civilized n humane.. not against any organization or any individuals.. but how many .. say evn NGOs claimin 2 wrk 4 issues r doin any gud? excpt d parties?? yes wot all u wrote is very shamefull n disgusting on our society's part n like it or not all f us r part of it... n not wid d woman issues n all but generally i feel.. (now dats my n only my perception.).. dat instead of discussing d issues wich all of us r very much aware of .. y not talk f smthin v ourselves have, or sm1 v knw has done ...smthin in order 2 sort out d issues.. dat will mk evn a bttr post.... n no i hvnt done nething.. i cud b categorised as 1 f d lazy laid back gud 4 nothing souls who do nothin n jst wild away his tym... so probably u can evn skip my commnt as in no need 2gv it a thot.. (but am f dos who feel dat yes issues need 2b discussd at tyms.. n probably 1 f dos tyms wen u writin here ..) but come on dude.. al of us who can write n read here i guess r dis much aware f wots hapnin in d society.. if v jst post n talk here.. its no gud... can ne1 think f smthin dat will mk our's a bttr society.. well i certainly cant.. nw i dnt mean 2 criticise u or potray anything negatv abt d post. ...dats not d case.. infact d post is vry nicely written such a senstive isuue .. guess u hv penned it dwn really well.. but dude as i mentiond above.. men ..women .. wen d crime against women is done v find cases whr mostly men r d jackasses.. but at tyms d female specimen is part f it 2 against her very species.. so its d mind n thots n up bringing dat mks such feaks who r worse den parasites.... n u talk f how west world has less f crime against woman.. yes less but d crime is still der... so as long as d pervertd minds r at work.. b it in men or women.. d situation is only gona worsen... u knw smhw gets 2me dat its not actually d disadvntg f bein a women.. but rathr d disadvntge of belongin 2 d kinda society dat v hv.. wots mks me sick is its not only d interiors but also d metros n well educated ( well atlst der degrees says so,) morons 2 r invlvd in all sort of acts agnst women...

y is it dat in west world wer u say crime rate is less, dat women can walk arnd free at nite n not in our society... dats 4 our stupid traditions n stuff.. values ppl talk f .. n here v r discussin d advntages n disadvntage f out stupid traditions n values... its like yes alot f gud things dat r being follwd 4m ages in ur country mk it.. but on d flip syd.. all such crimes r 2 becos f d traditional mind sets f fools n ppl who mk use f d tradition as per der convneince.. but wot if v talk f a taliban culture?? guess its d curse 2b a woman der... so on scale f relativty sm mite argue how bttr our society is.... hmm, now dis is wot am sayin... debating discussing .. well v all hv evolvd such dat v can mk ourselves n at tyms evn odrs blv our point f view.. n v can sit n talk n talk n talk... whr do v reach?? any conclusion?? yes on ur part u wrote on advntges n disadvntages... but dnt v hv des 2 in evry single aspect f life???d 1s who r doin crimes aganst d females r freaks.. no1 can mk dem walk n d righteous path.. so u wana get 2dem.. u gota become freaks urselves... now der r ppl sitting n preaching wot gud is it if v become freaks ourselves in order 2 tackle d jerks... but its d iron wich cuts d iron.. so r v strong enuf 2b iron ourselves 2 cut n slaughter d perverted rusted iron??.. do dat n u hv d human rights ppl who seem 2do nothing wen a woman is bein raped but if d masses hit d rapist d human rights ppl wud b der 2 protect him.... dats d society my frnd..

a thot or 2 here n der n v ppl move ahd... well d 1s who try 2do smthing will argues wot can v do.. evn if v try v end up in trbl oursleves.. but ppl its like wen it hapns wid u or sm1 u knw (i hope n pray dats nvr d case 4 ne1)..dats wen d real traversity f d crime v get 2knw... n only den it seems d tym gets 4 us 2 act... till den, v dont understnd nething beyond posting abt it or debating on it.. n hi u did mention wot a piece f cake it ws wen dis issue ws given 4 temme...aftr d debate ended,, how many whr thinkin f doin smthing 4d issues, n how many were hapi 4 getin such an easy toicp 2talk on??? dats hw v ppl yes a vry thot provoking post.. but readin is no gud if v jst read n go back 2 our lives doin nothin... am 1 f dos..d useless fools who jst talk n do nothin.. so d 1s who do smthing feel free 2 critisize me.... but if honestly v need 2do smthin 4 such issues... it has 2 begin on our own ends..wid v ourselves doin our bit n hopin d same is wot d rest arnd us r doin.. n not postin how bad it is rathr postin wot hs 2b done 2 mk it bttr... ne1(n am not sayin dis only 4d author f dis post) who gets offended by readin dis comment n feels like hittin me out sayin wot r u doin 2 talk like dis.. den yes am 1f dos USELESS N GUD 4 NOTHIN souls... all i can do is talk n commnt here... n if u guys r doin smthin besids postin den yes ur far bttr den me.. if not . well wot can i say... n if u genuinly r doin smthing 4d causes den u cud nvr b offended by wot i wrote here.. cos u wud knw d truth of d system bttr dan me.. far more bttr den me..
pheeww ,, guess wrote alot..well i hv dat tendency .. but all things apart ... gud 2c 1 male bretheren doin so well in d bloggin deppt whr uptill now i hv only come across women who can write... so gud goin man.. tho i still maintain.. d female specimen way ahd in dis dppt..(n many more deppt f life 2 :P.. gota b politically correct) but here is 1 guy followin close behind :P..(pun intended)...hahaha..n i mean 2 say in d bloggin deppt.. generally,, ohh yes u ladies do hv many of my species followin behind,, n hi v dont mind u ladies leading us :P :P(n dat is supposd 2b taken in lite humour n not in accrdnce wid d post n its issues..) like i alwaz say.. dnt pay no heed 2 wot i write here.. cos i nvr listen 2 wot ppl tell me how n wot 2 post.. so niethr shud u or ne1 listen 2me....

here is d link 2 d post i dropped dis cmmnt 4 :

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Schizophrenic Conversations

for d past sm tym i'v been getin d privilge of readin certain blogs wich mk me laff out real hard.... all des blogs have been on SEX.. :P by wich i mean gender as in d male n female .. or rather shud i b typin female n male, jst 2 mk sure dat i dnt gv a pictre f egoistic male psyche by writin it 1st,, but seriously i dnt care who gets wot pictr by readin dis,, anther f d egoistic traits?? hahahaha now am not f a blogger ,,its jst dat i wirte wen i wan2 or feel like not a regular here... but i do like readin stuff n getin 2 pass my expertise on dem, mani ppl tend not 2 2like dat .. but den again who cares.. hmm mayb shud hv titled d post who cares,, but dint seems catchy 2me..
SCHIZOPHRENIC CONVERSATIONS did.. :P now i had no clue wot dis means but i like 2 use songs title as my post name so dis 1 seemd nice .. u findout d meain f it urself(if ur accepting d fact ur not smart enuf me...n i mean 2 say here.. dat am not vry smart eithr.. ) on its a energy savin engine of google so use dat ppl n contribute in savin d planet.. well getin back 2d post.. now d title may or may not mk sense 2 wot u read
here.. but nvrdless u dnt need 2 relate 2 nethin u read here.. read it ..hv fun .. n go back 2ur same ol (boring if i may say so :P)life.. i guess since childhood hv alwaz come across dis stupid lil phenomenon whr d 2 sexes hv been tryin 2 outdo d othr n prove nothin.. tho wid yrs passin by d male specimen hv dcided not 2b wastin tym in it ..cos der r mani bttr othr things 2do :P...while d fairer sex as dey wud(but if i use stronger sex 4 men i wud b inviting trbl so i rathr not :D) like 2b calld i smhw find stil stk up wid d same ol stupid who is bttr den d othr issues..

CHAUVINIST PIGS.... :P now i hear dat word alot.. not dat am cald 1 all d tym.. ohh no no.. jst d women arnd like makin use f it alot .. i doubt haf f dem dnt evn knw d meanin f it .. jst dat dey like d heavy word n it mks dem feel gud sayin it... so d evry 3rd conversation dey gota bitch abt d men arnd dats wot u gona hear.. i find it funny ..hahahahahaha wot is it dat mks d women feel gud abt male bashing n y do evry 3rd females wants to c a guy bein beaten up by his gurl?? othrs terms like bastards .. dogs.. well u women wil hv mani more only i hv been blessed enuf not 2 hear beyond dis :P.. .. lemme tel u ladies 1 thing men r not chauvinist pigs or dogs or ne othr
stuff u like 2 relate dem wid.... trust me v can b far worse den dat :P ... but like i said if v wan2. but den again humans beings hv dis tendency.. wid mem women alike ..dat dey can b n do wotdey wan2 ..wid d kind f situation dey r in .. n wot d tyms expects f dem.. i find it really funny wen women equate guys 2 dog.. now if ur sayin men=dogs.. n ur d fairer sex 4 us den normal maths says women=bitches.. prove me wrong :D.. wot mk u call urself a bitch.. i pity u ladies ..hahahahahahahaha n am not sayin it ur sayin it urself .. n besides u say men r
not 2b trusted.. anthr funny thing.. dogs r supposd 2b d most trusted n like dey say dey r man's best frnd.. ahh evn d sayin goes man's best frnd.. well i dint made dat so catch d person who made it.. but if not goin in2 d technicality dogs r 2b best frnd 2 human beings.. bttr?? now i tend 2 find a positv wen women cal men dogs. its only dat ur sayin dat dey r d best frnd n most trust worthy is it?? c human beings can percv n get wot dey wan2 out f nething n evrything.. or is it jst d men in dis case?? lol besides dntvd guys lauuvvv d bitches :P :P mayb women wnt find d humour here but sure all my bretheren will...

tym n again d posts dat i read went sayin dat d women ends up being hurt n bein d jerk men r dnt really care n jst tend 2 njoy lives in evry aspct widout no emotions n stuff... d laauuuuvvv mks d females a sentimental fool n guys tk advntge f it.. now temme so mani years f evolution n u women still think ur d fools in all srt f emotinos?? wot is it ladies.. y do u wan2 underestimate urselves so much??cos wen itr cums 2 laauuuuv u can b waaayyyyy beyond den bein jst fools.. n u knw it.. den y blame d guy wen u urself dnt mk strong stands.. movies n books portray stuff
wich is 2 get u all sappy n stupid.. i smhow belive dat women r smarter den d stupid romanticas dat u read.. but den u talk f male bashin n how dat mks u feel gud n i cant help laffin.. now cumon lets keep d male female aside n think generally 4 once.. u say male bashin is fun n u like dat.. ok.. now netym wid 2 opponents d general masses alwaz welcums d victory f d underdogs n not d stronger 1s.. its dat wen d stronger 1 is bashed ppl arnd like it more.. now wen u say u like male bashin ..wot r u sayin?? u saying dat women r d weaker sex?? all des years so mani personalities men n women alike hv been tryin 2 brk dis myth n gurls 2day still r holdin on2 it?? u find a sense f pride wen a guy is hit out hard?? well evry1s tks more pride wen u defeat d stronger opppnent as compared 2 wen hv a weaker 1.. seriously think abt it..wots dats mks u feel gud wid male bashing??? i can only find d fact funny.. now if ur sayin dat bash up d fools who r born jerks n dunno how b behave in d civilized world wid human beings.. den go ahd beat dem up hard.. n trust me ur opposite sex wud b thr 2 help u out in dat bashin.. u c male bashin or
not.. wen needed d male specimen arnd u e alwaz goin 2b der.. now d thing wich i find wierd is dat certain guys 2r advocating d fact dat men jerks n dey dunno how 2 respect women.. i feel sorry 4d dudes n seriously such specimens need 2 GET A LIFE.. u tralk abt perversions n like it or not.. evry livivng bein has dem..wid only levels varyin .. u gota knw whr u gota draw d line d live respectfully in d world.. u trip ovr d line ur nothin but a !#$#!%$!$%& ,... n it holds gud 4 both d sexes.. d women mite arguee dat mostly men r d freaks n women d victims.. well not
denyin dat.. but den again u ladies r mature enuf 2 knw wots rite wots not.. who 2b wid who not.. d crime against women r so much on d high n due 2d fear f being attacked u bttr not move out at nite.. but at d same tym u feel safe n relaxd wid ur male counter parts arnd.. u c its d same male specimen dat u bash up n d same u wan2 b it.. (unless ur not sm1 who follows d natures laws :P) like it or not dats how it is supposd 2b.. now getin back 2d dudes who think dey wud get 2 befrnd women wid der men bashin speeches n by potrayin how much disgusted dey r 2b
1.. it gvs only 1 messge out jackass.. eithr ur not strait, or ur as perverted as d speeches or thots u share,its ur own frustations n by potrayin such a picture ur probably getin d most dirt 4 ur d artist f it.. besides i blv ladies 2day r smart enuf 2 dat ur jst a jerks whose actin like evn a bigger 1.

anthr thing wich mks me go haha is dat women claim 2b d weaker 1 in laauuuuvvv .. while d funny story is in most f d cases u mk d guy dance arnd on ur finger tips.. i knw cpl f frnds who r no more den jst puppets in der gurls hands n i laff ahrd at it.. i mean cumon d guy wud b waitin 4 hours 4d women.. now dis 1 is funny... dude u dnt hold ur gurls bag.. its s ladies bag n u look funny holdin it.. but ask d ladies dey say it cute cos dey r merely fooling u.. :D lol... all d stupid ass things a guy gota do 4d lady love only cos she finds dem sweet.. n if nething oges wrong n guy is 2b blamed 4.. evr realisd by a guy wud cheat.. well u mk hium do such stupid stuff ..wot is d poor chap expctd 2do.. cos u want let go f him easily .so he aint got no clue how 2 brk up.. cos deep donw u knw.. dis 1 u were able 2 mk move as per ur requiremnt wot if d nxt 1 wnt b d same.. c u start thinkin abt it.. u gt skeleton in ur own closet.. n bash up d poor chap... :P ahh.. n d idea dat men r not emotinal n play wid gurls sentiments.. lemme tell u 1 thing.. d male spicies is far more emotional wen compared 2d opposite sex, coswhile u gurl hv found a way f cryin n tekin all ur negatv emotions out, d process does not comes vry natural 2us guys.. not preachin d men dont cry things.. but wid women its a tear here n der like 4 alwaz.. dats not our case,, n u blame d guy aftr brk i find dis funny. but u c aftr a brk d gurl cries n has 10 shoulders 2 lean on.. n in no tym u find dat true laauuvv of urs yet again.. while d guy is like ok.. now where 2go :P :P,,, n if he cries den hahaha is wot he gets 4m us frnds.. cos cryin like a lil gurl... aww soo sweet lol...hahahahahahahaha funny thing..lemme share an equation wid u .. probably all f u hv read dis n it makes sense.. n gurls wid not a gud sense of humur plzz u can go past dis.. only d1s who can read it..(nehw u all gona read it :P).. its funny n kinda stupid, but still d person who came up wid dis ws sure a smart head.. n smhw dunno y i feel it ws a female specimen who must hv had derived dis

MONEY * TIME = GIRL (dats true ask d guys n u probably knw it urself)
(MONEY)2 = GIRL (as in money square)
(/EVIL)2 = GIRL (as in money is root of all evil)
EVIL = GIRL (cos d underroot n square cancel each othr :P)
n hence pure evil u women :D.. but dnt v laauuuvvvv d evil :P

cumin back 2 post brk up ...den der r guys who go 4 on excessive alcohol n drugs.. well dey r fools n if dey act like 1 den not evn d almghty god can help dem...

so all am sayin is ...gud or bad its totaly ur cal.. u dcyd wot u wan2 do u wanna keep getin ur pleasures f bashing men or try n b on not so bashfull side.. u knw not a suitabl example here.. but i blv human beings can fit in wot evr dey mk up der mind 4.. so its on u ladies now... v all knw 1 rotten apple spoils d rest all 2.. now u dcyd u wanna bash dat 1 rotten apple or pik d 1 wich is not so rotten?? u wana concentrate all ur energies on d rotten 1s wich u knw can nvr 2 gud again.. n in d tym u mk merry basjin it.. der r chances f d smarter women takin away d gud 1s..while u wll b stk wid ur bashin... dnt let d bashful guys tk away all ur tym n d not so bashful 1s u miss out.. as u all r mature enuf lets not enter dis stupid debate of wich sex is superior.. cos eithr wayz SEX is superior hahahaha .. (d women i feel will go ahhh here while d men will hv gud laf like me).. now men n women r suposd 2b toghtr hs alwaz been like dat n will b like dat 4alwaz.. n if it mk any bttr 4 u females..den yes i accpt here on my part n mani othrs who think like me.. dat women r indeed d stronger sex (only not physically) n kudos 2d women power.. no if or BUTT attached :P...but still u wan2 write on how u like d male bashin do dat.. cos its 2 much fun readin it.. n seriously u ladies gota improve ur sense f humuor... yes not d humuor whr it gets ugly n disgusting but al neat fun u mst knw how 2 njoy... now i dunno wot all i hv written up here.. cant afford 2 read it n chk.. guess wud b long post ..yet again,, but den so much i gota say lol.... n i hv tried 2 mk it more readbl 4 d ppl by makin paras...spare me on d short hand .. cant help usin dem..

n probably aftr readin dis post.. a few ppl who knw me personally wud b like OKAY.. but i assume dat dey knw me far more bttr den dis n r mature enuf wid gud sense f humuor not 2tk things othrwise.. but nvrdless. here i hv anthr post :P feels gud.. cos postin is 1 big task 4me.. moreovr not much 2 write des days. so njoy dis post .. thot wud gv a disclaimer in start f it.. but den dat wud kill d fun of it so .. njoy :P :P

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have been tagged!

monica has tagged me n being d lazy person i am its goin 2 tk a toll on me..n worse still hv 2 type it again..... 4d 1st 1 gt erased n a blank draft gt saved..nehw i will try to be honest with answers here.
The rules:
* Link the person who tagged you.
* Post these rules on your blog.
* Share your ABCs..
* Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
* Let the 3 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
* Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag!
The ABC of me...all that there is about me :p.. well almost..
A – Available/Single? single
B – Best friend? like d 2 othr frnds f mine.. d whole concept f best frnd doesnt goes wid me.. hv few gud n close frnds.... but unlike d odr 2.. i'll rather not name my near n dear 1s here.. dey knw who dey r.... besides in order 2b politically correct if i gota write names f all in 1 certain grp den it wnt b wot its supposd 2b :P:P .. so yes hv my own close knit frnds who i cant b widout
C – Cake or Pie? Cake cake cake all d way
D – Drink of choice? JD wid water n soda,nimbupani as in lemonade ,WATER n yes lots f juices
E – Essential item you use every day? My specs.. intellignt ans monica.. hope u dnt mind me borrowin d asn 4m urs.. but cant thnk f nethin bttr after readin specs as d asn.. n guess dis is 1 similarity btwen me n u.. :P:P rest all toh am nowhr near ur standards..
F – Favorite colour? black.. mks u look thin :D
G - (ok if none f u fillin d abc dint notice dat G is miisin in it den am surprised... so on suggestion f a frnd who hapn 2b d same 1 who tagged me.. am addin a ques wid g in d questnr.. addin d missing link)Good ,Bad, or Ugly? bad
H – Hometown? Saddi dilli
I – Indulgence? have many guess depends on d mood .. eatind n fooling arnd cud b majors 1s tho
J – January or February? years kicks off.. n nite b4 have a gud reason 2 get drunk n b all hapi
K – Kids & their names? Not yet n so no names either.
L – Life is incomplete without? many things n ppl.. but all dos things n ppl gota get u HAPPINESS
M – Marriage date? dunno... can sm1 tell me??
N – Number of siblings? 2 sisters
O – Oranges or Apples? oranges
P – Phobias/Fears? bein all alone n losin d near n dear 1s...
Q – Quote for today? not jst 4 2day but 4 alwaz ""life is endless,so we never die,we were never really born" Dr. Brian Weiss 4m d book many lives many masters
R – Reason to smile? do u need a reason 2 smile???
S – Season? F.R.I.E.N.D.S. all 10 seasons :P:P
T – Tag 3 People? I tag thee,... wel who do i tag.. 2 3 f d ppl i knw hv alrdy been tagged n not mani i knw blog.. so lets c..
viren-well d sailor aint got no blog link i have.besides d fool wud b smwhr in d sea so wnt fill dis neway
U – Unknown fact about me?.. hmm let d unknw remains such.. or guess der r mani unknw so can tell 1.. hmm ya ok here it goes , can b very manipltv n mk use f hypocrisy at tyms... detest both d traits but u get wot u gv me.. so dcyd wot u want.. u b gud wid me i'll b my best.. now if dats not gud enuf 4 u den ur in wrong company... b bad n i dunno wots coming 4u
V – Vegetable you don't like?BOTTLE GOURD.. :P:P wonderin wot dis is find 4 urself.. i had 2 look out its name
W – Worst habit? being too moody n not forgiving easily
X – X-rays you've had? jst gt 1 done recently... wondering ws dat so i can fill up in dis quiz???left leg .. 4d knee... wot i got xrayed
Y – Your favorite food? d list is very long.. cant name any.. cos if i miss out on ne dish it wnt do justice 2 dos....
Z – Zodiac sign? GEMINI
n finally done hope dis tym it saves fine n gets published widout fail ....

Saturday, July 4, 2009


ok dis is goin 2b really long.. so if u cant go thru d full thing it all gud not ur fault.. but i dnt like 2 write in parts so.. guess will put it all in ds1 only.. no 2b continued n stuff.. so if u tired readin ,u can gv up den n der itself.... njoy if u can...
d past few weeks hv been prtty evntful 4me.. on n move, n now cumin few weeks r goin 2b bed ridden .. wot a contrast.. its hardly been a week thru n am alrdy tired of stayin n bed all d tym.. hmm not smthing i thot i cud say, but v can nvr b 2 sure f nething can v??? ahh question marks, such a trademark of my blogs or as it seems 2me, but nvrdless am here bloggin more stuff so its all gud. now nothin hs been on d mind 4 past sm tym, d previous 1s were on d same lines n dint wanted 2 tk d ideas ne ahd , nw i alwaz ask myself y am i bloggin .... dis tym arnd am not havin ne thots in d mind dat i wanna get out here,, but rather its jst dat gt nothin much 2do wid lyin on bed 24x7.. so here i am tryin 2 wild away my tym n urs.. n ya lemme tk sm pride wen i say dis.. :P a few ppl luk 4wrd 2 readin my blogs ,hahaha .. ya ok so on public demand :P here is anthr 1 to kill ur tym.. now dis is goin 2b unlike wwot i hv cum up wid previously,, n lemme say dis am takin inspiration n idea f writin dis blog 4m a person whose writin skills r as smooth as d dance moves ne exprt can do... :D.. d person hs been a source f inspiration 4 few othrs in d past d idea isnt smthing new, probably u hv read such post b4, only yes d content wud b wot u definately hvnt read newhr else dats 4 sure.. now a cpl f weeks back i went a helluvah roadtrip.. d most random n sudden trip i hv evr cum across.. courtesy A FEW GOOD MEN :P :P actually 2 gud men.. get a cal friday nyt 2 mv out early sunday mornin n am game 4 it,, but arnd 11pm it changes n v gota mv out saturday mornin itself.. now wot am i supposd 2do.. get up pack my bags arnd 5 early mornin n tell my folks.. hi am leavin 4 arnd a week so c ya .. now luckily 4me it got 2 aftrnoon 4d journey 2 had sm tym 2 gathr d stuff 4d trip... n ya literally gathred d stuff.. lets c borrowed sneakers 4m 1 frnd.. floaters 4m anthr n d small bag pack 4m d 3rd,, so dats how d preprations started.. vry unlike me but alot unlikely was 2 hapn on d road, so dis ws nothin .. i nvr thot so.. but evrything hapns 4d 1st tym in life.. n alot hapnd .. a week long or rather 6days 2b precise trip seemed like a gud month long outing. hv alwaz hrd f d idea of brkfast in paris, lunch in london n so on in movies but exprncd d phenomenon myself.. well not exactly london paris... but brkfast at srinagar, lunch in joshimath n dinnr in badrinath.. well not smthin i wud hv thot off.. but den again thot nothin 4 wot ws 2 hapn n dats gud.. cos nothin hapnd dat 1 wud hv imagined,, but den again dat is d beauty f d roadtrip . now kicked off 4m delhi arnd 2 n landed in rishikesh arnd 9 in nyt.. now had 2 spend d nyt der,, n move out early mornin arnd 4 nxt day.n yes v did dat.. were up by 2:30 n on d road at had 2 stay 4d nyt.. n no hotel had ne room availbl al were full, so whr did v put up 4d nyt :D.. well sm myt think meyb camps n tents,, n hell no ur wrong, v slept 4d nyt on d terrace of a gaushala .. 4dos who cant understnd dat.. it d cow house whr :D.. nw dats exprnc trust me.. n strange as it myt sound.. it ws a fun exprnc not bad at all.. so nehw.. out f d gaushala n on d road .. had brkfast at d tea stall in srinagar arn 6 or 7 i guess... n on d road again.. njoyin d view n d dust n heat along wid it.. had 2 cover d nose wid hankerchf.. n ya hahah "push push .. shake shake it" now dos were d lines f a song dat seems 2 keep appearin in between of all songs at ramdon interval.. lol... nvr hrd more of it cos chnged it aftr d intro.. but funny story d intro alwaz played.. :D.. so b4 v realisd dat all d pushin n shakin stopped v were in joshimath.. cooled d car der 4 smtym n had lunch... d gates had der timins 2 move outta der n go ahd 2 badrinath.. so once d doors opened v were again on d run.. now v were headin 2 high places 2 escape d heat ,, but lil v knew not much refuge3 up above eithr.. now evnin landed in d DEVBHOOMI .. badrinath .. d alltitude got me alil breathless but guess wsnt much of a trbl..nehw tuk shower n went 2d temple.. n aftr dat.. were in bed dozin hard.. nxt ws again an early mornin.. gt ready had alil brkfast n left 4 MANA.. now dats d last village n ders no civilizations as such beyond dat point.. parkd d car der n went ahd 4 sm trekkin .. n hel yeah sure gt a lot 2 trek aftr dat :P... saw d "hindustan ki akhri dukan" missd out on d "hindustan ki akhri chai ki dunak" tho due 2 tym issues... but nvrdless wot v saw ws more 2 remmbr n cherish den 2 crib wot v dint get 2c.. d 4-5 km trek made us reach VASUDHARA.. now i'v nevr seen a beauty like dat.. water fall or wot.. u dnt knw but sure pleasure 4 eyes.. n yeah nt 2 miss out saw a glacier in front f me.. rathr sat ryt nxt 2it... enroute 2 d destination is wen i exprncd d real peace n solace... it sure explaind y all d babas find high mountains 2 meditate as ideal places... no sound excpt n nature's voice... no mattr how tired u wud get , once u reach wot u headin 4.. its all gone.. but hi only once u start ur way back whr 2 came 4m. dats wen u realise u gota b getin tired... so aftr d 10 km trek gt 2d car n continued d journey... on d way my fellow mates tuk dips in d holy river GANGES.. now i dint .. guess my sins cant b washed away in ganges :P.. but goin on wid d journey v reachd govindghat by 4 in d evnin.. now had 2 cross ovr d ghat n get 2 d start f 13km uphill trek 2 reach... smplace whose name i still cant remmber.. nehw .. anth of exprncs dat were 2 cum my way :D :P... 4d 1st tym in my life i had 2 use a public loo ... not a exprnc i wud hv wanted 2 hv .. but den again wen nature calls u cant defy it can u?? :P... so nehw govindghat v had 2 cross.. now it ws getin dark n d trek isnt lighted at nites so dey dnt allow u aftr a certain tym 2 go... but der ws a developmnt.. d usual bridge ws now a hangin brigde in true respect as one f its chords ws broken courtesy(wid all due respect 2d community) 500+ khalsas n der curiosity 2c d gushin water 4m a dam.. :P.. so went pass d temporary arngmnt n started d trek.. now gota realise have had alrdy trkd 10 km in d day.. now des 13 were not cumin vry rosy 2me.. now d 13 km strech is a wild way.. small villages in between but no plce 2 put up.. so eithr ur at d start or d end f it.. v sure started but my enrgy reservoirs sure were givin up, d othr2 only had 2 stop 4 me else guess dey cud hv had went all d way.... luckily 4 us aftr 3km v got sm shelter.. n beat dis d rooms were completed only like 3 4 days b4.. d finishing stil ws 2b i considered ourselves damn lucky.. had dat not been der.. v wud hv been left all out in d dark n stranded in sm wild habitat 4 hours.. n 3km in between were d jungles.. wid wild bears n dunno wot else der... so dat room came as a great refuge 2 us.. toh i did feel alil bad 4 makin d othr 2 stop becos f me.. but cumon fallin f d clif wud hv benn worse so decided in stayin in 4d nyt.. nxt yet again a early mornin.. left d place at 5 n started d trek 2 d place whr v had 2 reach ... n 4m der u have valley of flowers 1 way 3km trek n hemkund sahib 8km trek.. d plans kept chngin thruout d journey,, while v were plannin 2 visit both d places.. once up der.. cud only manage valley f flower... n dat 2 saw d flowers on d way 2 valley n stopped 1 km b4 d valley... phew... damn am tired writin dis.. wonder how ppl gona read thru dis.. but hell yeah i went thru d whole trip.. n givin all d details wont b possble.. but still will write wot all i d trek ws takin toll ovr me, so i decided 2 go slow n steady.. njoyin d view along n not stressin myself, dis sure made me lack behind my fellow mates but den again i cud no way match der stamina n strnght.. so i went on wid my speed njoyin d view n wonderin wot all ws i goin 2gt across on dis trip...` now ppl getin dwn were offerin glucose n toffees on d way... strngly no 1 was offrin water tho.. but den again khalsa zindabad :P.. again no offense der.. but an observation, so arnd 10 11 gt 2 d place whose name i dnt knw.. had brunch der n headed d valley f flowers.. now dis ws a beauty u gota c atlst once in ur lifetym... all natural habitat in d best way possble.. d whole exprnc wos amazin.. n guess wot in d very valley v played on our lives.. n am not jst sayin dis.. v actually were dat stupid 2 do dat... so nehw.. saw it all njoyd d view n went back 2 our refuge.. n gt our feet back in d bed.... so all dis n only only 2 3 dats thru in d trip.. phew.... hmm will tk a brk yaha...
n now i start again so early nxt morning v left again.. v hi so in 2 days v trekked arnd 40km dat 2 on hill slopes.. livin dangerously :P :P.. but njoyin evry momnet f it, so completin dis v headed back 2 govindghat d nxt early morning, n hi guess wot d hanging bridge awaited us.. now wid shaky legs v had 2 cross dat shaky bridge,, n ask me valley of flower made my heart sink once.. dis ws d 2nd tym d JAI MATA DI chants started in an undying way.. n hell yea v crossed it 1 piece,.. 4m der d journey down retracked...n ya trust me like dey say.. its not ovr yet.. ritely said by my mates .. picture abhi baki hai mere dost.. seems alot ws still 2 hapn.. n yes it did.. 1st tym in my life i tuk shower under a waterfall.. d natural shower.... d rest 2 washed d car.. :P :P.. i must say i ws blessed enuf 2go wid a company nt mani can get.. evn while trekkin i dint had 2 kary d bagpack.. cos it ws like 4gt abt karyin d bag.. it ws more den enuf if i cud kary myself :D... n still i lagged behind n it tuk me a hour more den d othr 2 2cmplt d 40km... but hi by d end f it all i did it :D.. so alls well .. n cumin back 2d natural shower.. it ws like lemme go in 1 last tym .. d water d so pure n cold.. cud sit in a pool of it 4 hrs, now v washed d car (technically not me bt d othr 2) n ourselves n went ahd on d journey.. nw on our way back 2 rishikesh v hapn v meet a naga baba... who dat is.. well d babas who do all d shrines visit on feet.. n naga as in naked.. now noble company dat i had alng..n i mean it 4 real. no sarcasm involvd... d baba askd if v had a vacnt seat n gv him lift till rishikesh..n :P :P der v go anthr f d xprnces,, now personally am not d kind of person or a KIND person 2 do such favor 2 ne1 specially sm random strnger,, but d noble n good soul dat my frnd is.. he decided v tk him along.. nehw v were goin der,, now again like i said.. i wudnt hv done dat.. wud hv apologised 2d baba(dats no gud tho.. no harm in takin d poor chap along but still dats me) n moved ahd.. but my frnd sure thinks othrwaz... n v gt d baba along wid us 2 rishikesh :D... xprnc?? oh yea .. sure it was.... n now d last nyt of d trip ... dis is whr v stayed d 1st nyt in rishikesh.. dis is whr v gota b on d last 2.. only dis tym not d gaushala.. :P :D... now raftin ws nvr on our minds... ask me wen movin out. i ws goin 2 valley f flowers only.. n wot all dint i c in btwen..... so now raftin.. hmm i ws alrdy getin home sick n tired on d run but... like dey say picture abhi baki hai... so jaha did so much.. yeh bhi sahi.... so nxt day raftin is wot v went 4... n me bein scared of water did it... n hell yeah i sat in d vry front f d raft... :P again not hw it ws supposd 2b but der i ended... funny story behind dat 2.. went in d waters ..wents thru d rapids...evn peeled of alil skin off my thumb while rowin.... had a cpl f assholes who were raftin wid us.. who seemd 2knew it all... n were true jackasses 2d core.. but evn der presence cud not hamper our excitemnt... tho wen it came 2 jumpin in d water 4m d rock... my fear gt d bttr f me n i chicknd out der.. but koi ni nxt tym ke liye bhi kuch rakhna chahiye :P.... so dis tym ganga snan bhi ho gaya.. paap dhule ya ni dat i dnt knw.. but talk abt havin a gud tym?? had a gr8 tym... alil road trip out off no whr ended up as d proper adventure trip wid all sort f exprncs n evnts in it... n like i said... 1 week seemd like a whole month, landed back in delhi d vry same day at nyt... so did wot all n ws all fine.. sure ws tired n whole body needed rest, but wot has 2 hapn hapns... nothin hapnd on d whole trip but.. 2 days later getin dwn on d ladder i twist my knee, lockin d knee cap... probably sm muscle gt damaged(i hope not tho.. no xray n MRI findin nethin in my case) so now on bed thru out d month.... :( had a trainin 2tk care off.. nvr went 2d concerd workplce aftr 4th f june n cant go in near future eithr ... mixed thots der.. but tryin 2 find d positv in it,, am glad no fractre hapnd.. n wid tym hopefully it will heal on itself widout no surgery lets c wots more in store in d cumin days... as 4 d past cpl f weeks.. wot all havnt a went thru... n still dunno wot all am supoosd 2... so kudos if u hv mangd 2 read dis far.. n am glad sm1 did :P.. cos i myself wudnt read suc h a long post... gets borin 2 read so much in 1 go, ohh i 4gt d most hapnin part f d trip.. d bhoole tigers :P like my frnd wud call dem.. i alwaz hrd ppl sayin nvr go on mountains in ur car .. n hill drivin is tof n risky n wot allonly SUV's gud wen u goin on mountains... v guys went in d small car n no worries der... n beat dis n khalsa army goes on bikes n scooters.... guts n wot all needed 2do dis... only my sikh brethren can do dat... hats off 2u guys.... so wid dis i guess i shud stop.. readin all dis myt not appeal 2u much, but trust me ppl u gota go 2d places i mentiond... yes der wud b bttr places.. but dis ws among d best dat i hv been 2 n sure wud like 2 visit dem again smtym ...dnt hv d pic wid me yet else sure wud hv attached few along wid d blog....nehw till d tym i gt back 2d places again dis blog will help me remmber d trip wich i wnt 4gt in d near future...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PhOnEy sMiLeS & FaKe hElLos

now been sm tym since i last blogged so myt b a lil rusty dis tym arnd.. but nvrthless anthr beginning at last evr wondered y 1 wud bolg??is it d daily evnts 1 wud put dnw??or d frustations v nvr share out in d open??? random thots wich seems so wierd n strange??? or smtyms mayb jst 4d fun of it.. y am i writin dis thing?? mani reasons i guess , well 4 starters gt nothin bttr 2do, been on an extnded holiday mode so thot y not do smthin 4d society (:P ok bloggin doin smthin 4d society hahahaha ahhmmm...)newaz reasons... hmmm, comin across ppl in life... say sm 4m d past aftr long times or new 1s, wonderin how does each n evry day brings abt new changes in ppl, der way of life, d way of thinkin... 1 new addition 2a person n der perspctv change 2wards evrything.. how dey start speakin each othrs tongue.. d influence v hv on our peers n vice versa, now is dis influence makin us bttr ppl, or makin us 4gt who v r?? dey say good n bad 2 sides of d same coin but wot r v getin?? is it head or tails 4us?? n who is d 1 flippin dis coin?? y does its alwaz d gud syd all wan2 c n show n nvr cum across d bad 1?? amidst all dis goodness n friendly air do v realise dat so mani tyms v r jst fakin arnd.. b it our behaviour , d way v meet othrs... like d title sez ..phoney smiles n fake hellos.. while inside u knw wots goin on.. how well u like d company f d person presnt, d comfrt level dat person has wid ur presence... all pretendin hw elated dey r 2b der while d reality is far 4m wot it seems,, but smtyms maby des is wots requrd, jst 2 shw smthin dats not aftr all u gt ur whole life ahd of u.. dis person dis moment will soon b a thing of past den y not jst let dis thing b.. aft all des fake smiles only makin d worst go away, ..wot wen d harsh emotions replace dis sweet air tho not real n uncmfrtabl.. hw comfrtable is reality goin 2b?? newaz guess dat all 4 d individuals 2 dcd demslves n work out wots best ... in d words f a gr8 soul"choose wot u wish 2 blv.. choose wot u wish 2 c, ... cos v live no more"d falsehood v kary along is d1 wich mks it all kickin.. smtyms mks evry1 stick 2gtr.. or mayb dats nthr thot 2 jst mk 1 blv its all gud, funny thing u meet a random person 4m past n eithr f u jst cant stand each othr but how u gona hugg dem n sport ur best smile evr.. n how all d phrases like "stay in touch" "lets mk a scn soon" "will catch u later" n ya ofcourse share d mobiles numbers.. hahaha only 2 nvr call in most f d cases.. like i said funny story ... n evn more crazy d social networkings.. wid ppl comin across each othr almst evry day but d best interaction dey can hv wud b on sm social netwrkin.. mayb cos it easy not 2 hv 2put up d fake smiles der cos d smileys do dat work :P like dis 1 n mani more... wots der dat mks a person get along wid 1 while cant stand sm1 esle... goin by d theory f algebre.. well thot shud use in my bloggin bein a mathematical student....dey say X=y n y=z makes x=z,,, but x bein comfrtbl wid y n y bein wid z doesnt neccrly mks x gud wid z n thus d phoney hellos surface 2 save a law of great mathematicians... lolzz.. so it goes well dwn in history 2... ok mayb its easy 2 deal dis way wid our past.. but d past ws present 1 day n wot used 2 hapn den?? nthr funny story :P think abt it n u gona hv a gud laf, smtyms it feels lyf's 2 short 2hv things against sm1 n y waste it in jst makin thing worse.. n smtyms jst certain things becum soooooooooo long dat all d friction comes out loud.. so shrt sweet life wid long bittr exprnces... so let all d fakenss n pheny hellos prevail cos d smile do lie along wid dem.. u nver knw wen des plastc smiles mayb wash away all dats not 2b ....n all v wud b left wid wud b d Smiles n hellos .... n ofcourse in d tyms of technology y 4gt d smileys:P :) ;) :> :X n mani more ..guess certain of us r bttr den othrs in placin d smileys .. certainly ppl i knw who r bttr den me at dat... nehw enuf of d blog 4now,, nothin more comin 2d head.. so till d tym it cooks up smthin again lets all b wid d smiles n hellos wid nothin phoeny or fake......