Tuesday, November 16, 2010

black illusion

this was and still i believe is the GOLDEN rule of my school...sure the truth does makes us free.. free from almost everything but everyone gotta pay a price for this freedom to come... now when there is a cost to pay, how is the concept of "free" working with the truth ???was watching this movie "valentine's day" (and why was i watching this?? lets see, have seen almost all the good action ,thriller ,comedy movies i got , all that is left are the sappy ramonaticas.. and i dont have anything against romantic comedies..i liked "notting hill" and "sweet november"...among others... so ended up watching this one too.. besides i also saw "harry met sally"-nice movie, "serendipity"-not bad, "remmember me"- sad boring NONSENSE... in the past few weeks) and one of the lines in the movie got me wondering if this can make a blog post?? after all been long since i last visited my page..

we all encounter times in life where the so called ghosts from past or some secret/fact we prefer to stay unknown come visiting us... or atleast this sure is the case in romantic movies... things we think we can do better without, truth which we dont want to accept but cant ignore either for long... things which are not in our control.. or sometimes are our own wrong choices or decision for the times and circumstances... there are the times we gota take the wrong turn.. or some lineage you gota carry forward with you without any choices... just when you think things are going perfect for you and nothing can go wrong, the skeletons from the closet come knocking... now have i got any such closets full of ghosts am scared of?? lets c... or should i
be taking a generall perspective and take the onus of me by saying no one is perfect.. we all have our dirty closets which we dont want to clean up.. or refuse to acknowlegde most of the times... but how long before knock knock knockong on heavens' door..

how one can go on to build a perfect world by keeping one little (or more than just one in some cases) secret aside for the fear of that one things ruinung up it all.. but the great minds will say gota make the base strong and not lay the world with some skeletons underneath... in any world the ghosts will do there job and come haunting.. hmm seems am out of words and just writing the same thing in different ways.. something i picked up in my MCA days to fill up the answer sheets ;p.. but well gota be rusty writing after this long and doing nothing but lying on bed for 40 odd days now.. so anyhow what got me thinking was no matter how dark d secret, in romantic movies the ending goes happy more then often for kiss and make up and THE END..
seems the concept fits well in real life too.. not d kiss and make up but once ur meet ur THE END, people tend to forgive you and remmember only your good side ,not the not so good which you tried to avoid in the
first place.. but the same people might not be very convinced of your decisions till the time you were hanging on.. funny aint it??

so where do we set the boundaries for how much amount of not so truth should be included in the perfect worlds?? to be free from the fear of being haunted by the ghosts... or to evaluate which ghost wont be that scary and which one would be... facing our worst fear and becoming a good person , but everyone can see
there own skeleton in a light where they would feel it isnt that bad why cant people acceplt it.. but go across the table and some else's skeleton would be unacceptable to that same person.. the concept TRUST always facinates me, how people say they do.. but one small doubt and the "I DO" changes to "DO I".. no amount of trust can ever make the slightest of doubt go away.. but the vice versa can happen in a fraction on a split second... how one unknown blast from d past can lit the fire of betrayal and end up in nothing but ashes of good times.. (:P not bad.. still not that rusty am i?? or is too lame?? i'll give myself benefit of the doubt..) trust they say lays the strongest foundation for mankind.. but why the same trust has the weakest of base for itself?? like i said funny i find trust.. many times we hear people saying i trust you... the funny acts can begin then and there itself... with the other person thinking.. no you dont ur just saying.. self doubting is it?? or the person saying just for the heck of it and get away with it.. well if we doubt then trust is the land of unknown for us.
but if everything is fine and there is no doubt in anyone regarding anyone else then i believe some TRUTH can be kept at bay and done without... for in the no doubt all trust situation.. sometimes truth will be a heavy price to pay to be free.. counter me saying with that amount of trust none can shake the foundation, but that's where the human psychi comes into play and it sure is twisted.. ou never know when the best of person can become the worst of nightmares... where does the trust goes away then?? or are we too weak to acknowlegde the truth.. be it our own or someone else's?? but why does so called or framed as "betrayal" of one person matters more then some one else?? the more you count on the person the more trust-doubt-hurt factor comes in.. while the insignificant's truth remains insignificant and they still keep the same place.. guess the higher we rise the greater the fall funda plays well here...

too many question i ask in my post some say.. but never give the answers.. well if i had the answers i guess i would not be talking about things like theses in the first place.. plus we all know preaching is way more easy than to practise.. we may say great things but when gota face the situations ourselves.. who knows where we might flip out.. still i believe irrespective of the skeletons and ghosts.. somewhere down if things and people are meant to be ... none of the paranormal activies matter(please bear with my attempt at metaphors here.. only if they are.. never was into wren and martin during school) the test of one's character and relationships only make them stronger, provided they were strong enough to go through the turbulent times in the first place.... too many conditions?? philoshy-easy to preach and not so easy to practise? well what can i say.. i aint no one.. and none in this world are perfect... lets c how long before my skeletons show me the middle finger and screw things up... or do they get a middle finger from me once and for all... well my old rescuer time comes for me here and says let me take you through and when it will be right it will play the cards itself.. and my weakness allows it to plays the cards as per its convinience.. why rush in the ghosts when time is on y side :P :P.... or is it?? well only the almighty time can answer that... till then alls well with the world... AMEN

P.S. hmm not bad dint turn out that small post after all.. but some habits shuold die hard... some traits of a human being should never change... else he/she loses there own selves.. hopefully no sms style this time , tried my best to keep it out, but aint gona check for that, so let things be..


(now these were the words which got this post in the making..hit me deep and got me wondering if lies can be good at times)