Saturday, September 19, 2009

AWARDS SEASON in d blogsphere....

2 more awards... ok... am starting 2 wonder how gud my blogs r... or r dey?? cos off late its not much of blog but tags n awrds.. so d real bloggin is not here ,only posting... smthing cooking up in d mind so probably wud mk it in a post soon...

well coming 2 dis.. pleasent surprise.. only recently came across dis fellow blogger n she has been generous enuf 2 gv me 2 awrds so am flatterd... like i said b4.. many more desrving bloggers.. (hmmm will mk a post soon on all dis...) ya ok... but appreciation in any form in welcome.. infact appreciatd i dnt mind getin awrds but its intersting wen u gt 2knw wot post or posts made sm1 gave u dat awrd.... cos den it wud feel more deserving .. but a n awrd is an awrd after all... so will accpt it wholeheartedly n a big :D... it feels nice ..tho my brain n funny way f thinking alwaz makes me c an opinion not many wud agree on or like... so dat opinion n dos thots wud b up in some post soon.... 4d tym am gona proudly display d awrds on my page n thank hapibirdie 4 bein so kind.... n will tk d opportunity 2 gv it away 2 sm i find desrving of dis awrd far more dan me .. tho dey alrdy mite hv it ..still gota pass 2d blogs dat mk me feel dey gota hv dis on der display...
n thnx 2d birdie again..b hapi alwaz

And The Rules

Link the person who tagged you.
Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post.
Post this in one or all of your blogs.
Answer the four questions following these Rules.
Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them.
Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNer(PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.

Questions & Your Answers:

(i) The person who tagged you: happy birdie
(ii) His/her site's title and url:
(iii) Date when you were tagged: 17 September 2009

1) monica @ most deserving candidate in my list
2) sugandha @ funny blogs she rites at tyms.. n fun blogs r best read 4me
3) parul @ not many blogs by her.. but fun she is... n ya her brday here is alil gift :P :P hapi brday.. n get more motivated by dis n start up sm serious fun bloggin
4) roshmi @ mythology n history ... dis is ur link
5) kasab iangurl @ now dats a hardcore blogger... alrdy many awrds 4 her... probably dis 1 mite b repeated .. but all gud
6)hapibirdie @ giving it back 2 whome i gt it 4m... read a few post f her n dey were fun.. so nw dat i can gv away d awrds... she gets it 4m me 2
7) rane @ .. now amm not much in2 reading poetry .. but certain posts f her made me go hahaha.. well i hv dis nack of goin hahahaha on almost evrythin .. n nething wid few obvious excption.. so guess wud gv her d awrd 2..
8) grl nxt door @ now few f her posts dat i read , gv a picture of how it is 2b getin in d corporate world n workin out der... n ne awrd wich can mk me :D.. gets sm appreciations 4m me..
n now d awards dat d birdie gave 2me


:P :P .... dis is kool.. 2 in 1 awrds.. kinda excited how gud a blogger i am :P :P 4 ppl deceiding 2 gv such awrds.. indeed it seems lyk an awrd season in d blogsphere 2me...


Puneet said...

nice man.. your list of awards could soon give the small house sachin tendulkar bought to store all his awards a run for its money..!! :)

p.s the house doesn't exist.... yet.
please don't start googling it :) said...

haha ... nice ... u have a lovely blog n me too love ur blog ... so no doubt u deserve both the awards ....keep rockin ... :)
take care !!!

Parul said...

hey thank you so much shobhit!! :)
that sure is some great piece of motivation ;)
love the awards! You made my day.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Thanks S :)

Your awards ceremony was as unique and fun as you

I have a hard time reading your posts because of your unique writing style but I manage somehow. I wonder how you manage to write answers during exams :)

Lemme guess you expect the teachers to decode the answer and find the meaning :P :D

Congrats on winning the awards. You do have a lovely blog :)

monica said...

Thanks :)