Thursday, September 10, 2009

the 8 + 1 tag...

another tag i gota 2... 2nd 1 4m d same i dnt find it easy 2do des tags but like mst f d ppl i 2 njoy reading tags.. so guess i'll do it nehw ..besyds seems ppl find it easier 2 read d tags dan my posts... but dats not really a reason y i am doin dis....probably its cos wen a gud frnds tags u,it ought 2b done sooner or later... moreover felt lyk completing it 2day so here it goes..n yes its a frnds brday n 09/09/09.... so mayb shud add 1 more point at end of each1 heren makes it 9 tags....hmm ya shud do dat n will tk d liberty f doin it

9 favorite dishes I love to eat

1. Chicken salad-works 4me all d tym provided its made as per d taste.. seldom ne1 mkes a salad bad.

2. Rajma chawal-1 dish can savour all d tym.. 1f d most sought aftr lunch dishes.

3. Chocolate truffle- funny am writing it as number 3.. but its jst dat randomly wots gets 2 my head... now d numbers r not d dark rich alil bitter chocolate is game 4 me

4. Tandoori chicken-n let me include all d tikkas n kababs in it.. so its lyk d chicken coming outta tandoor....

5. A certain FISH dish d name seems 2 escape me rite now...but it sm white fish wid gud marination..n not all fish dishes dat i like...jst dis 1

6. KIWI- dats 1 fruit i love 2 eat... diff 4m d usual 1s

7. d typical butter chicken daal makhani n missi roti combination..wid obviously diff types f chicken preparations.

8. daal ka halwa-1f d very few indian sweets i like.. 4 rest r a lil 2 sweet

9. Sprouts- healthy n lite.. tho i dnt hv dem regularly n its rathr junk dat i eat... but still i like 2 eat dem tym n again... mks me feel gud abt a healthy leats 4 once

(now der r many dishes n i cant fit in wid jst 9 options.. at d same tym writing des 9 were no easy eithr...)

9 things bothering me right now

1. the knee injury n 4 how long its gona keep me on back foot.

2. not being able 2 set my priorities n makin a complete fool f self 4 nothing..its like gota get d frustations out but its no gud n only mks tyms worse 4me (n few who i care abt arnd me)...well still cant help dat..dats hw its goin 2b.

3. not bein able 2get started wid working out.. jst wen i got goin.. gt bed ridden n dat2 4 long....

4. d hipocrisy n pretentious air arnd.. gets me suffocating n feel like ending it all .

5. not bein able 2 drive on my own .. n a fact of not bein able 2 ride my bike 4 a yr ... dat hurts.

6. not bein able 2 get all serious n using d who cares attitude 2much in my life.. probably shud b alil more serious.. but damn who cares.

7. being unable 2 mk my mind free f all arnd me 4 sm tym n getting sm peaceful relaxing thots... its all 2 jammed up rite now....

8. disgusting ppl who think dey r oversmart n can get der things done n probably mk use f ur resources 4 der own benefit.... knwin dis n still not being able 2 get rid 4 such ppl... 4 if its not much f a trbl 4 me will still do dem a favor evn knowin wot jerks dey gona turn out 2b later....

9. d exmz coming up n no preparation..besyds d final semester jst not seem 2b gettin ovr.. gota get ovr wid dis MCA n wid studies now... damn.. hv been studyin now 4 more dan 20 yrs now.. n still no gud... wot crap

(wonder y i let such stuff bother me but tym n again d stupid lil thigs come back 2 haunt me n feel lyk running away .. but dats no options eithr ...evry1 gta go thru der share f shit.. so do i)

9 Movies I would never say no to

1. notting hill- 1f d sweetest movies evr made...

2. tropic thunder- amazing comedy... probably d best ben stiller evr did...

3. dil chahta hai- dnt think need 2say nething abt dis 1

4. andaz apna apna- all tym fav.. dunno how many tyms hv watched it.. still find it funny

5. hmm now not technically a movie here... but d edward noton movies... from 'american history x' to 'the illusionist'.. dis guy does great work.. b it primal fear or the score or fight club .. u name it...

6. the departed- kill dicaprio n d movie is a sure shot hit... n jack nicholson is top notch in his costella act

7. the dark knight- probably d only batman movie dat i like

8. rock n rolla- talk style n dis is ur movie

9. BORAT- now dis is undbtedly 1f d most disgusting comedies evr made,, but get a grp f frnds n u gona hv a lafter roit watchin dis 1...n d guy who did dis borat act is ourstanding...

(again jst dat des movies came up in mind so jotted dem down here... bet der r many more.. specially d spoofs.. not all f dem but few r jst awesum)

9 things I plan to do in this week

1. well get over wid dis tag.. n am abt 2do dat so all gud.

2. kick off wid studies n do sm serious work.

3. get sm aim in life n decide wot i wan2 do wid it.... (well dats a thot not jst 4 dis week but rather 1 wich has been in n out f my mind tym n again...)

4. start up a healthy eating habit n cut out on d junk( again a life long funda n not jst 4d week).

5. not b botherd f d things(ppl) dat(dos) hv been or do bother me n b able 2 exist peacefully wid evry1 arnd.

6. catch up wid few close frnds n hv a gud tym wid  dem ..4getin all dat has been trbling n fucking up my brain(dis is 1 dat needs 2b done almost each week )

7. eat n drink n talk loud ...

8. well aftr cmpleting dis tag n wid certain ppl reading it.. myt jst gv me sm peice f der mind or rathr dey wud chose not 2 speak at all.. not dat am lookin 4wrd 2 it... or plan 2do.. but things mostly dnt hapn d way i plan dem 2b so... will c ...wot reactions i get... or get nothin at all.. probably loose wot i hv...

9. b a gud person n not bother n b rude 2 othrs.... (again smthing not only 4d week but 4 alwaz.. but dunno wen dat gona hapn)

9 sounds that annoy me

1. continuos honking wid stupid so calld fancy horns... irritate n annoy me like hell..feel like getin out n beating up dat fool

2. d tone f certain ppl speakin... der voice is really annoyin.. probably rude on my part but dats how it is.

3. d sound f paper rubbing of d chalk of blackboard.

4. d disturbance on d fone due 2 netwrk trbl n all.

5. d noise dat a crow makes.

6. newborns crying continuosly 4 no ryhme or reason.

7. d screeching sound f a table or chair bein dragged along d floor.

8. d noise f old furniture ..probably rusty old staircases.

9. loud n noisy snores...

9 reasons I love life right now

1. for wot all i hv in life..look at many arnd n feel am so privilgd 2hv d things ppl n life dat i hv.

2. gota go 2d colg as lil as possble n stay home sleep eat n rest.... feels gud.

3. hainvg frnds who r der 2 lift up my spirits wenevr am donw n out... n who dont botr 2 pik n drop me evn if dey gota go in cmplete oppo direction.. well dis is 1 thing wich mks me feel gud 4 der r ppl i can count on.. at d same tym feels bad 4 bothering dem so much all 4 my trbls.

4. d food n beverages dat r der 4me 2 savour..wot wud life b widout such delicacies arnd.

5. look 4 1n u will find many fools arnd who make dis life worth while living.. widout dem it all wud b so boring, again a rude thing 2 mk fun f ppl but den again wen ppl demselves act stupid n wierd ..der is not much u can do but hv a gud laf..

6. 4d family i hv n d frnd who r a family 4me outsyd my home.... cant think of life widout dem... 4 dey r d reason who keep me goin on

7. hv been in a pretty fuckd up frame f mind wid few f d most precisous ppl of late.. but wid things sorted out,, it feels gud...

8. being able 2 accompany ppl who r gems in evry aspct f life n getin 2 bfrnd dem..well certainly not smthing i wud hv thot of..(lets c 4 how long).

9. funny but true ..certain ppl at tyms seek my advc.. makes me feel gud,, as in can b f help 2 sm1.. it seems nice

(not bad actually came up wid 9 points)

9 traits I really admire in people

1. Honesty & loyalty- bein in ur face be it gud or bad... it means alot.. 2 speak in front f d person

2. respecting others n 1self...many arnd in order 2 respct n mk othrs feel gud... smtyms lose respct in der own not hapin

3. d quality f treating all alike irrespectv f who n 4m where dey r....

4. humility- again more or less like d previous 1s ...

5. strong character- no matter how stupid n funny 1 behaves ..but wen it gets dwn 2 character ... d1 who can hold der head up high ..hv gr8 amt f respct in my eye

6. friendliness- being able 2 mix up wid ppl easily n making new 1s arnd u comfrtable instantly is smthng not many can do.

7. a gud sense f humour- its needed 4d kind f life n tyms v r living in... genuine gud n not so ugly humour wich wont hurt sm1 is 1 qualty vry few ppl have... now laffin at cost f othrs.. not a humuor many wud approve of (hmm well i aint got no rite 2 say dis 4 i do it all d tym)

8. sm1 who can hold a grp of ppl togthr is sm1 i respct alot 4d person can mk ppl who r way apart 4m each othr 2gt along.. not an easy task

9. well dis 1 lemme say 4 frnds n not generally 4 ppl arnd me.. i genuinely respct n feel comfrtable wid frnds being alil informal wid each othr n not alwaz behavin in a vry dignified manner come on wid frnd u gota get lose n not b formal n cautious.. yes der r limits up2 wich u gota go.. but dats wot depends person 2 person... but at tyms cpl f frnd behve so formal dat it seems its jst a formal hi hello thing v hv arnd n wid such formality it makes me uncomfrtble n wonder if v r frnds or jst bunch f ppl hanging 2gthr.... 1 quality wot i admire in ppl who r 1 way or d othr  my gud frnds is dat dey can b free n informal n b cmfrtable wid me arnd dat i can b cmfrtble 2 .. at tyms it gets 2 formal n d fact dat v r frnds seems like an obligation.... on d contrary der r fools who r obligation 4me talk as if dey r d best f frnds n it pisses me off like hell...

9 things I see myself doing in the next five years

1. givin shit 2 ppl in der face as n wen i feel like.

2. havin d grp f frnds i do n cherish at d moment 4 5 yrs 4m now n alwaz.

3. being able 2 decide finally wot i wan2 do in life(probably shud do it b4 d tym f 5yrs)

4. earning gud money doin smthing dat i wud like 2do n am gud at.(stil dunno wot dats goin 2b)

5. becoming a gud person n having more peace widin.

6. finding dat 1 perfect woman n settling dwn in anthr 4 5 yrs.

7. being happy in evry aspect f life n getin 2c all dos who i care abt arnd me happy.

8. probably blogging evn more n more stuff .

9. havin d same ease n comfrt wid certain frnds dat i do now... hope it all remains d same...

9 things that annoy me

(now am adding dis on my own..jst feel like so here i tk d liberty again.. mayb not d best f things 2do.. but freedom f speech .. am makin use f it...)

1. ppl being all gud on ur face n talking shit behing u... hv balls dude.. talk on d face... ugot a problme wid    
    me... try talking 2me dan behind me

2. well said dis b4... frnds acting 2 formal n dignified,,, irritates me smtyms... but den wot am i sayin here ..dat d elegance n class ppl hv.. dey gota get rid f it?? ...yes dey do wen wid frnds... i dnt think 2wc at tyms 4 askin or rathr i tell my frnds 2 do stuff 4me.. funny thing... d more informal i can get.. d btrr is d frndship 4me... now dat doesnt means ppl shudnt b respcting each othr.....hmm nehw guess d1s who knw wot am speaking f will understnd, rest can remain all formal n classy... not smthing i fancy in frndship.. tho respct it immensely as a charactr in ppl as a person

3. ppl acting wierd wen photographs r bein taken n claiming of not bein so fotogenic.. well u aint gota b fotogenic 2 get clickd ..its abt d memories n tyms ppl capture in pic dan whtr u look gud or bad.... n go ahd n delete ur clickd pic... well annoyin n can b irritating.. but den again wid memories 2b captured... formalities need 2b kept aside n ppl gota b der free selves.. else d idea f clickin d keepin memories is nothing more dan a formality itself

4. ppl taklin f 1 thing n only 1 thing all d fuckin tym... 4 exmple say all u hv in life is dance dance dance.... seriously der is much more in life.. now i hv jst used an exmple nothing more.. no pun intended here

5. mean jackasses who act smart n think othrs dnt knw wot dey r up2.. u fool its evident n stop behavin like a jerk.

6. gud 4 nothin ppl showin der importnce in petty things dey hv control ovr.. bugger get out of d small pond ur living in n der is a world outsyd.

7. d fake attitude n d act f tryin 2b kool.. dunno wot gets 2 head f ppl n wot all dey will do 2 categorise demselves as kool.... but reality is u end up being fools.

8. ppl showin how busy dey r n workin4 othrs while d truth is dey r doin nothin d jst acting pricey.... go fuck urself morons...

9. finally d mr dude m miss dudette characters.... get a life

(now dey say dat am 2 rude n annoying at tyms myself n need 2 improve on dat... wid so many such advices arnd ... probably dey r correct in sayin so... but dats hw it is wid me.. a few readin des specifc 9 things mite jst feel like hitting me in d face or getin annoyd by me.. u hv all d rite in d world 2 do dat so go on my part no bad blood in it)

9 Bloggers I  tag

(now dis is again a task 4me.. 4 dunno who 9 am goin 2 tag.. cos most f d followers i hv seem 2hv alrdy done dis tag.. but still funny thing,, cos here i can den tag few ppl... who atlst r gud 4 smthing... cos few hardly seem 2b readin d post,,, it seems like its, u follow me n i follow u world rathr dan follow n read wot u like.. so am glad ...if not 4 readin d post... i can mk use in such tags f few bloggers here... now i follow sm blog 4 i like 2 read d post f d author n not 2 get d person 2 follow my links... so genuinly its not d i follw u n u follow or vice versa philosphy wid me.. ne1 doin dat is more dan welcome 2b offended by my rudeness n do as dey like...)

1. Puneet at

2. megha at

3. pooja at
4. girk next door at

5. rane at

6. vj sophie at

7. swati at

8. roshmi at

9 aditi at

(n c i cud tag 9 ppl... dats not bad at hv fun ppl..if u wan2 do d tags.. or ur free not 2do dem...jst dat i had 2 tag 9 n i did so.. now its ur call)

now am taggin few other ppl..or rather ne1 i follow or ne who follws me... in dis..... 4 its not d 8 tag rathr 9 tags :P :P... as 4 dos who hv alrdy cmpleted it well u can only do d part u hvnt in d previous post.. but u gota mk all ur 8 to hahahahahaha.. hv fun ..n am not givin any number now so as 2 keep d figure 9 intact... njoy

*monica at
*parul at
* happy birdie at
*kasabiangurl at
*sugandha at
*jalpari at


Girl Next Door said...

Thnaks Shobit for tagging us... But why didn't you do a hyperlink. So, that people can easily click on the link and visit our Blogs..

It was just a suggesting , so don't mind...

monica said...

Okk...looks like the tag did wonders for your psyche!! Never ever imagined that you like sprouts!!As far as piece of mind is concerned, am sure that will work the other way round as well.

I like your 'love life' reasons.
Now, i have a query. You said one need not be formal in friendship.May be it's just that the other person's disposition is very much like that. He/she can't help it really and you think that one is being formal. Each one of us is different and we need to respect that difference.Made sense!
With your high level of thinking, am sure you shall acknowledge my point of view as well. I think you know me pretty well by now!

Hopefully we all shall be in touch five years down the line!! Perfect woman...hmmmm. Mil jaayegi :P Sooner the better!
And more than blogging yess...that would be something we are waiting for.

The photogenic thing, be cool yar. It's just a kiddish tantrum or may be a deep seated confused.Next time PROBABLY you won't see that!
Nice to read...and one thing, i have trouble in deciphering your short hand...thoda simple vaala likho :P

monica said...

I have a surprise for you, check out my post

sobhit said...

respect the difference.. respect d uniqueness... it made sense den n it alwaz does so do u... dats y i did mention d limit dat all hv wen it cmes 2 bein 4my psyche.. dunno wot does or wot doesnt works 4it,n u mite find it funny but wot u said abt d formality n informalty n diffrnt ppl .. hv alwaz knwn it in dis case.. n yes acknldged n respctd d fact.. only smtyms u cant help certain things n r left wondering.. probably a weakinng phase wich if sorted out 1 way or d othr mks it all evn stronger.. so all gud..nw fotogrphy... memories 4me.. rest b it fear or tantrum 4u or ne1, dats each persons call.. again d difference in attitude n nature .. but smhw i dont buy such behvoiur ..n dat doesnt means i dnt respct ur point f view.. jst it seems funny n annoys me at tyms.. but gud u tryin 2wrk on it, n hey y r u guys waitin 4my miss perfct?? let me do dat :P :P
n being in touch 5 yr dwn d line.. well only tym will tell.. so much v want n hope n plan.. only lil hanps d way v like it.. so hopefully not jst 5 yrs but many more yrs den dat... CHEERS!!!

Parul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Parul said...

Well, a nicely done tag! Seems you're rid of the backlog ;)(that
might have piled up in the past few days) that's what i could make
out, offlate.

why are you planning to be a good person shobhit? when u already are..Rude? Not all have the guts, to be in your face. Thats one, quality that is admirable!! And you can never say NO to BORAT? :P:D

To conclude, I am most hopeful we'll be in touch, rest time will tell. And even i'm curious and waiting for your miss perfect ;)

sobhit said...

@ cmmnt deleted.. who ws dat.. i wud appreciate ppl dropping d cmmnt wot comes 1st 2 der mind n not think n write, let me dcyd whtr i wan2 keep or delete d cmmnt

@parul- hmm chalo 1 admirbl qualty not bad.. :P.. n i dint write nvr say no 2 borat.. read it again.. n as 4 my perfct woman.. jab mil jayegi will let u all knw.. till den am hapy wid my bachelorhood..

Parul said...

abey it was me, i deleted it! format nai ki thi ache se :P isliye uda di.

you said BORAT was thoda overrated comedy, toh i thot it was nt ur choice but newaz! aur bhi hai qualities yar ;)

LIFE: A Collection Of Beautiful Memories! said...


i am elated hun!!
i mean... one confession.. am not much f a blogger... and even after u told me i never went thru ur posts...
but yes i wud have some time!
and i write to be at peace with myself... coz i find it the best way out!

and this is my first tag... and i dunno how to react to it...

but yes u certainly made my dae!
and m following ur blog now.. not to have tat u follow me and i follow u shit.. bt to b updated with ur posts and go thru them...

thanx alott!


Happybirdie said...

hey!!nice tagging.
Thanks for commenting n my blog..keep coming bk n about that farmland pic..i made that long way bk wen I was also a kid..yaa its funny but they were just lying unnoticed so i just posted them n my blog...nywaz takecare n ya get well soon frm ur injury :)

Parul said...

Finished the tag, but could'nt find enough people to do the same so have tagged you :P

monica said...

And yess...about the award thing.
Just save the image from This post link and go to add gadgets-add picture and insert that.
No html code.
Am looking forward to that award on ur page.Put up that ASAP said...

lol :P
nice :)
n i have to ryt 9 thngs ... ummmm

Roshmi Sinha said...

Oh My! Thats some list...! Makes for a good read, too! :)

Thanks for tagging me... will take it up soon. I have a few tags pending... from Shilpa. Will complete all of them ASAP.

VJ Sophie said...

Seems we got few things in common!

Thanks for tagging me! :)