Wednesday, October 7, 2009


THE dUMB dUMBER dUMBEST QUIZ. seems like d funny quizzes have had alrdy made der way in2 blogger 4m facebook n all.. got 2do dis 1 by monica... lets c wot i score

Here's the quiz

[x] Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were talking
(worse still d gum got stuck in my hair, hair on d head, thot shud specify :P...)

[ ] Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were NOT talking

[ ] You have ran into a glass/screen door

[x] You have jumped out of a moving vehicle
(jumping of d moving bus qualifies i guess)

[x] You have thought of something funny while walking by yourself
(hapns alot..)

[x] Laughed, then watched people give you weird looks
(hapns all d tym)

[x] You have run into a tree/bush.

[ ] You know that it IS possible to lick your elbow
(hahaha dint knew dat.. )

[x] You have tried to lick your elbow… a few times
( :P jst tried after reading d above statement, no success tho)

[x] You never knew that the Alphabet and Twinkle Twinkle Little star have the same rhythm.

[x] You just tried to sing them.
(hi dey do kinda hv d same ryhme,, not dat dumb a quiz i guess,, only makin ppl smarter)

[x] You have tripped on your shoelace and fallen.

[ ] You have choked on your own spit .

[x] You have seen the Matrix and still don’t get it.
(got d 1st 2 parts... d 3rd 1 got way 2 wierd)

[ ] You’ve never seen the Matrix.

[ ] You type only with two fingers.

[x] You have accidentally caught something on fire

[x] You tried to drink out of a straw, but it went into your nose/eyes.
(now d water gt in2 nose cos f stupid lafs)

[x] You have caught yourself drooling.

[x] You have fallen asleep in class and fell outta your chair
(fallen asleep yes,, fell outta chair yes... but not both at d same tym.. )

[x] You stared hard at someone trying to figure whether the person was he or she

[x] Sometimes you just stop thinking

[x] You are telling a story and forget what you were talking about

[x] People often shake their heads and walk away from you
(some evn shake der heads wen dey knw dey gota talk 2me now :P :P)

[x] You are often told to use your “inside voice”.
(dont understand d concept f inside voice tho.... depends tym 2 tym it seems)

[x] You use your fingers to do simple math

[x] You have eaten a bug
(not knowingly.. myt hv munched few at nites wid d food)

[x] You are taking this test when you should be doing something more important
(not exactly... got nothing bttr 2do if think in 1 way...n have alot f stuff 2 tk care f if think d othr way)

[x] You have put your clothes on backwards or inside out, and didn’t realize it

[x] You’ve looked all over for something and realized it was in your hand
(in hands ?? hahaha evn more funny a kid wen got 2 wear d specs initially ws searching 4 my specs all arnd only 2 find myself wearing dem on d eyes wen searchin 4 it in front f d mirror :P :P... wow d quiz is made 4 me it seems :P :P)

[ ] You have ran around naked in your house.
(hahahahahha ok... hmm probably one day wen i'll hv my own house n live alone den jst myt do dis :P :P.. not run arnd tho.. walkin wud b jst fine)

[ ] You repost bulletins because you are scared that what they say will happen to you if you don’t.

[ ] You break a lot of things.
(not alot .. but things keep breakin here n der ...)

[ ] Your friends know not to use big words around you.
(wot type of big words??..askin dat question dumb?? but still big words differ 4 all)

[x] You tilt your head when you’re confused
(well can tilt or do othr random stuf wen confused n helloo wen confused ur supposd 2do random stuff)

[x] You have fallen out of your chair before

[ ] Mistook your teacher to be a student

[x] When you’re lying in bed, you try to find pictures in the texture of the ceiling or wall
(hmmm well need not specialy be lyin in bed... jst gota b vela n nothin 2do like rite now :P :P)

[x] The word “ummmmm” is used many times a day.
(it hapns most wen in viva n interviews i guess :D)

[x] Have you opened your mouth to say something but then you pretended as if you were yawning because you forgot what you wanted to say.
(smtyms not dat i 4gt but lookin at d person 2 whome ws goin 2say... decyd against sayin it ..hence d yawn or smile or random face)


I am (29/40)*100 = 72.5% DUMB!!!

chalo if not d academics ... getin a score f 70 + not bad... probably my dad wud b hapi ... hahahahhahahahah
n who i wud like 2 compare my dumbness wid... hmm guess all in d list f followers n whosoevr reading dis.. n do lemme knw once u thru wid d dumbness :P :P... n complete it soon.. d sooner u knw d bettr it is 4u my frnd,,, go chk ur dumbness... BE A MAN... or WOMAN... wotevr b ur case


monica said...

Lolzzz...well attempted PAPER!
Ya u scored more than me. Sprinkled with your humor made it more interesting!!
Worth the Effort!

Parul said...

You beat me on this one!! :|
Chal koi na :P Vaise your answers were fun to go through!

Anonymous said...

great answers! had a good time reading them :)

Puneet said...

hahah Dumb and proud of it..!! loved the people shaking their heads before they talk to you vaala part.. haha must be that weird blog vaala guy em sure.. GIVE HIM HELL..!! :)

swats.... said...

am so dumb...i couldnot get what you wrote...seems i have to go through this 2 more times to understand...