Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! congratulations n celebrations....

well had nothin 2 blog of late things arnt such dat need 2b blogged down... rather dey shud  disappear smwhre in d long lost world but still dats how life is goin 2b still 2 start 4 most f us

nehw dis post isnt meant 2b abt me or how things r wid me... dis is 1f a kind u'il find on my link here..

happy brithday 2 my neice :D...
18th jan dis year she turned a whole year old :)... seems like jst yestday she ws brand new looking like dis

n now jst 2 days ago she ws cutting her 1st beday cake.. well not really d 1st 1.. she has been cuttin cakes 4 each month of completion so guess dis ws 1 thing she hs alrdy perfectd 2 perfection :P

now i can still remmbr her 4m d days she wud lie curled up, n evry1 arnd wud b waiting 2 get 1 glimpse f her wen she opens d eyes, 4 most f tym early dos days she wud b sleeping curled up like all d kiddos... infants rathr

 am scared of kids, n vice versa, we have dis mutual thing dat dey r scared f me n am not very comfrtble arnd dem eithr, n it ws d same wid my neice 2, i dint gathred d courage 2 pik her up in my arms .. not b4 she ws 6months old... dat to 4 a min or so i held her , trust me dat ws one f dos very tense minutes f my life, now am not gud wid delicate things.. n wot more delicate dan a cute lil kiddo, ws so scared if i wud drop her or held her 2 hard dat she mite cry... so alwaz admired her 4m a certain distance dat made me n her comfrtable, i said mutual 4 she 2 wud run away n hide herself in comfrt f her  mommy or her mommy's mommy  .. i dnt blame d poor kid 4 dat, 4 often evn grown up adults get intimidatd by me leave asyds infants... n am not jst sayin dat.. it is d case,,, i remmber meeting an old tym school frnd aftr 3 4 yrs while she ws takin a stroll in d park... n d way her mom gt scared thinking who is dis guy n y does my daughter knw his :P haha ya dats wot ws written on her face... tho smhw i find dat amussing :P ..i still do

so nvrmind d frnd's mom 4 d lady f d moment is sm1 else,,, sm1 who now is not scared f me anymore,, guess she has matured enuf n accptd d fact dat her uncle (mama) is alwaz goin 2b wierd like dis :P so now she does runs away rather sports a wide spread smile looking at me.. dat 1 smile of a child ,,wot wonders it does v all knw... only wen u knw d kid is smiling 4u it mks ur day evn bttr :D...

ws fun 2 watch her try n sit in her early day(well evn still she in in early days but a yr old nvrdless) but fall 2d side like dat humpty dumpty toy :P.. i knw sm mite say how rude or mean 2 compare her like dis but d fact is it ws so CUTE... ,,, wen she startd goin wayward in her walker jst bumping in2 random stuff n still b laffing cheerfull... no wonder d expression" laf like a child ".. i smhw relate 2d expression more now... cos seeing is blving :P... wonders happn n sure dey keep on hapnin wid a kid arnd... her 1st brday n she ws standing (wid a lil support negligble tho)by herself.... waiting 4d day her crawls wud b convertd 2 lil walks... d small lil words she has learnd 2 mummble... MAMA ..PAPAIYA... BUA NANA...  words v hear all our life but d same coming out f her mouth makes dem priceless,, my folks sit 4 hrs ovr d fone wen she is not arnd jst 2 listen 2 des small words 4m her n dat brightens d atmosphere arnd.. tho i find dat pretty lame :-/.. still dat lil voice on d speaker makes me smile 2 :D.. n ya i jst love n cant find nething more adorable wen she sneezes :P :P...its awesum... tho wish d cold (n odr such stuff)stay away 4m her

1 lilttle kiddo n she can capture any no f ppl in d house ,she sits in d middle n has all arnd her jst wantin 2 say der name or mk a gesture 2wrds dem or jst smile at dem.. am lucky 2 get alot f smiles 4m her... :) n often she mks u laf hard loud... does her routine of poo poo n pee pee n wen her mom will scold her 4 spoliling d clothes she wil laf n hv dat glint in d eye if sayin hehe u clean my poo poo i'll jst lie here n laf :P... smtyms feels she is goin 2 grow up in2 very mischievious kiddo n y not she is alrdy pamperd 2 ervy possble extent .... loves d outdoors, jst any1 who can tk her out 4a walk,,she literally jumps in2 der arms.. n refuses 2 get dwn,, also will start crying if u stop roaming n sit dwn or stand still...

dey say kids knw all d secrets f life n death n till d tym d kiddo starts 2 speak he/she remmbers al f his/her pastlife.. evry act dey do, evry way dey behave dey r very much aware of wot dey r up2.. only cant express in words,, n slowly dis memory starts evading dem n b4 dey start 2 speak dey have der brains as brand new hard disk wid no bakcup.. dunno how much fact or fiction is associated wid dis funda.. but 1 thing 4sure kids sure knw n can sense d atmosphere arnd dem... 4 if dey knw dey r bein scolded in real dey mk d puppy face or der innocent face.. well kids alwaz look innocent .. only wot do i say wen talkin f 1.. nehw whtr der memory holds d secret or not.. 1  secret dey sure hold ,, d secret f makin ppl arnd happy on any occassion n in any circumstances.. 4 1smile n d day is goin 2b fine.. any tym f d day things go dwn jst gota b reminded f dat smling toothless jaw  :P... n ya she has 6 teeth now btw..4 in d upper jaw n 2 in d middle of d bottom 1... no more d POOPLI smile...... still it does wonders :)
well c told u i did manage 2 hold her now.. only in dis particular pic she refused 2 smile :(... seems still gets scared wen comes 2 close in proximity wid my beard mayb... cos she smiles really big jst looking at me.. or mayb laffs thinkin "kya mama insaan ban jao :P apke baal toh mujhse bhi lambe hai hehe"
dunno wot goes on her mind

another picture f her ... wid d tongue teasing all arnd sayin am d kiddo  :P :P... LUV U KIDDO
she is goin 2 celebr8 her day dis saturday nite big tym only i guess i'll miss dat :(... but looking at d postv side its jst 1f d starting brdays 4her ... but she is goin 2b special on all her brday 4vr... GOD BLESS n damn am growing old....

AND also... dis is not jst 1 reason 2 post 2day.. remmberd a song 4m school tym it went
if ur happy n u knw it clap ur hands
if ur happy n u knw it clap ur hands
if ur hand n u knw it n u really wan2 show it
if ur happy n u knw it clap ur hands...
2 of my dearest friends got placed 2day :D... CONGRATULATIONS 2 both f dem ... u mk me proud:P feels happy wen ppl who deserve things n r well worthy f dem get dem...n am really glad 2day 4 not only des2 desrvd being placed dey r cpl f close few 4m d colg 4me... both f dem placed 2ghtr at d same firm n wot bttr finally a workplace near der home :P all des yrs dey had 2 travel places 2 reach colg n made words like puntuality n regularity  mk sense 4me.. tho i still cudnt mk use f dem evn aftr getin d meaing well :P :P....

well congrats ladies n keep smiling :D so,
TURN AROUND 3 times...
well d 1s who knw d song will knw wot am sayin rest can clap stomp or turn arnd or jst leave a commnt readin dis :P :P...

so congratualtions 2my sweet little kiddo 4 turning an yr old,,, n congrats 2d 2 ladies 4 turning a new stone in der lives n makin a new start 4 dem selves... celebration 4 dem n ME 4 having such wonderfull ppl arnd