Sunday, July 4, 2010

born to booze

 dis post has been in d pipelines for long now.. just thot shud get it out here n break the heavy philosophical..( depressing or full f negatvty , as some wud say) posts.

dis gvs u an insite on how i hapnd 2 get d drinking habit.. well growing up i was alwaz tot by my folks dat alcohol is bad.. n ppl who drink alcohol r evn worse... only bad ppl get drunk.. n evn d gud 1s who drink become bad... the DEMON ALCOHOL.. n d gud kid dat i was(stil am :P) i alwaz stayed away from d daru gang.. but destiny had odr plans for me.. n soon i realised how i hv been in a misconception f associating dear alcohol wid d wrong...

fisrt tym evr i ws tricked by a frnd , luckily 4me i dint get tipsy evn after 4 pegs n 2 shots f vodka.. since den der ws no looking back... vodka ws history n i soon got 2 my calling ..SCOTCH WHISKEY.. some1 askd me wots d diff btwen d 2 ,, n i gues scotch is more smoother dan whiskey.. rest who cares.. drink it n u'ill knw all d differences.. pun intended here :P
alil socialising here n der with d alcohol, so dat i bttr b sober b4 getin back home.. well, d folks still got der prejudice against d poor thing.. so bttr y mix d 2.. n on dat i remmber drink 2 health drink 2 happiness. but never mix ur drink else u drink 2 il-health... or mayb somtym u shud drink 2 il-health :P.. cos by d end of it all drinking is d only concern..
i alwaz blv dat 90% f d ppl who get drunk only act stupid n r very much aware of wot dey r upto.. some jst tk an excuse 2 act stupid n some hv it in der head dat once dey drink dey ougth 2get tipsy.. my exprnce says.. yes u talk stupid ,, or is it dat u mk lots f sense once drunk... for some call it d truth syrup... haha.. jst felt like :P but der r d real heroes who actually get sloshed bad with excess f alcohol.. n evry1 needs 2get d hero in dem out once in a while.. ;p alwaz heard of hangover remedies but d truth is none f dos evr work.. n 1 shud nvr tk any f dos.. best remedy - drink again so dat d hangovr gets drunk itself :P.. n once its ovr... get andr 1.. only if u gota get home or ofyc next day,, .. well den u gota mk use f wichevr remedy works 4u..

enuf said tho not enuf done yet.... dis post is a pictorial tribute (2d first n hopefull d last tym dat i puked)... d day indeed a rathr early day(1am) wen i got drunk so bad dat i lost 3-4 hours f memory... d fatefull day rather it started at nite d fatefull nite ws one f my frnds brday/housewarming party.. now if ur drinkin n dnt hv 2go back home :P den u shud nvr stop drinking unless d drinks r all ovr.. n dat nite v tuk d onus of getin all d bottles empty... n hell yeah we did.. :P only 2 get all dizzy d next morning rathr few hours later..

u wana avoid d hangover do not sleep or rather sleep for proper long hours... so dat once u get up u r completely normal.. mayb a lil headache.. but dats worth it... i mean imagine getin up in d morning bangin in d balcony door thinkin its d loo door :P.. den finding ur belt on d floor, shoes n sox scattered... wallet n fone misplaced n if u wear specs den dos wud b mislocated 2.. n still u go hell wid it lemme sleep 4 somtym 1st.... :P can it get bttr... hmm having said dat i think it can.. probably next tym d mixing f d drinks hapn, den will knw of my next hangover.. n so will d d blosphere... :P

i guess now widout further adue i bring 2u alil insite 2d nite/early morning dat was... njy ppl :P :P

n rest r bttr kept in d closet :P :P

read it somewhere.. alcohol does not solves any problem.. but neither dos milk... so CHEERS!!!