Saturday, September 12, 2009

superior scribbler

not bad ... geting awards on d blogsphere if not smwhr else :P :P .. not used 2 getin awards tho.. but all gud .. now MONICA( has been generous enuf on awarding me wid dis 1 n few b4.. but dis is diff 4m d 1s b4 4 it seems only lucky few hv been getin dis 1 :P :P (chalo sm apne muh miya mitho hapnin here... no worries :P)  but seriously i feel wid such awrds...  der r many who desrve it far more n bttr dan me.. ppl r dedicatd n so  attachd 2 der blogs.. d way dey tke effrt in makin a gud post n working on der pages... i dnt feel i can match der intensity.... now reasons 4 y i wud b bloggin here is wen i feel like takin d fuckd up part f my brain out n den wen i wud c wot i hv jotted dwn i wud realise wot d heck.... its all not dat bad aftr all..its only dat am feelin its all gud .. besyds geting 2 cmmnt on posts  :P :P well dats i thing i like 2do .. .. so blog awrds r welcome only der r ppl more deserving .. but if ne1 feels i cud get 1 ... hi i dnt mind :P :P so thnk u monica.. i like d secnd haf f d awrd more tho.. scribbler ..ohh yes dat sounds like me.... superior,... hmm if u say so.. tho am jst like an averge joe.. nothin superior... :P :P.. but still wud b glad 2 display it on my page...

now 4d awrd n its rules

* Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.

* Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.

* Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to This Post, which explains The Award.

* Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List.

* Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.
(now am alil confused  4 it says most deserving bloggy frnds?? cos dat ways den few alrdy havin dis awrd r getin it again... fair enuf?? or shud it b like 5 new 1s in d list??? am confsd guess will gv 2d most desrving who i find r desrving on d blogsphere.. n ya wots wid d mr. linky list??? wots dat n how 2 add name der?? help me out ppl.. )
1. monica at no surprise der... (tho it shud b superior writer n not scribbler 4 her)now she ws my inspiration behind starting up dis bloggin n all.. n also d 1 thru whome i came across dis blogging world ..d 1st blog i evr read if at all any1 likes my posts n wot i write ,..den i owe it 2 her... so gota gv her sm credit f getin me across d blogsphere  ... its fun out here.. or rathr in d blog world :P :P thnx ... gues alrdy u ppl hv read her posts.. if not u shud do dat, simple living high thinking... dats her as 4 her blogs... read n u wud knw bttr
2. puneet at .. he's a childhood frnd... very naive 2d blogging world...(saale ko bool bool ke suru hi karva di blogging) n its not dat he's a frnd n dats y am givin him dis awrd... i genuinly like wot he writes.. he's alwaz at his witty best.. jst like he is as a person... am sure very soon he is goin 2b a big star in d blogsphere.. CHEERS brother
3.roshmi at (again not a scribbler)now her post r alwaz interesting 2 read 4 d facts dat she gathers n puts up.. probably she has a lot f vedic knwlgde n smtyms searchs on net alot.. now u can find such stuff on net 2.. but she compiles it well .. tho hers r post evn more lenghty dan mine... u gota sit dwn 2read dem.. but once thru u sure wud b gaining alot f knwlgde 4m it.. so yes its fun 2 read her posts.. its like a google in its own :P :P..
4.sugandha at once in a while visit her posts n i hv fun reading dem.. got 2 read alot f funny stuff on her pages(besyds f othr not so funny..4 intellctual ppl who like posts wich mk sense... not much f a fan of thot provoking posts tho... not against dem eithr..only prefer d lite hearted 1 more)... including THE BRO CODE.... a whole post devoted 2it.. wot can i say.. i got speechless... 4 ws laffing out loud :P :P..n few f her baba bashing post ..u bet dey r thot wud drop her d scrbbler awrd...
5.parul at
ok now she doesnt writes much.. but dats probably bcos she made 3 diff pages n writes only on 1 n has 4goten othrs links of hers :P :P..but d scrbbler awrd sure 4 her....not becos she is a gud frnd..well mayb cos f dat 2 :P :P..but knowing her in person 1 can find her presence in d posts she writes.. alwaz smiling n all chirpy ..hmm guess superior smile awrd wud do more justce 4 her.. but nvrdless she gets dis 4m me 2...
DISCLAIMER: now me awarding dis 2 des 5 doesnt means dat d othr r not scribbling well in d 1s i like 2 read... only mayb d 1st 5 names wich got 2 my head got d HONOUR :P :P... so evry1 reading dis n provided u blog .. or rathr scribbler u r a winner of dis prestigious awrds... n i'll b glad 2 awrd it 2 u,,,:P :D hahahahaha
but d fact remains... best 5 in my list u got ur name in my post.. so CHEERS!!!


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...



Parul said...

Congrats on getting the award buddy!!

Thanks yet again, for giving the award. Chalo at least i made my presence felt in the blogosphere ;)
I dont mind getting the smile award either :P

btw i'v not forgotten my other pages

Parul said...

hey checkk out my page!
left an award for you

monica said...

So many kind words for me :P
Mr. Kinky list is troubling you.Go back to my post and follow the This post link in there. There's a long list in there, so add your name out there and add that link in your post too.

More of such awards are waiting for you!
Probably by next week you can adorn those on your page.

Roshmi Sinha said...

Hey! Thanks for the award. Thats so sweet of you!

And congrats to you as well... and celebrations!!! :D

P.S. Our personal blog is the only place where we can compile and put down our thoughts without a worry... right... ??? That is something one cannot do in their educational institutions or at work!

Happybirdie said...

hey!collect your award from my blog