Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have been tagged!

monica has tagged me n being d lazy person i am its goin 2 tk a toll on me..n worse still hv 2 type it again..... 4d 1st 1 gt erased n a blank draft gt saved..nehw i will try to be honest with answers here.
The rules:
* Link the person who tagged you.
* Post these rules on your blog.
* Share your ABCs..
* Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
* Let the 3 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
* Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag!
The ABC of me...all that there is about me :p.. well almost..
A – Available/Single? single
B – Best friend? like d 2 othr frnds f mine.. d whole concept f best frnd doesnt goes wid me.. hv few gud n close frnds.... but unlike d odr 2.. i'll rather not name my near n dear 1s here.. dey knw who dey r.... besides in order 2b politically correct if i gota write names f all in 1 certain grp den it wnt b wot its supposd 2b :P:P .. so yes hv my own close knit frnds who i cant b widout
C – Cake or Pie? Cake cake cake all d way
D – Drink of choice? JD wid water n soda,nimbupani as in lemonade ,WATER n yes lots f juices
E – Essential item you use every day? My specs.. intellignt ans monica.. hope u dnt mind me borrowin d asn 4m urs.. but cant thnk f nethin bttr after readin specs as d asn.. n guess dis is 1 similarity btwen me n u.. :P:P rest all toh am nowhr near ur standards..
F – Favorite colour? black.. mks u look thin :D
G - (ok if none f u fillin d abc dint notice dat G is miisin in it den am surprised... so on suggestion f a frnd who hapn 2b d same 1 who tagged me.. am addin a ques wid g in d questnr.. addin d missing link)Good ,Bad, or Ugly? bad
H – Hometown? Saddi dilli
I – Indulgence? have many guess depends on d mood .. eatind n fooling arnd cud b majors 1s tho
J – January or February? years kicks off.. n nite b4 have a gud reason 2 get drunk n b all hapi
K – Kids & their names? Not yet n so no names either.
L – Life is incomplete without? many things n ppl.. but all dos things n ppl gota get u HAPPINESS
M – Marriage date? dunno... can sm1 tell me??
N – Number of siblings? 2 sisters
O – Oranges or Apples? oranges
P – Phobias/Fears? bein all alone n losin d near n dear 1s...
Q – Quote for today? not jst 4 2day but 4 alwaz ""life is endless,so we never die,we were never really born" Dr. Brian Weiss 4m d book many lives many masters
R – Reason to smile? do u need a reason 2 smile???
S – Season? F.R.I.E.N.D.S. all 10 seasons :P:P
T – Tag 3 People? I tag thee,... wel who do i tag.. 2 3 f d ppl i knw hv alrdy been tagged n not mani i knw blog.. so lets c..
viren-well d sailor aint got no blog link i have.besides d fool wud b smwhr in d sea so wnt fill dis neway
U – Unknown fact about me?.. hmm let d unknw remains such.. or guess der r mani unknw so can tell 1.. hmm ya ok here it goes , can b very manipltv n mk use f hypocrisy at tyms... detest both d traits but u get wot u gv me.. so dcyd wot u want.. u b gud wid me i'll b my best.. now if dats not gud enuf 4 u den ur in wrong company... b bad n i dunno wots coming 4u
V – Vegetable you don't like?BOTTLE GOURD.. :P:P wonderin wot dis is find 4 urself.. i had 2 look out its name
W – Worst habit? being too moody n not forgiving easily
X – X-rays you've had? jst gt 1 done recently... wondering ws dat so i can fill up in dis quiz???left leg .. 4d knee... wot i got xrayed
Y – Your favorite food? d list is very long.. cant name any.. cos if i miss out on ne dish it wnt do justice 2 dos....
Z – Zodiac sign? GEMINI
n finally done hope dis tym it saves fine n gets published widout fail ....


monica said...

Finally Sobhit...u did it after a failed attempt.The U thing was sure a revelation :P

Chalo...u hv a new post n ur readers shall get to know u better(especially the U thing)

Parul said...

Firstly i guess your effort of writing the whole thing needs to be acknowledged, so, BRAVO :P ;)
Then the "U" wala answer is quiet in your face, Take it or leave it! sahi hai. Your readers will enjoy this post for sure. :)
And, silly how can anyone tell your marriage date?

Anonymous said...

Hey...I can tell you your marriage date...just send me your birth details ASAP..your kundli will be very accurate too :P

I can also help you out with the names of your of cost! :D

Pooja Mahimkar said...

Season - friends all 10

really nice blog! and thanks for following my blog,your comment was really encouraging. i really never thought that i have any potential to get any good comments, so thank you! you encouraged me a lot!
thanks again.

sobhit said...

@KASABian girl
ok 7th june 1986 dats my date of birth n yeaa... am so xcited 2knw d name f my kiddos dat 2 FREE OF COST ...awesum...lolzz
lets c how accurate my kundli gets

Anonymous said...

Don't worry...6 years later you will get married to an Aquarius :)

Name your kid Frumpy...ideal for both girls and boys...Your kid will thank you :P

sobhit said...

frumpy?? d kid will thnk me or kick me 4 such a funny name, i ws thinkin grumpy wud b fine :P... n 6 yrs.. kool hv ample tym 4 myself den.. aquarius?? u sure.. y not shw my kundli 2me.. dat ways i can gt 2knw more stuf.. said...

@ Sobhit : Hey I lov black too :P
hahha ... n u r lucky tht ur post is published widot fail ... lols :PP ... ask me ... smthn happened to my UPS battery and weneva I write smthn creative .. my PC restarts ... huh ... this sucks man...:(

sobhit said...

@ whysoserious.. or shud i jst call u joker.. hmm.well am assumin by sayin this sucks man... ur talkin f d ups battry n u losin d creatv piece f wrk n not blog ??ya i guess so..:P nehw try dis mite help.. tho u alrdy myt b doin dis, write ur post in a notepad 1st n save it side by syd, n once done copy paste it.. i do dat cos hv lost entire write up in postin goof ups..

HaRy!! said...

heloo..nice knowing..always a pleasure to read the tags

H a R y

Roshmi Sinha said...

Nicely done!

VJ Sophie said...

Fun tag!

VJ Sophie said...

Loved the title of your blog!