Saturday, August 8, 2009

Schizophrenic Conversations

for d past sm tym i'v been getin d privilge of readin certain blogs wich mk me laff out real hard.... all des blogs have been on SEX.. :P by wich i mean gender as in d male n female .. or rather shud i b typin female n male, jst 2 mk sure dat i dnt gv a pictre f egoistic male psyche by writin it 1st,, but seriously i dnt care who gets wot pictr by readin dis,, anther f d egoistic traits?? hahahaha now am not f a blogger ,,its jst dat i wirte wen i wan2 or feel like not a regular here... but i do like readin stuff n getin 2 pass my expertise on dem, mani ppl tend not 2 2like dat .. but den again who cares.. hmm mayb shud hv titled d post who cares,, but dint seems catchy 2me..
SCHIZOPHRENIC CONVERSATIONS did.. :P now i had no clue wot dis means but i like 2 use songs title as my post name so dis 1 seemd nice .. u findout d meain f it urself(if ur accepting d fact ur not smart enuf me...n i mean 2 say here.. dat am not vry smart eithr.. ) on its a energy savin engine of google so use dat ppl n contribute in savin d planet.. well getin back 2d post.. now d title may or may not mk sense 2 wot u read
here.. but nvrdless u dnt need 2 relate 2 nethin u read here.. read it ..hv fun .. n go back 2ur same ol (boring if i may say so :P)life.. i guess since childhood hv alwaz come across dis stupid lil phenomenon whr d 2 sexes hv been tryin 2 outdo d othr n prove nothin.. tho wid yrs passin by d male specimen hv dcided not 2b wastin tym in it ..cos der r mani bttr othr things 2do :P...while d fairer sex as dey wud(but if i use stronger sex 4 men i wud b inviting trbl so i rathr not :D) like 2b calld i smhw find stil stk up wid d same ol stupid who is bttr den d othr issues..

CHAUVINIST PIGS.... :P now i hear dat word alot.. not dat am cald 1 all d tym.. ohh no no.. jst d women arnd like makin use f it alot .. i doubt haf f dem dnt evn knw d meanin f it .. jst dat dey like d heavy word n it mks dem feel gud sayin it... so d evry 3rd conversation dey gota bitch abt d men arnd dats wot u gona hear.. i find it funny ..hahahahahaha wot is it dat mks d women feel gud abt male bashing n y do evry 3rd females wants to c a guy bein beaten up by his gurl?? othrs terms like bastards .. dogs.. well u women wil hv mani more only i hv been blessed enuf not 2 hear beyond dis :P.. .. lemme tel u ladies 1 thing men r not chauvinist pigs or dogs or ne othr
stuff u like 2 relate dem wid.... trust me v can b far worse den dat :P ... but like i said if v wan2. but den again humans beings hv dis tendency.. wid mem women alike ..dat dey can b n do wotdey wan2 ..wid d kind f situation dey r in .. n wot d tyms expects f dem.. i find it really funny wen women equate guys 2 dog.. now if ur sayin men=dogs.. n ur d fairer sex 4 us den normal maths says women=bitches.. prove me wrong :D.. wot mk u call urself a bitch.. i pity u ladies ..hahahahahahahaha n am not sayin it ur sayin it urself .. n besides u say men r
not 2b trusted.. anthr funny thing.. dogs r supposd 2b d most trusted n like dey say dey r man's best frnd.. ahh evn d sayin goes man's best frnd.. well i dint made dat so catch d person who made it.. but if not goin in2 d technicality dogs r 2b best frnd 2 human beings.. bttr?? now i tend 2 find a positv wen women cal men dogs. its only dat ur sayin dat dey r d best frnd n most trust worthy is it?? c human beings can percv n get wot dey wan2 out f nething n evrything.. or is it jst d men in dis case?? lol besides dntvd guys lauuvvv d bitches :P :P mayb women wnt find d humour here but sure all my bretheren will...

tym n again d posts dat i read went sayin dat d women ends up being hurt n bein d jerk men r dnt really care n jst tend 2 njoy lives in evry aspct widout no emotions n stuff... d laauuuuvvv mks d females a sentimental fool n guys tk advntge f it.. now temme so mani years f evolution n u women still think ur d fools in all srt f emotinos?? wot is it ladies.. y do u wan2 underestimate urselves so much??cos wen itr cums 2 laauuuuv u can b waaayyyyy beyond den bein jst fools.. n u knw it.. den y blame d guy wen u urself dnt mk strong stands.. movies n books portray stuff
wich is 2 get u all sappy n stupid.. i smhow belive dat women r smarter den d stupid romanticas dat u read.. but den u talk f male bashin n how dat mks u feel gud n i cant help laffin.. now cumon lets keep d male female aside n think generally 4 once.. u say male bashin is fun n u like dat.. ok.. now netym wid 2 opponents d general masses alwaz welcums d victory f d underdogs n not d stronger 1s.. its dat wen d stronger 1 is bashed ppl arnd like it more.. now wen u say u like male bashin ..wot r u sayin?? u saying dat women r d weaker sex?? all des years so mani personalities men n women alike hv been tryin 2 brk dis myth n gurls 2day still r holdin on2 it?? u find a sense f pride wen a guy is hit out hard?? well evry1s tks more pride wen u defeat d stronger opppnent as compared 2 wen hv a weaker 1.. seriously think abt it..wots dats mks u feel gud wid male bashing??? i can only find d fact funny.. now if ur sayin dat bash up d fools who r born jerks n dunno how b behave in d civilized world wid human beings.. den go ahd beat dem up hard.. n trust me ur opposite sex wud b thr 2 help u out in dat bashin.. u c male bashin or
not.. wen needed d male specimen arnd u e alwaz goin 2b der.. now d thing wich i find wierd is dat certain guys 2r advocating d fact dat men jerks n dey dunno how 2 respect women.. i feel sorry 4d dudes n seriously such specimens need 2 GET A LIFE.. u tralk abt perversions n like it or not.. evry livivng bein has dem..wid only levels varyin .. u gota knw whr u gota draw d line d live respectfully in d world.. u trip ovr d line ur nothin but a !#$#!%$!$%& ,... n it holds gud 4 both d sexes.. d women mite arguee dat mostly men r d freaks n women d victims.. well not
denyin dat.. but den again u ladies r mature enuf 2 knw wots rite wots not.. who 2b wid who not.. d crime against women r so much on d high n due 2d fear f being attacked u bttr not move out at nite.. but at d same tym u feel safe n relaxd wid ur male counter parts arnd.. u c its d same male specimen dat u bash up n d same u wan2 b it.. (unless ur not sm1 who follows d natures laws :P) like it or not dats how it is supposd 2b.. now getin back 2d dudes who think dey wud get 2 befrnd women wid der men bashin speeches n by potrayin how much disgusted dey r 2b
1.. it gvs only 1 messge out jackass.. eithr ur not strait, or ur as perverted as d speeches or thots u share,its ur own frustations n by potrayin such a picture ur probably getin d most dirt 4 ur d artist f it.. besides i blv ladies 2day r smart enuf 2 dat ur jst a jerks whose actin like evn a bigger 1.

anthr thing wich mks me go haha is dat women claim 2b d weaker 1 in laauuuuvvv .. while d funny story is in most f d cases u mk d guy dance arnd on ur finger tips.. i knw cpl f frnds who r no more den jst puppets in der gurls hands n i laff ahrd at it.. i mean cumon d guy wud b waitin 4 hours 4d women.. now dis 1 is funny... dude u dnt hold ur gurls bag.. its s ladies bag n u look funny holdin it.. but ask d ladies dey say it cute cos dey r merely fooling u.. :D lol... all d stupid ass things a guy gota do 4d lady love only cos she finds dem sweet.. n if nething oges wrong n guy is 2b blamed 4.. evr realisd by a guy wud cheat.. well u mk hium do such stupid stuff ..wot is d poor chap expctd 2do.. cos u want let go f him easily .so he aint got no clue how 2 brk up.. cos deep donw u knw.. dis 1 u were able 2 mk move as per ur requiremnt wot if d nxt 1 wnt b d same.. c u start thinkin abt it.. u gt skeleton in ur own closet.. n bash up d poor chap... :P ahh.. n d idea dat men r not emotinal n play wid gurls sentiments.. lemme tell u 1 thing.. d male spicies is far more emotional wen compared 2d opposite sex, coswhile u gurl hv found a way f cryin n tekin all ur negatv emotions out, d process does not comes vry natural 2us guys.. not preachin d men dont cry things.. but wid women its a tear here n der like 4 alwaz.. dats not our case,, n u blame d guy aftr brk i find dis funny. but u c aftr a brk d gurl cries n has 10 shoulders 2 lean on.. n in no tym u find dat true laauuvv of urs yet again.. while d guy is like ok.. now where 2go :P :P,,, n if he cries den hahaha is wot he gets 4m us frnds.. cos cryin like a lil gurl... aww soo sweet lol...hahahahahahahaha funny thing..lemme share an equation wid u .. probably all f u hv read dis n it makes sense.. n gurls wid not a gud sense of humur plzz u can go past dis.. only d1s who can read it..(nehw u all gona read it :P).. its funny n kinda stupid, but still d person who came up wid dis ws sure a smart head.. n smhw dunno y i feel it ws a female specimen who must hv had derived dis

MONEY * TIME = GIRL (dats true ask d guys n u probably knw it urself)
(MONEY)2 = GIRL (as in money square)
(/EVIL)2 = GIRL (as in money is root of all evil)
EVIL = GIRL (cos d underroot n square cancel each othr :P)
n hence pure evil u women :D.. but dnt v laauuuvvvv d evil :P

cumin back 2 post brk up ...den der r guys who go 4 on excessive alcohol n drugs.. well dey r fools n if dey act like 1 den not evn d almghty god can help dem...

so all am sayin is ...gud or bad its totaly ur cal.. u dcyd wot u wan2 do u wanna keep getin ur pleasures f bashing men or try n b on not so bashfull side.. u knw not a suitabl example here.. but i blv human beings can fit in wot evr dey mk up der mind 4.. so its on u ladies now... v all knw 1 rotten apple spoils d rest all 2.. now u dcyd u wanna bash dat 1 rotten apple or pik d 1 wich is not so rotten?? u wana concentrate all ur energies on d rotten 1s wich u knw can nvr 2 gud again.. n in d tym u mk merry basjin it.. der r chances f d smarter women takin away d gud 1s..while u wll b stk wid ur bashin... dnt let d bashful guys tk away all ur tym n d not so bashful 1s u miss out.. as u all r mature enuf lets not enter dis stupid debate of wich sex is superior.. cos eithr wayz SEX is superior hahahaha .. (d women i feel will go ahhh here while d men will hv gud laf like me).. now men n women r suposd 2b toghtr hs alwaz been like dat n will b like dat 4alwaz.. n if it mk any bttr 4 u females..den yes i accpt here on my part n mani othrs who think like me.. dat women r indeed d stronger sex (only not physically) n kudos 2d women power.. no if or BUTT attached :P...but still u wan2 write on how u like d male bashin do dat.. cos its 2 much fun readin it.. n seriously u ladies gota improve ur sense f humuor... yes not d humuor whr it gets ugly n disgusting but al neat fun u mst knw how 2 njoy... now i dunno wot all i hv written up here.. cant afford 2 read it n chk.. guess wud b long post ..yet again,, but den so much i gota say lol.... n i hv tried 2 mk it more readbl 4 d ppl by makin paras...spare me on d short hand .. cant help usin dem..

n probably aftr readin dis post.. a few ppl who knw me personally wud b like OKAY.. but i assume dat dey knw me far more bttr den dis n r mature enuf wid gud sense f humuor not 2tk things othrwise.. but nvrdless. here i hv anthr post :P feels gud.. cos postin is 1 big task 4me.. moreovr not much 2 write des days. so njoy dis post .. thot wud gv a disclaimer in start f it.. but den dat wud kill d fun of it so .. njoy :P :P


swati said...

I am one of those belonging to the "fairer sex" who is nt offended by the post at all.. u r rght in saying certain thngs, we do bitch abt guys :P
bt thn we r the "fairer sex".. acc to a recent survey, we spend 1.5 yrs of our life in washrooms, 10 years getting dressed up, and 4 yrs jst talking to other females, and trst me atleast 1 yr is totally dedicated to u,the male species.. phewww..nw u'll say "women" thn acc to d same survey, u guys spend 48 mins evryday ogling at othr women..everyday!!!! jst look at the time u spend on wud hv been grrt (aftr all its us getting attention, and trst me v love it :P, bt thn u r nt staring at ur own woman even once in the 48 mins!!..nw do v guys complain till u cross the line of harmless staring (this line is diff 4 each of us :P).. anyways cuming to d point, v all were born wth certain quirks dat annoy us abt each othr, still v bth need the "othr sex".. (i bet each guy's eye lightened up whnever this wrd appeared in the post).. supporting ur point, this trivial war abt who's superior shud b put to an end..we compliment each othr in the best possible way.. we need u by our sides whn v go to night parties..accepted.. u need us, so that the drunken u can be safely driven back home.. :).. so all's well til v learn that none is complete wthout the othr..

P.S.:there was quite sum female bashing in the post.. lol.. bt in all a gud post..

Parul said...

Well, a great post! (content +length) ;) It was my first, as in the first about female bashing.
I admit, i love the male bashing ones, but this one was sure a good one.
Completely agree with the survey part, have a look at DT today and you will know for yourself why we called the fairer sex! We cant help it, its the attention we get from the men and honestly one doesnt need to try hard(barring a few seeking attention desperately).

Read this:

What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails

that’s what little boys are made of!"

What are little girls made of?
"Sugar and spice and all things nice….

There you go. It’s the sugar and spice that changes everything.So you know whats the spice factor here dude! Baki i guess no need for this war of words both need each other, or else u know something is bloody wrong :P

monica said...

Okk!! I am really speechless after reading this 'ONE OF IT'S KIND' post.Believe me, of all the blogs i have read to this date, this one is unusually superb.Unusual because i have never heard or read the vindication from the male perspective.You have put down the words in a humorous yet mature fashion.

I'll have to confess this, you have been successful in a giving a new perspective to my thinking.May be in the past i had met wrong people or may be it has to do with an all girl's schooling.

The stronger, weaker logic settles the thing once and for all.There's nothing much left to say.Your wisdom truly surpasses all the arguments.There's a solid reason behind you fondly known as 'baba'.You are on an entirely different plane of reasoning out.

The word 'bitch' is apt for us females, no doubt about that.But calling a guy dog! Naaa! Will come up with something else next time for pervert kinds.And you are right about the fact that it's the male companion who safeguards us.I kind of regret that!I crave for that freedom from fear. A place like Delhi is unsafe for a girl's night out.But i still can't stop being excited about the sight of a guy getting a beating from his girlfriend.I don't know whhhhyy!
All in all, AWESOME effort.Laaaauuuvvved the punches. I'm glad I gave you a dare to come up with something like this.Be ready for compliments and a long list of followers :)

monica said...

Your apple theory is a good point indeed.Will try and keep that in mind(hopefully!).

sobhit said...

@swati, luk wotevr d survey u r only strenghtnin wot i said abt women.. no wots new it in.. n haha evrytym SEX comes up .. its jst ur illusions dat d eyes f guys wil brighten up..cumon now.. grow up... n hahaha aftr drikin who said d men allow gurls 2 drive??? n dat it gets safe?? lol... now go thru more magazines n u will find d survey whr women drivers accnt 2 major accident rate.. baki gud 2knw female specimen not offended by nethin.. must say u sure mature n hv a sense f humour

sobhit said...

@parul.. dekh.. no point sayin nothin 2u .cos ur comment is xzctly wot am sayin.. grow up women...n stop dis wot lil boy n grls made off.. u sure did not get wot i wanted across u so .. hmm well if u had a gud laf readin it evn den its fine.. n like i said all xcepted in all sincerity dat fairer sex bttr in all aspects but u cant ovrlook d obvious rest .. rehne de.. u give me a poem 2 read... kya parul

sobhit said...

@ both u2.. replace ur names ur d nicknames i call u wid.. cos dat ways feel atti hai bolne mein.. thot not 2 write dem here 4 u2 myt den get offended... n also read monica ka comment .. seems she is d 1 2whom my point went across throughly,...

sobhit said...

@monica.. wel thnk u ..complimnts 4m u..hmm wel den i sure can say d post wud genuinly hv been gud..n am glad atlst u gt wot i ws tryin 2 say.. d othr 2 still stk wid d issues it seems n well its all gud if u still like d site f a gurl bashin her guy.. like i said evn i laff readin abt it.. guess v all will like such a site in real.. :P guys gals alike.. n i hope aftr d dare u gt wot i ws tryin 2 say alwaz ..n thnx 4u praises :)

Pooja Mahimkar said...

well, ill just say thats wat "WE" (womens) are :D
special in their own way :D

but in all a really nice post!
was fun reading

keep blogging!

Anonymous said... leave me speechless with your talent and way of words :)
You seem to have excelled the short hand style of writing...What an interesting take on the subject..I hope you had fun writing it coz I sure had fun reading it :P

sobhit said...

@KASAB iangirl.. :P did i had fun writin it?? u kiddin me .. i ws hahaha all d tym typin.. n gud 2 knw dat evry female specimen hu read d post till now seems 2 hv njoyd it kudos 2u women.. sure ur sense f humour improvin alot :D.. n sweet... feels gud leavin pros like u speechless.. 4 it seems ur d booker award n wot all othr awrd winner in d bloggin world as 4me i dnt mind wot ppl think f d post , as long as dey have a gud laf n njoy readin it said...

Good one .. I like ur perspective ... n sobhit ... I know u find it lazy to post ... bt dunt use netty lingo tht much ... it takes all the fun n stress mind a bit...

sobhit said...

stresses mind a bit??? :P hi i like dat... tho not takin away d fun part n ya am tryin 2do d advc b4 2.. n trust me made is more readble by divin in2 paras... d previous post wont b possble 4u 2 read if u find dis 1 stressfull :P:P.. n gud 2knw women can get2 like d perspctv.. :P gota get dis across 2 as mani women as possble :P :P hahahahaha said...

otherwise ... I like the way u potray women here ... like we have different kinda men n women in nature n maturity ofcrse sme really make fool of thmselves for no reason ... I agree... smart take ... bt as we all kno its kinda nice world and its fun to be together alwaz :)

Suga :) said...

uff ... take stress mind part seriously here ... no kiddin ... oki :P said...

Happy Indi Day :)

Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan hehe :)


~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...

I typed a very long comment and then my computer froze and now I am too lazy to type again so here's the shorter version. Very interesting read. Full of humour and maturity. Keep penning but please try to use proper spellings and avoid slang. I hope you don't me telling you that. Cheers :)

Puneet said...

I so do not agree with you sobhit..!! Women are the most beautiful creation God ever made. Your post is sexist & discriminating & highly biased. I love women for whatever they are!!
(My email id is public.. awaiting fan mail :)

dude.. can't speak out much here, will let u know my (honest) comments when we chat hehe ;)

sobhit said...

@ladies .. here is my frnd a perfect example of lie i said d guys sayin how bad men r in potrayin women.. funny thing whr d females dint find d post sexist.. here my buddy does... rest u women r smart enuf

@puneet.. yes brother women r indeed d most BEAUTIFUL creation of god... evr made.. n saale tu ni sudhrega.. koi ni :P :P thoda tym hi hai tere pass ...den toh bhabhi ne aa hi jana hai... n sure gona catch u 4 honest commnts dude...

swats.... said...

you have your saying...i have mine..everyone has ones own! apna apna version...

suruchi said...

Hmm...well sketched with many valid points...makes me wonder where all I am guilty of for the same:-)

Ur take on the dogs n bitches bit for men n women is uncannily similar to what I had said about this issue recently...
I like...reallyyyyyy like the thoughts:-)