Sunday, February 2, 2014

bombay local

"the city never sleeps" some say. While it's  "the city of dreams" for others.'Funny though, like an oxyMORON maybe, for the city of dream never sleeps???  The usual principle would dictate one needs to sleep to dream, so just a city of day dreamers then. Or the zombies have already taken hold of the city and the idea of dead man walking has begun to spread.' The flux of thoughts were still loud in his head when suddenly he felt the commotion and realised the zombies have come to life and the race for who gets the best kill is on.


Railways - A humble mode of transportation suitable for all age group, taking people to their “dream destination” (well, more or less).  

Mumbai locals however seem to have evolved into a different breed altogether. It has a strange effect on the people. People who just seconds ago were civilised, well behaved (or maybe not) and 'oh so culured', are now an angry mob, not a flash mob (how aunthentic is that anyways), but a real mob. From a 6 year old to a 60 year old, the only "laksya" they see, lies with those elusive window seats. Something orgasmic about these seats maybe, for the look of satisfaction and the grin of relief/victory on the faces of the conquerors is something. 

 “It’s the life line of our city”, a proud Marathi gentleman ("gentleman"? nevermind) exclaims. “The stats say more than 6 million commuters take the locals everyday”, another proud voice among the lot.

‘But the stats also says it kill over 600 people every year. A conventional lifeline would not kill someone, but do otherwise. Then again, nothing conventional in the times we live. And the stats! Well damn the stats. They are nothing but works of a bored one trying to make a point with numbers, while others just manipulate these numbers and get their kicks out of it (those interviewers with their guesstimates, take a local ride and I will make you an estimate you cannot refuse).’

Almost a year in the city and he was still adjusting to the cultural shocks that keep running into him. While taking a public transport was never a deal breaker, it never was a preferred choice either. But the city of dreams does not leave you with many options. Irony??  The options made available, are either a waste of time or money, and mostly both.

'When did it all come to this!'

A screeching brake and the whole world goes forward, not still, but forward. Yes the train has arrived on the platform. It’s showtime. Prepare yourself for what can be the very beginning of a zombie apocalypse

”Kiska kursi ka” wouldn’t be this aggressive even in the parliament.“Come what may I shall take what’s right fully mine” (is it really?). One jump and before the suspecting/ not so suspecting ones trying to get off the train, a swing and a hit. Needless to say it goes both ways, it’s a free society after all. You got my back, I got yours.

‘Its gonna be a while to make this present the past, so one might just play along and make the most of it. Not everyone would be blessed to experience the insider story. Let's just go numb and observe the jewels one is surrounded with.’

So begins the day in the city of dreams..