Sunday, May 29, 2011

wise man say.. only fool rush in.. but i cant help.. falling in love... (with u)

PreScript:  d name f d post is jst d random song i recalled while writing this.. thot y not mk it d title of this post.. (i like keeping d titles of my posts on song titles) nothing hidden btween d lines or strings attached to it :P

a random thot crossed my mind "" WHY IN ALL THE LEGENDARY LOVE STORIES THE GUY AND THE GAL NEVER ENDED WITH EACH OTHER (read romeo juliet, laila majnu .... heer ranjha.. cant remmber any other)

another random thot crossed my mind and i got the answer.. "these stories became legends cause the love always remained never got over"...

hmm interesting.. now being a stronger logical analytical brains (as some stupid application on FB suggested smtym back.. well evn sm ppl say so) i have come to blv dat d only reason for that was because the relationships ended when it was at its peak.. had these guys settled with each other... married and stuff.. d love wud hv ended for sure.. hmm.. maybe its not jst random tots..but  impression f talks arnd, for lots f ppl r tokin f  d movie pyar ka punchnama.. i blv its based on similar lines.. as in how love goes in wonderland once d lovebirds end toghtr.. i hvnt seen d movie but guess dats wot its all abt.. still this post aint no revw abt d movie (havnt seen it in d 1st place...) jst thots .. plus been a while (like alwaz) dat i last

"wot is today .. one day will be.." nothing remains.. (unless ur some mythological god or goddess) or d soul funda of we never exist we never perish..well i dnt knw .. am jst one ordinary lesser mortal.... but unfortuntly or maybe fortunately human beings r capable f all sorts f emotions.. evn d lazy least interested ppl like me... d love bug bites all f us at sm point or d other.... turns out nice for few.. not so nice for others.. (read me :P(had too put d smiley.. else it mite sound am goin devdas here.. wich aint d case..)) but in either of d cases it ENDS.. love ka THE END (another movie hvnt seen , but d title makes it pretty clear.. probably its d air arnd.. making ppl make such movies des days.. n for ppl like me who cant mk movies.. we hv options like dis one..)

now none can challenge d laws of universe... love is a funny concept.. or maybe its jst an idea n nthng else... since d day we were born.. d love interest keeps changing in our life.. n so does d idea  n expression f love.. for a small baby.. all love means is his/her mother and father.. still more for d mother.... it starts 2 grows wid d ppl arnd who d kid stays wid d most.. be it a auties.. or uncles or grandparents... come school life n d kid has a new found attachment 4d frnds.. d previous attachmnts n love take a back seat n frnds r d only world to us... times move on n D LOVE is encountered n this is wen all other love n attachmnts fade away.. its funny how we  want d good times to alwaz remain.. but we get bttr times n d previous good times end up being jst history... funny thing in evry attachmnt n LOVE d expressing needs differ.. d way a mother loves a child no frnd can.. d way attachmnts n bonds r wid frnd no1 else can.. n d fateful D LOVE is only for dat one special to be.. (am not talking f falling in love wid evry 3rd day type f ppl here ... though dey seem to hv found n given a totaly new idea 2d idea f LOVE.. well dats there way f expression... who is anyone to say anything...evry1 loves d way they want)

is it that d love n feelings blossom wid d ones u spend most f d quality time wid?? be it a baby wid his/her mom.. or a teenager wid his/her frnds.. or d time wid dat special someone?? but change is d only constant.. can we really stagnate our lives in times?? NO CAN DO

how does d way n expression f love change?? am jst amazed at d phenomena... d gods n goddesses sure wud b laffing looking dwn at how dey hv d poor humans mixd up in des feeling f love... now a great philospher(if i may say).. a not so average human being.. and a good friend of mine, he once said love is universal.. d idea of loving jst one person or few ppl arnd us is bogus.. if u understand true love u will love evry1 n any1 arnd u.. cos d feeling of love makes u forgive evry1 n care for all.. n dats d idea f love.. to care for sm1... n d day u understnd dis.. u will get over d stupid notion ppl hv f being in love n having feeling n stuff... well as much as i respect n appreciate dis person.. am unable to apply d advice or suggestion or philosphy in my life.. probably dats part f me being a lesser mortal.. i like d idea n feel f d things he said.. but i guess i cant tk d philosphy in my life dat easily... wish i cud.. things wud hv been way easier den..

coming back to d random thot dat got me typing here... d eternal love stories.. none of dem had d shaadi ka rona dhona in dem.. i mean dey had rona dhona but f d other kind... jst like dey say 4a sportsman to retire wen dey r at d top... des lovers decided to retire (only in a diff kind.. n against der will i gues.. not sure.. not much int2 knwing der stories...) jst wen d whole world knew f dem being hopelessly in love.. dey got d names in history by never being toghter.. as in not on d worldy world i.e. (maybe they ended up togehter in aftr life.. but how does it mattrs.. well dats a totaly diffrnt thot.. not to mix up here... else am gona wrote a post inside des brackets :P) , dats wot made der stories special..

how many such stories wud hv been rmmberd.. if like d old hindi cinema, where hero heroine have an hapi ending were der...none wud remmber dem.. ppl hv an tendency to keep d pain n sad memories wid dem easily while 4get d gud n happy times easily.. wot were d gods thinking making dis  mankind.. jst having a good laf. .to keep demslves entertaind.. well dey gota be entertaind for they r d 1s who live forever.. so fair enuf on der part 2 mk d foolish mortals down here like dis...

D love some say is d most wonderful feeling... but its not unconditional :P... no sir.. it has the *condition applied" tag with it... its wonderful if its two sided... not one sided.. else its anything but wonderful.. infact its WONDERFOOL :P.. though personaly i say love is a domain of a fool.. n we all are fools at some point or d other in our lives... its jst dat some f us accept it.. while sm f us decide nvr to traverse d foolish ways... n be ignorant on purpose.. den der r d psycho hopelessly in love ppl.. who r making d professions f psychologist a hit... psychology hons is D in thing for ppl.. n y not.. der r fools who will get in2 depression over jst one love.. n 4get all rest f d other lovely expression d ppl arnd.. wid whome dey got to knw how it feels 2b in love.. curse D LOVE :X... how does few yrs.. or months evn days for some make rest d a life worthless?? i fail to understnd.. or maybe i dont wan2
understnd ... evn if i do.. wots d point?? for wot is , will be one day.. nothing gona last.. but philosphy teaches us.. its not d destination dat counts... but d journey.. aint dis exactly d reason y all d legendary love stories became legendary (2 much legendary.. gota be bardney from how i met your mother :P)in d 1st place?? cos they never reachd d destination.. d journey is all dey were stuck in.. had they reachd d destination.. well den by my analysis.. dat wudnt hv counted :P :P

well not much to say anymore... der is no end to this LOVE.... i dont want D LOVE to end.. am hapi in d journey.. d destination is d treasure hunt wich is enticing only till its not in hand... once we have d prize... d feeling begin to take a dwnhill slope.. let d feelings be wen dey r at d peak... y screw up wots beautiful 4 smthing dat cant be.. "a sheep in hand is bttr dan 2 in bush" dey say.. guess fair enuf.. no mattr how "truely madly deeply" in love u r.. it will end.. one way or d other.. for d lucky few its "till death do us part".. for rest f d fools .. well dey r foolish enuf 2 screw up d love demslves...

PostScript: nothing against no1 or D LOVE.. jst random thots.. hope no1 takes dis offensively.. hardly ne1 one reads.. but still..  :P
ppl who r able to be n hv D love reciprocated from D person.. lucky u.. keep it.. dnt let it die before u do :P .. d others be it d unlucky onesided fools..
or d fall in love evryday bigger fools.... jst keep d idea alive ... maybe one day u understnd d true eternal universal love like d friend f mine said..
as on now LOVE KA D END :P ;P

Monday, January 31, 2011

2D OT n back..

Have been thinking of penning down this for long now, but guess the 4 months long break has made me even more lazy

How i managed a break this long.. well take up a surgery which puts you into bed rest for straight 2 months and then requires a lot of well structured exercise , if I may say physiotherapy .. for me it was the ligament injury which got me the much needed break from the “office office” game we all play... the injury which happened somewhere in June 2009, just a day after I got back from one of the most interesting, exciting, tiring and what all of a trip with the “Sharma brothers”.. unfortunately the injury happened, but fortunately it did not happen during the travel. But like they say, it’s all destined, what has to happen, happens! Even my “janampatri” it seems had this injury written in it :P.. Probably some bad karma of mine from before this life.. who knows..

Tried every know alternative in my scope to avoid the surgery, ranging from homeopathy to alternate sciences with the HEALERS trying to heal my injury by sending energies, but nothing really worked 100%.. I’ll like to believe that all this did some good instead of thinking nothing happened. For surgery was my last resort and even the year long experiments with rest and medicines could not help me avoid it. This post is in way just for me... I want to remember these times after and during the surgery for they made me realise few things... no matter how short lived these realisations will be for me.. still wanted to pen down every detail before I forget and find it hard to recollect how things happened.. and how things happen...

Now I have never had much trips to the hospital and am one of those who hate going to the doctors.. even as a child I hated going to the doctor for when they ask questions and expect you to give exact precise answers, it scares me, what if I somehow give him a wrong answer and he gives me some medicine which might make it worse for me.. but nevertheless every time we get sick , we end up visiting the doctor... being admitted and getting a surgery done took more then an year in the making.. and now after the surgery, it’s still long before things get the way they are the best... normal as some may say..

The journey to the OT was scary and I almost gave up before the surgery began...

Being stripped to bare skin and asked just to wear to hospital clothes, the injections, the cutting of the skin, slicing of the tissues, drilling of the bone and stitching seal the deal... phewww... kudos to the doctors who do it.. but ask me, kudos to patients who go through it.. but alas we don’t even have an option ..

I almost panicked before the anaesthetics could numb my lower body... the procedure required to give me a small injection in my lower back to numb that portion and then from there put in the bigger injection into my spine and numb the lower body for the surgery...just writing this gives me goose bumps ,, but I went through all of it ... looking back I wish no one has to go through any such procedures...

To watch the whole procedure happening in front of you.. when your skin is being cut open.. the drilling machine making a hole in your bone,,, u cant feel it for the anaesthesia but the vibration can be felt by the upper body.. SCARY.. but you cant back out once it’s opened up .. it’s a one way road then.

Once the surgery was complete I realised how easy life has been and how ignorant I had been for am blessed with everything. Walking with clutches to move around.. even the most basic of human activities became a task. I won’t say I pity or sympathise with the people who live their lives on clutches, for it can’t take the pain away from them, but rather I salute them, and have upmost respect for them. It was tough, to move around minimum and with help of the clutches, the visit to the loo.. phew , and with the antibiotics not suiting with my tummy, the trips were very frequent. Not to be able to shower for a month and just do with sponge baths.. not a good feeling at all... but when the pain plays its part nothing else comes to the mind.. be it the hygiene or anything.. It shows how weak and fragile as they would say we humans are. Brings you way down to earth...

Officially (literally and otherwise) 4 long months of leave are over now... and the office working routines gona pick up soon sometime ... this aint a good feeling either but it had to resume sometime.. guess now with the money in the bank hitting all time low, gota get back to “oh so nice” corporate life. .. sigh so used to this do nothing and just lay back lifestyle now.. gona be real tough.. but gota do I gota do... let’s see what’s next in store for me...