Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have been tagged!

monica has tagged me n being d lazy person i am its goin 2 tk a toll on me..n worse still hv 2 type it again..... 4d 1st 1 gt erased n a blank draft gt saved..nehw i will try to be honest with answers here.
The rules:
* Link the person who tagged you.
* Post these rules on your blog.
* Share your ABCs..
* Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
* Let the 3 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
* Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag!
The ABC of me...all that there is about me :p.. well almost..
A – Available/Single? single
B – Best friend? like d 2 othr frnds f mine.. d whole concept f best frnd doesnt goes wid me.. hv few gud n close frnds.... but unlike d odr 2.. i'll rather not name my near n dear 1s here.. dey knw who dey r.... besides in order 2b politically correct if i gota write names f all in 1 certain grp den it wnt b wot its supposd 2b :P:P .. so yes hv my own close knit frnds who i cant b widout
C – Cake or Pie? Cake cake cake all d way
D – Drink of choice? JD wid water n soda,nimbupani as in lemonade ,WATER n yes lots f juices
E – Essential item you use every day? My specs.. intellignt ans monica.. hope u dnt mind me borrowin d asn 4m urs.. but cant thnk f nethin bttr after readin specs as d asn.. n guess dis is 1 similarity btwen me n u.. :P:P rest all toh am nowhr near ur standards..
F – Favorite colour? black.. mks u look thin :D
G - (ok if none f u fillin d abc dint notice dat G is miisin in it den am surprised... so on suggestion f a frnd who hapn 2b d same 1 who tagged me.. am addin a ques wid g in d questnr.. addin d missing link)Good ,Bad, or Ugly? bad
H – Hometown? Saddi dilli
I – Indulgence? have many guess depends on d mood .. eatind n fooling arnd cud b majors 1s tho
J – January or February? years kicks off.. n nite b4 have a gud reason 2 get drunk n b all hapi
K – Kids & their names? Not yet n so no names either.
L – Life is incomplete without? many things n ppl.. but all dos things n ppl gota get u HAPPINESS
M – Marriage date? dunno... can sm1 tell me??
N – Number of siblings? 2 sisters
O – Oranges or Apples? oranges
P – Phobias/Fears? bein all alone n losin d near n dear 1s...
Q – Quote for today? not jst 4 2day but 4 alwaz ""life is endless,so we never die,we were never really born" Dr. Brian Weiss 4m d book many lives many masters
R – Reason to smile? do u need a reason 2 smile???
S – Season? F.R.I.E.N.D.S. all 10 seasons :P:P
T – Tag 3 People? I tag thee,... wel who do i tag.. 2 3 f d ppl i knw hv alrdy been tagged n not mani i knw blog.. so lets c..
viren-well d sailor aint got no blog link i have.besides d fool wud b smwhr in d sea so wnt fill dis neway
U – Unknown fact about me?.. hmm let d unknw remains such.. or guess der r mani unknw so can tell 1.. hmm ya ok here it goes , can b very manipltv n mk use f hypocrisy at tyms... detest both d traits but u get wot u gv me.. so dcyd wot u want.. u b gud wid me i'll b my best.. now if dats not gud enuf 4 u den ur in wrong company... b bad n i dunno wots coming 4u
V – Vegetable you don't like?BOTTLE GOURD.. :P:P wonderin wot dis is find 4 urself.. i had 2 look out its name
W – Worst habit? being too moody n not forgiving easily
X – X-rays you've had? jst gt 1 done recently... wondering ws dat so i can fill up in dis quiz???left leg .. 4d knee... wot i got xrayed
Y – Your favorite food? d list is very long.. cant name any.. cos if i miss out on ne dish it wnt do justice 2 dos....
Z – Zodiac sign? GEMINI
n finally done hope dis tym it saves fine n gets published widout fail ....

Saturday, July 4, 2009


ok dis is goin 2b really long.. so if u cant go thru d full thing it all gud not ur fault.. but i dnt like 2 write in parts so.. guess will put it all in ds1 only.. no 2b continued n stuff.. so if u tired readin ,u can gv up den n der itself.... njoy if u can...
d past few weeks hv been prtty evntful 4me.. on n move, n now cumin few weeks r goin 2b bed ridden .. wot a contrast.. its hardly been a week thru n am alrdy tired of stayin n bed all d tym.. hmm not smthing i thot i cud say, but v can nvr b 2 sure f nething can v??? ahh question marks, such a trademark of my blogs or as it seems 2me, but nvrdless am here bloggin more stuff so its all gud. now nothin hs been on d mind 4 past sm tym, d previous 1s were on d same lines n dint wanted 2 tk d ideas ne ahd , nw i alwaz ask myself y am i bloggin .... dis tym arnd am not havin ne thots in d mind dat i wanna get out here,, but rather its jst dat gt nothin much 2do wid lyin on bed 24x7.. so here i am tryin 2 wild away my tym n urs.. n ya lemme tk sm pride wen i say dis.. :P a few ppl luk 4wrd 2 readin my blogs ,hahaha .. ya ok so on public demand :P here is anthr 1 to kill ur tym.. now dis is goin 2b unlike wwot i hv cum up wid previously,, n lemme say dis am takin inspiration n idea f writin dis blog 4m a person whose writin skills r as smooth as d dance moves ne exprt can do... :D.. d person hs been a source f inspiration 4 few othrs in d past d idea isnt smthing new, probably u hv read such post b4, only yes d content wud b wot u definately hvnt read newhr else dats 4 sure.. now a cpl f weeks back i went a helluvah roadtrip.. d most random n sudden trip i hv evr cum across.. courtesy A FEW GOOD MEN :P :P actually 2 gud men.. get a cal friday nyt 2 mv out early sunday mornin n am game 4 it,, but arnd 11pm it changes n v gota mv out saturday mornin itself.. now wot am i supposd 2do.. get up pack my bags arnd 5 early mornin n tell my folks.. hi am leavin 4 arnd a week so c ya .. now luckily 4me it got 2 aftrnoon 4d journey 2 had sm tym 2 gathr d stuff 4d trip... n ya literally gathred d stuff.. lets c borrowed sneakers 4m 1 frnd.. floaters 4m anthr n d small bag pack 4m d 3rd,, so dats how d preprations started.. vry unlike me but alot unlikely was 2 hapn on d road, so dis ws nothin .. i nvr thot so.. but evrything hapns 4d 1st tym in life.. n alot hapnd .. a week long or rather 6days 2b precise trip seemed like a gud month long outing. hv alwaz hrd f d idea of brkfast in paris, lunch in london n so on in movies but exprncd d phenomenon myself.. well not exactly london paris... but brkfast at srinagar, lunch in joshimath n dinnr in badrinath.. well not smthin i wud hv thot off.. but den again thot nothin 4 wot ws 2 hapn n dats gud.. cos nothin hapnd dat 1 wud hv imagined,, but den again dat is d beauty f d roadtrip . now kicked off 4m delhi arnd 2 n landed in rishikesh arnd 9 in nyt.. now had 2 spend d nyt der,, n move out early mornin arnd 4 nxt day.n yes v did dat.. were up by 2:30 n on d road at had 2 stay 4d nyt.. n no hotel had ne room availbl al were full, so whr did v put up 4d nyt :D.. well sm myt think meyb camps n tents,, n hell no ur wrong, v slept 4d nyt on d terrace of a gaushala .. 4dos who cant understnd dat.. it d cow house whr :D.. nw dats exprnc trust me.. n strange as it myt sound.. it ws a fun exprnc not bad at all.. so nehw.. out f d gaushala n on d road .. had brkfast at d tea stall in srinagar arn 6 or 7 i guess... n on d road again.. njoyin d view n d dust n heat along wid it.. had 2 cover d nose wid hankerchf.. n ya hahah "push push .. shake shake it" now dos were d lines f a song dat seems 2 keep appearin in between of all songs at ramdon interval.. lol... nvr hrd more of it cos chnged it aftr d intro.. but funny story d intro alwaz played.. :D.. so b4 v realisd dat all d pushin n shakin stopped v were in joshimath.. cooled d car der 4 smtym n had lunch... d gates had der timins 2 move outta der n go ahd 2 badrinath.. so once d doors opened v were again on d run.. now v were headin 2 high places 2 escape d heat ,, but lil v knew not much refuge3 up above eithr.. now evnin landed in d DEVBHOOMI .. badrinath .. d alltitude got me alil breathless but guess wsnt much of a trbl..nehw tuk shower n went 2d temple.. n aftr dat.. were in bed dozin hard.. nxt ws again an early mornin.. gt ready had alil brkfast n left 4 MANA.. now dats d last village n ders no civilizations as such beyond dat point.. parkd d car der n went ahd 4 sm trekkin .. n hel yeah sure gt a lot 2 trek aftr dat :P... saw d "hindustan ki akhri dukan" missd out on d "hindustan ki akhri chai ki dunak" tho due 2 tym issues... but nvrdless wot v saw ws more 2 remmbr n cherish den 2 crib wot v dint get 2c.. d 4-5 km trek made us reach VASUDHARA.. now i'v nevr seen a beauty like dat.. water fall or wot.. u dnt knw but sure pleasure 4 eyes.. n yeah nt 2 miss out saw a glacier in front f me.. rathr sat ryt nxt 2it... enroute 2 d destination is wen i exprncd d real peace n solace... it sure explaind y all d babas find high mountains 2 meditate as ideal places... no sound excpt n nature's voice... no mattr how tired u wud get , once u reach wot u headin 4.. its all gone.. but hi only once u start ur way back whr 2 came 4m. dats wen u realise u gota b getin tired... so aftr d 10 km trek gt 2d car n continued d journey... on d way my fellow mates tuk dips in d holy river GANGES.. now i dint .. guess my sins cant b washed away in ganges :P.. but goin on wid d journey v reachd govindghat by 4 in d evnin.. now had 2 cross ovr d ghat n get 2 d start f 13km uphill trek 2 reach... smplace whose name i still cant remmber.. nehw .. anth of exprncs dat were 2 cum my way :D :P... 4d 1st tym in my life i had 2 use a public loo ... not a exprnc i wud hv wanted 2 hv .. but den again wen nature calls u cant defy it can u?? :P... so nehw govindghat v had 2 cross.. now it ws getin dark n d trek isnt lighted at nites so dey dnt allow u aftr a certain tym 2 go... but der ws a developmnt.. d usual bridge ws now a hangin brigde in true respect as one f its chords ws broken courtesy(wid all due respect 2d community) 500+ khalsas n der curiosity 2c d gushin water 4m a dam.. :P.. so went pass d temporary arngmnt n started d trek.. now gota realise have had alrdy trkd 10 km in d day.. now des 13 were not cumin vry rosy 2me.. now d 13 km strech is a wild way.. small villages in between but no plce 2 put up.. so eithr ur at d start or d end f it.. v sure started but my enrgy reservoirs sure were givin up, d othr2 only had 2 stop 4 me else guess dey cud hv had went all d way.... luckily 4 us aftr 3km v got sm shelter.. n beat dis d rooms were completed only like 3 4 days b4.. d finishing stil ws 2b i considered ourselves damn lucky.. had dat not been der.. v wud hv been left all out in d dark n stranded in sm wild habitat 4 hours.. n 3km in between were d jungles.. wid wild bears n dunno wot else der... so dat room came as a great refuge 2 us.. toh i did feel alil bad 4 makin d othr 2 stop becos f me.. but cumon fallin f d clif wud hv benn worse so decided in stayin in 4d nyt.. nxt yet again a early mornin.. left d place at 5 n started d trek 2 d place whr v had 2 reach ... n 4m der u have valley of flowers 1 way 3km trek n hemkund sahib 8km trek.. d plans kept chngin thruout d journey,, while v were plannin 2 visit both d places.. once up der.. cud only manage valley f flower... n dat 2 saw d flowers on d way 2 valley n stopped 1 km b4 d valley... phew... damn am tired writin dis.. wonder how ppl gona read thru dis.. but hell yeah i went thru d whole trip.. n givin all d details wont b possble.. but still will write wot all i d trek ws takin toll ovr me, so i decided 2 go slow n steady.. njoyin d view along n not stressin myself, dis sure made me lack behind my fellow mates but den again i cud no way match der stamina n strnght.. so i went on wid my speed njoyin d view n wonderin wot all ws i goin 2gt across on dis trip...` now ppl getin dwn were offerin glucose n toffees on d way... strngly no 1 was offrin water tho.. but den again khalsa zindabad :P.. again no offense der.. but an observation, so arnd 10 11 gt 2 d place whose name i dnt knw.. had brunch der n headed d valley f flowers.. now dis ws a beauty u gota c atlst once in ur lifetym... all natural habitat in d best way possble.. d whole exprnc wos amazin.. n guess wot in d very valley v played on our lives.. n am not jst sayin dis.. v actually were dat stupid 2 do dat... so nehw.. saw it all njoyd d view n went back 2 our refuge.. n gt our feet back in d bed.... so all dis n only only 2 3 dats thru in d trip.. phew.... hmm will tk a brk yaha...
n now i start again so early nxt morning v left again.. v hi so in 2 days v trekked arnd 40km dat 2 on hill slopes.. livin dangerously :P :P.. but njoyin evry momnet f it, so completin dis v headed back 2 govindghat d nxt early morning, n hi guess wot d hanging bridge awaited us.. now wid shaky legs v had 2 cross dat shaky bridge,, n ask me valley of flower made my heart sink once.. dis ws d 2nd tym d JAI MATA DI chants started in an undying way.. n hell yea v crossed it 1 piece,.. 4m der d journey down retracked...n ya trust me like dey say.. its not ovr yet.. ritely said by my mates .. picture abhi baki hai mere dost.. seems alot ws still 2 hapn.. n yes it did.. 1st tym in my life i tuk shower under a waterfall.. d natural shower.... d rest 2 washed d car.. :P :P.. i must say i ws blessed enuf 2go wid a company nt mani can get.. evn while trekkin i dint had 2 kary d bagpack.. cos it ws like 4gt abt karyin d bag.. it ws more den enuf if i cud kary myself :D... n still i lagged behind n it tuk me a hour more den d othr 2 2cmplt d 40km... but hi by d end f it all i did it :D.. so alls well .. n cumin back 2d natural shower.. it ws like lemme go in 1 last tym .. d water d so pure n cold.. cud sit in a pool of it 4 hrs, now v washed d car (technically not me bt d othr 2) n ourselves n went ahd on d journey.. nw on our way back 2 rishikesh v hapn v meet a naga baba... who dat is.. well d babas who do all d shrines visit on feet.. n naga as in naked.. now noble company dat i had alng..n i mean it 4 real. no sarcasm involvd... d baba askd if v had a vacnt seat n gv him lift till rishikesh..n :P :P der v go anthr f d xprnces,, now personally am not d kind of person or a KIND person 2 do such favor 2 ne1 specially sm random strnger,, but d noble n good soul dat my frnd is.. he decided v tk him along.. nehw v were goin der,, now again like i said.. i wudnt hv done dat.. wud hv apologised 2d baba(dats no gud tho.. no harm in takin d poor chap along but still dats me) n moved ahd.. but my frnd sure thinks othrwaz... n v gt d baba along wid us 2 rishikesh :D... xprnc?? oh yea .. sure it was.... n now d last nyt of d trip ... dis is whr v stayed d 1st nyt in rishikesh.. dis is whr v gota b on d last 2.. only dis tym not d gaushala.. :P :D... now raftin ws nvr on our minds... ask me wen movin out. i ws goin 2 valley f flowers only.. n wot all dint i c in btwen..... so now raftin.. hmm i ws alrdy getin home sick n tired on d run but... like dey say picture abhi baki hai... so jaha did so much.. yeh bhi sahi.... so nxt day raftin is wot v went 4... n me bein scared of water did it... n hell yeah i sat in d vry front f d raft... :P again not hw it ws supposd 2b but der i ended... funny story behind dat 2.. went in d waters ..wents thru d rapids...evn peeled of alil skin off my thumb while rowin.... had a cpl f assholes who were raftin wid us.. who seemd 2knew it all... n were true jackasses 2d core.. but evn der presence cud not hamper our excitemnt... tho wen it came 2 jumpin in d water 4m d rock... my fear gt d bttr f me n i chicknd out der.. but koi ni nxt tym ke liye bhi kuch rakhna chahiye :P.... so dis tym ganga snan bhi ho gaya.. paap dhule ya ni dat i dnt knw.. but talk abt havin a gud tym?? had a gr8 tym... alil road trip out off no whr ended up as d proper adventure trip wid all sort f exprncs n evnts in it... n like i said... 1 week seemd like a whole month, landed back in delhi d vry same day at nyt... so did wot all n ws all fine.. sure ws tired n whole body needed rest, but wot has 2 hapn hapns... nothin hapnd on d whole trip but.. 2 days later getin dwn on d ladder i twist my knee, lockin d knee cap... probably sm muscle gt damaged(i hope not tho.. no xray n MRI findin nethin in my case) so now on bed thru out d month.... :( had a trainin 2tk care off.. nvr went 2d concerd workplce aftr 4th f june n cant go in near future eithr ... mixed thots der.. but tryin 2 find d positv in it,, am glad no fractre hapnd.. n wid tym hopefully it will heal on itself widout no surgery lets c wots more in store in d cumin days... as 4 d past cpl f weeks.. wot all havnt a went thru... n still dunno wot all am supoosd 2... so kudos if u hv mangd 2 read dis far.. n am glad sm1 did :P.. cos i myself wudnt read suc h a long post... gets borin 2 read so much in 1 go, ohh i 4gt d most hapnin part f d trip.. d bhoole tigers :P like my frnd wud call dem.. i alwaz hrd ppl sayin nvr go on mountains in ur car .. n hill drivin is tof n risky n wot allonly SUV's gud wen u goin on mountains... v guys went in d small car n no worries der... n beat dis n khalsa army goes on bikes n scooters.... guts n wot all needed 2do dis... only my sikh brethren can do dat... hats off 2u guys.... so wid dis i guess i shud stop.. readin all dis myt not appeal 2u much, but trust me ppl u gota go 2d places i mentiond... yes der wud b bttr places.. but dis ws among d best dat i hv been 2 n sure wud like 2 visit dem again smtym ...dnt hv d pic wid me yet else sure wud hv attached few along wid d blog....nehw till d tym i gt back 2d places again dis blog will help me remmber d trip wich i wnt 4gt in d near future...