Monday, August 24, 2009

"not a post... jst a long comment..."

well ppl dis post f mine is not a post in itself but rather a commnt i wrote 4 a certain blog dat i came across.. a frnd gave d link n said how gud d post ws, so decided 2go thru it 2.. n yes true 2her words indeed a vry well written post.. but off late wen i read such posts wid social issues n stuff like dat.. my brains work in a very random n strange way.. i cmpltly agree wid wot is bein written abt certain hapnings n issues worryin d whole f human kind n also how d very humans in d society r d culprits n victims... so aftr goin thru dis amazingly written post, i decided 2 drop a cmmnt on how my brains work on reading stuff like dat,,, not many wud agree wid my ways n thots but its all gud.. am not here 2 convince ne1 rather jst play wid words n jot down my own ideas.. so i wrote dis cmmnt but cudnt publish it... 4 like a day did not get y its not allowing me 2 publish.. seemd as if d owner f d blog had sm spam managmnt or rathr control system wich dint allow my commnt 2b published....(if not ppl mite think f getin 1 now :P :P).. but later i realisd my commnt had exceeded d word limit allowd 2b publishd.. so had 2 brk down d commnt in2 3 parts n publish it... n den i thot dis is rathr a big commnt, shud hv had made a post out of it.. thot ovr it n yes not a bad idea considering hw lazy i am 2 think n write smthing....hmm guess i hardly think wen i write smthing... nehw..also no gud ideas cooking up.....wich wud mk me write smthing worth writing 4me n readin 4d ppl..... here i had sm write up n it surely cud add 2my posts.. so not talkin randomly any further.. well hv done it thru out d post... so nvrmind... am dropping d link of d post at d end 4 wich i posted dis commnt,(n now my blog) so d ppl curious 4 wot made me write all dis can read.. its like a prequel on rathr underlying basis of dis blog of mine.. hope a author f d post doesnt minds,, n has no copywrite issues... so here is sm write up wich is vry diff 4m wot all i hv posted till now.... lets c how ppl find dis.... n yes d cmmnt(ie dis blog) mite not b as gud as d post 4 wich dis cmmnt came 4m dat post is sure worth reading .. nehw here is d commnt... (4d post go2 d link at d end)

now i dint read ur tk on advantages f bein a woman .... n yes sure dat wud hv been funny... but on d other side f d coin it gets all d more bizzare n hell 4bein a woman.. yes wot all u wrote here is all abt d society n d stupid stigmas attchd wid it..n evn worse dat wen it comes 2crime against woman , its not only d men but also women involvd at tyms.. now u talk f soaps on color.. ders a certain shw on ndtv imagine wich shows hows a village bein headed by a woman has all its stigmas f bein a gurl der.. n its dat very lady governing d village who goes on enticing crime against d woman (jst thot shud let evry1 knw am not watching des soaps or following dem no :P its jst dat my folks watch dem n i hapn 2 b der at tyms .. so dats how i get dat knwlgd.. but knwlgde never goes waste so ..:P :P), nehw comin back 2d post n d serious issues.. wot am tryin 2 say is.. very well written n gud thot provokin post.. d issues u hv displayed in d true colors.. but d ugly part f d society is while v all like 2 discuss n talk n debate on such issues.. none f us does nothin more den dat.. (now am not sayin u dnt do nething.. am talkin off ppl like me)general masses ..v all knw wots hapnin but wot do v do?? u knw its not jst wid ur post or any othr issue.. wot i find strange is dat more n more such post come up but hardly ne1 goes on n does smthin abt it n den write a post whr dey wud tell how 2 mk sure dat such elemnts f our society get civilized n humane.. not against any organization or any individuals.. but how many .. say evn NGOs claimin 2 wrk 4 issues r doin any gud? excpt d parties?? yes wot all u wrote is very shamefull n disgusting on our society's part n like it or not all f us r part of it... n not wid d woman issues n all but generally i feel.. (now dats my n only my perception.).. dat instead of discussing d issues wich all of us r very much aware of .. y not talk f smthin v ourselves have, or sm1 v knw has done ...smthin in order 2 sort out d issues.. dat will mk evn a bttr post.... n no i hvnt done nething.. i cud b categorised as 1 f d lazy laid back gud 4 nothing souls who do nothin n jst wild away his tym... so probably u can evn skip my commnt as in no need 2gv it a thot.. (but am f dos who feel dat yes issues need 2b discussd at tyms.. n probably 1 f dos tyms wen u writin here ..) but come on dude.. al of us who can write n read here i guess r dis much aware f wots hapnin in d society.. if v jst post n talk here.. its no gud... can ne1 think f smthin dat will mk our's a bttr society.. well i certainly cant.. nw i dnt mean 2 criticise u or potray anything negatv abt d post. ...dats not d case.. infact d post is vry nicely written such a senstive isuue .. guess u hv penned it dwn really well.. but dude as i mentiond above.. men ..women .. wen d crime against women is done v find cases whr mostly men r d jackasses.. but at tyms d female specimen is part f it 2 against her very species.. so its d mind n thots n up bringing dat mks such feaks who r worse den parasites.... n u talk f how west world has less f crime against woman.. yes less but d crime is still der... so as long as d pervertd minds r at work.. b it in men or women.. d situation is only gona worsen... u knw smhw gets 2me dat its not actually d disadvntg f bein a women.. but rathr d disadvntge of belongin 2 d kinda society dat v hv.. wots mks me sick is its not only d interiors but also d metros n well educated ( well atlst der degrees says so,) morons 2 r invlvd in all sort of acts agnst women...

y is it dat in west world wer u say crime rate is less, dat women can walk arnd free at nite n not in our society... dats 4 our stupid traditions n stuff.. values ppl talk f .. n here v r discussin d advntages n disadvntage f out stupid traditions n values... its like yes alot f gud things dat r being follwd 4m ages in ur country mk it.. but on d flip syd.. all such crimes r 2 becos f d traditional mind sets f fools n ppl who mk use f d tradition as per der convneince.. but wot if v talk f a taliban culture?? guess its d curse 2b a woman der... so on scale f relativty sm mite argue how bttr our society is.... hmm, now dis is wot am sayin... debating discussing .. well v all hv evolvd such dat v can mk ourselves n at tyms evn odrs blv our point f view.. n v can sit n talk n talk n talk... whr do v reach?? any conclusion?? yes on ur part u wrote on advntges n disadvntages... but dnt v hv des 2 in evry single aspect f life???d 1s who r doin crimes aganst d females r freaks.. no1 can mk dem walk n d righteous path.. so u wana get 2dem.. u gota become freaks urselves... now der r ppl sitting n preaching wot gud is it if v become freaks ourselves in order 2 tackle d jerks... but its d iron wich cuts d iron.. so r v strong enuf 2b iron ourselves 2 cut n slaughter d perverted rusted iron??.. do dat n u hv d human rights ppl who seem 2do nothing wen a woman is bein raped but if d masses hit d rapist d human rights ppl wud b der 2 protect him.... dats d society my frnd..

a thot or 2 here n der n v ppl move ahd... well d 1s who try 2do smthing will argues wot can v do.. evn if v try v end up in trbl oursleves.. but ppl its like wen it hapns wid u or sm1 u knw (i hope n pray dats nvr d case 4 ne1)..dats wen d real traversity f d crime v get 2knw... n only den it seems d tym gets 4 us 2 act... till den, v dont understnd nething beyond posting abt it or debating on it.. n hi u did mention wot a piece f cake it ws wen dis issue ws given 4 temme...aftr d debate ended,, how many whr thinkin f doin smthing 4d issues, n how many were hapi 4 getin such an easy toicp 2talk on??? dats hw v ppl yes a vry thot provoking post.. but readin is no gud if v jst read n go back 2 our lives doin nothin... am 1 f dos..d useless fools who jst talk n do nothin.. so d 1s who do smthing feel free 2 critisize me.... but if honestly v need 2do smthin 4 such issues... it has 2 begin on our own ends..wid v ourselves doin our bit n hopin d same is wot d rest arnd us r doin.. n not postin how bad it is rathr postin wot hs 2b done 2 mk it bttr... ne1(n am not sayin dis only 4d author f dis post) who gets offended by readin dis comment n feels like hittin me out sayin wot r u doin 2 talk like dis.. den yes am 1f dos USELESS N GUD 4 NOTHIN souls... all i can do is talk n commnt here... n if u guys r doin smthin besids postin den yes ur far bttr den me.. if not . well wot can i say... n if u genuinly r doin smthing 4d causes den u cud nvr b offended by wot i wrote here.. cos u wud knw d truth of d system bttr dan me.. far more bttr den me..
pheeww ,, guess wrote alot..well i hv dat tendency .. but all things apart ... gud 2c 1 male bretheren doin so well in d bloggin deppt whr uptill now i hv only come across women who can write... so gud goin man.. tho i still maintain.. d female specimen way ahd in dis dppt..(n many more deppt f life 2 :P.. gota b politically correct) but here is 1 guy followin close behind :P..(pun intended)...hahaha..n i mean 2 say in d bloggin deppt.. generally,, ohh yes u ladies do hv many of my species followin behind,, n hi v dont mind u ladies leading us :P :P(n dat is supposd 2b taken in lite humour n not in accrdnce wid d post n its issues..) like i alwaz say.. dnt pay no heed 2 wot i write here.. cos i nvr listen 2 wot ppl tell me how n wot 2 post.. so niethr shud u or ne1 listen 2me....

here is d link 2 d post i dropped dis cmmnt 4 :

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Schizophrenic Conversations

for d past sm tym i'v been getin d privilge of readin certain blogs wich mk me laff out real hard.... all des blogs have been on SEX.. :P by wich i mean gender as in d male n female .. or rather shud i b typin female n male, jst 2 mk sure dat i dnt gv a pictre f egoistic male psyche by writin it 1st,, but seriously i dnt care who gets wot pictr by readin dis,, anther f d egoistic traits?? hahahaha now am not f a blogger ,,its jst dat i wirte wen i wan2 or feel like not a regular here... but i do like readin stuff n getin 2 pass my expertise on dem, mani ppl tend not 2 2like dat .. but den again who cares.. hmm mayb shud hv titled d post who cares,, but dint seems catchy 2me..
SCHIZOPHRENIC CONVERSATIONS did.. :P now i had no clue wot dis means but i like 2 use songs title as my post name so dis 1 seemd nice .. u findout d meain f it urself(if ur accepting d fact ur not smart enuf me...n i mean 2 say here.. dat am not vry smart eithr.. ) on its a energy savin engine of google so use dat ppl n contribute in savin d planet.. well getin back 2d post.. now d title may or may not mk sense 2 wot u read
here.. but nvrdless u dnt need 2 relate 2 nethin u read here.. read it ..hv fun .. n go back 2ur same ol (boring if i may say so :P)life.. i guess since childhood hv alwaz come across dis stupid lil phenomenon whr d 2 sexes hv been tryin 2 outdo d othr n prove nothin.. tho wid yrs passin by d male specimen hv dcided not 2b wastin tym in it ..cos der r mani bttr othr things 2do :P...while d fairer sex as dey wud(but if i use stronger sex 4 men i wud b inviting trbl so i rathr not :D) like 2b calld i smhw find stil stk up wid d same ol stupid who is bttr den d othr issues..

CHAUVINIST PIGS.... :P now i hear dat word alot.. not dat am cald 1 all d tym.. ohh no no.. jst d women arnd like makin use f it alot .. i doubt haf f dem dnt evn knw d meanin f it .. jst dat dey like d heavy word n it mks dem feel gud sayin it... so d evry 3rd conversation dey gota bitch abt d men arnd dats wot u gona hear.. i find it funny ..hahahahahaha wot is it dat mks d women feel gud abt male bashing n y do evry 3rd females wants to c a guy bein beaten up by his gurl?? othrs terms like bastards .. dogs.. well u women wil hv mani more only i hv been blessed enuf not 2 hear beyond dis :P.. .. lemme tel u ladies 1 thing men r not chauvinist pigs or dogs or ne othr
stuff u like 2 relate dem wid.... trust me v can b far worse den dat :P ... but like i said if v wan2. but den again humans beings hv dis tendency.. wid mem women alike ..dat dey can b n do wotdey wan2 ..wid d kind f situation dey r in .. n wot d tyms expects f dem.. i find it really funny wen women equate guys 2 dog.. now if ur sayin men=dogs.. n ur d fairer sex 4 us den normal maths says women=bitches.. prove me wrong :D.. wot mk u call urself a bitch.. i pity u ladies ..hahahahahahahaha n am not sayin it ur sayin it urself .. n besides u say men r
not 2b trusted.. anthr funny thing.. dogs r supposd 2b d most trusted n like dey say dey r man's best frnd.. ahh evn d sayin goes man's best frnd.. well i dint made dat so catch d person who made it.. but if not goin in2 d technicality dogs r 2b best frnd 2 human beings.. bttr?? now i tend 2 find a positv wen women cal men dogs. its only dat ur sayin dat dey r d best frnd n most trust worthy is it?? c human beings can percv n get wot dey wan2 out f nething n evrything.. or is it jst d men in dis case?? lol besides dntvd guys lauuvvv d bitches :P :P mayb women wnt find d humour here but sure all my bretheren will...

tym n again d posts dat i read went sayin dat d women ends up being hurt n bein d jerk men r dnt really care n jst tend 2 njoy lives in evry aspct widout no emotions n stuff... d laauuuuvvv mks d females a sentimental fool n guys tk advntge f it.. now temme so mani years f evolution n u women still think ur d fools in all srt f emotinos?? wot is it ladies.. y do u wan2 underestimate urselves so much??cos wen itr cums 2 laauuuuv u can b waaayyyyy beyond den bein jst fools.. n u knw it.. den y blame d guy wen u urself dnt mk strong stands.. movies n books portray stuff
wich is 2 get u all sappy n stupid.. i smhow belive dat women r smarter den d stupid romanticas dat u read.. but den u talk f male bashin n how dat mks u feel gud n i cant help laffin.. now cumon lets keep d male female aside n think generally 4 once.. u say male bashin is fun n u like dat.. ok.. now netym wid 2 opponents d general masses alwaz welcums d victory f d underdogs n not d stronger 1s.. its dat wen d stronger 1 is bashed ppl arnd like it more.. now wen u say u like male bashin ..wot r u sayin?? u saying dat women r d weaker sex?? all des years so mani personalities men n women alike hv been tryin 2 brk dis myth n gurls 2day still r holdin on2 it?? u find a sense f pride wen a guy is hit out hard?? well evry1s tks more pride wen u defeat d stronger opppnent as compared 2 wen hv a weaker 1.. seriously think abt it..wots dats mks u feel gud wid male bashing??? i can only find d fact funny.. now if ur sayin dat bash up d fools who r born jerks n dunno how b behave in d civilized world wid human beings.. den go ahd beat dem up hard.. n trust me ur opposite sex wud b thr 2 help u out in dat bashin.. u c male bashin or
not.. wen needed d male specimen arnd u e alwaz goin 2b der.. now d thing wich i find wierd is dat certain guys 2r advocating d fact dat men jerks n dey dunno how 2 respect women.. i feel sorry 4d dudes n seriously such specimens need 2 GET A LIFE.. u tralk abt perversions n like it or not.. evry livivng bein has dem..wid only levels varyin .. u gota knw whr u gota draw d line d live respectfully in d world.. u trip ovr d line ur nothin but a !#$#!%$!$%& ,... n it holds gud 4 both d sexes.. d women mite arguee dat mostly men r d freaks n women d victims.. well not
denyin dat.. but den again u ladies r mature enuf 2 knw wots rite wots not.. who 2b wid who not.. d crime against women r so much on d high n due 2d fear f being attacked u bttr not move out at nite.. but at d same tym u feel safe n relaxd wid ur male counter parts arnd.. u c its d same male specimen dat u bash up n d same u wan2 b it.. (unless ur not sm1 who follows d natures laws :P) like it or not dats how it is supposd 2b.. now getin back 2d dudes who think dey wud get 2 befrnd women wid der men bashin speeches n by potrayin how much disgusted dey r 2b
1.. it gvs only 1 messge out jackass.. eithr ur not strait, or ur as perverted as d speeches or thots u share,its ur own frustations n by potrayin such a picture ur probably getin d most dirt 4 ur d artist f it.. besides i blv ladies 2day r smart enuf 2 dat ur jst a jerks whose actin like evn a bigger 1.

anthr thing wich mks me go haha is dat women claim 2b d weaker 1 in laauuuuvvv .. while d funny story is in most f d cases u mk d guy dance arnd on ur finger tips.. i knw cpl f frnds who r no more den jst puppets in der gurls hands n i laff ahrd at it.. i mean cumon d guy wud b waitin 4 hours 4d women.. now dis 1 is funny... dude u dnt hold ur gurls bag.. its s ladies bag n u look funny holdin it.. but ask d ladies dey say it cute cos dey r merely fooling u.. :D lol... all d stupid ass things a guy gota do 4d lady love only cos she finds dem sweet.. n if nething oges wrong n guy is 2b blamed 4.. evr realisd by a guy wud cheat.. well u mk hium do such stupid stuff ..wot is d poor chap expctd 2do.. cos u want let go f him easily .so he aint got no clue how 2 brk up.. cos deep donw u knw.. dis 1 u were able 2 mk move as per ur requiremnt wot if d nxt 1 wnt b d same.. c u start thinkin abt it.. u gt skeleton in ur own closet.. n bash up d poor chap... :P ahh.. n d idea dat men r not emotinal n play wid gurls sentiments.. lemme tell u 1 thing.. d male spicies is far more emotional wen compared 2d opposite sex, coswhile u gurl hv found a way f cryin n tekin all ur negatv emotions out, d process does not comes vry natural 2us guys.. not preachin d men dont cry things.. but wid women its a tear here n der like 4 alwaz.. dats not our case,, n u blame d guy aftr brk i find dis funny. but u c aftr a brk d gurl cries n has 10 shoulders 2 lean on.. n in no tym u find dat true laauuvv of urs yet again.. while d guy is like ok.. now where 2go :P :P,,, n if he cries den hahaha is wot he gets 4m us frnds.. cos cryin like a lil gurl... aww soo sweet lol...hahahahahahahaha funny thing..lemme share an equation wid u .. probably all f u hv read dis n it makes sense.. n gurls wid not a gud sense of humur plzz u can go past dis.. only d1s who can read it..(nehw u all gona read it :P).. its funny n kinda stupid, but still d person who came up wid dis ws sure a smart head.. n smhw dunno y i feel it ws a female specimen who must hv had derived dis

MONEY * TIME = GIRL (dats true ask d guys n u probably knw it urself)
(MONEY)2 = GIRL (as in money square)
(/EVIL)2 = GIRL (as in money is root of all evil)
EVIL = GIRL (cos d underroot n square cancel each othr :P)
n hence pure evil u women :D.. but dnt v laauuuvvvv d evil :P

cumin back 2 post brk up ...den der r guys who go 4 on excessive alcohol n drugs.. well dey r fools n if dey act like 1 den not evn d almghty god can help dem...

so all am sayin is ...gud or bad its totaly ur cal.. u dcyd wot u wan2 do u wanna keep getin ur pleasures f bashing men or try n b on not so bashfull side.. u knw not a suitabl example here.. but i blv human beings can fit in wot evr dey mk up der mind 4.. so its on u ladies now... v all knw 1 rotten apple spoils d rest all 2.. now u dcyd u wanna bash dat 1 rotten apple or pik d 1 wich is not so rotten?? u wana concentrate all ur energies on d rotten 1s wich u knw can nvr 2 gud again.. n in d tym u mk merry basjin it.. der r chances f d smarter women takin away d gud 1s..while u wll b stk wid ur bashin... dnt let d bashful guys tk away all ur tym n d not so bashful 1s u miss out.. as u all r mature enuf lets not enter dis stupid debate of wich sex is superior.. cos eithr wayz SEX is superior hahahaha .. (d women i feel will go ahhh here while d men will hv gud laf like me).. now men n women r suposd 2b toghtr hs alwaz been like dat n will b like dat 4alwaz.. n if it mk any bttr 4 u females..den yes i accpt here on my part n mani othrs who think like me.. dat women r indeed d stronger sex (only not physically) n kudos 2d women power.. no if or BUTT attached :P...but still u wan2 write on how u like d male bashin do dat.. cos its 2 much fun readin it.. n seriously u ladies gota improve ur sense f humuor... yes not d humuor whr it gets ugly n disgusting but al neat fun u mst knw how 2 njoy... now i dunno wot all i hv written up here.. cant afford 2 read it n chk.. guess wud b long post ..yet again,, but den so much i gota say lol.... n i hv tried 2 mk it more readbl 4 d ppl by makin paras...spare me on d short hand .. cant help usin dem..

n probably aftr readin dis post.. a few ppl who knw me personally wud b like OKAY.. but i assume dat dey knw me far more bttr den dis n r mature enuf wid gud sense f humuor not 2tk things othrwise.. but nvrdless. here i hv anthr post :P feels gud.. cos postin is 1 big task 4me.. moreovr not much 2 write des days. so njoy dis post .. thot wud gv a disclaimer in start f it.. but den dat wud kill d fun of it so .. njoy :P :P