Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PhOnEy sMiLeS & FaKe hElLos

now been sm tym since i last blogged so myt b a lil rusty dis tym arnd.. but nvrthless anthr beginning at last evr wondered y 1 wud bolg??is it d daily evnts 1 wud put dnw??or d frustations v nvr share out in d open??? random thots wich seems so wierd n strange??? or smtyms mayb jst 4d fun of it.. y am i writin dis thing?? mani reasons i guess , well 4 starters gt nothin bttr 2do, been on an extnded holiday mode so thot y not do smthin 4d society (:P ok bloggin doin smthin 4d society hahahaha ahhmmm...)newaz reasons... hmmm, comin across ppl in life... say sm 4m d past aftr long times or new 1s, wonderin how does each n evry day brings abt new changes in ppl, der way of life, d way of thinkin... 1 new addition 2a person n der perspctv change 2wards evrything.. how dey start speakin each othrs tongue.. d influence v hv on our peers n vice versa, now is dis influence makin us bttr ppl, or makin us 4gt who v r?? dey say good n bad 2 sides of d same coin but wot r v getin?? is it head or tails 4us?? n who is d 1 flippin dis coin?? y does its alwaz d gud syd all wan2 c n show n nvr cum across d bad 1?? amidst all dis goodness n friendly air do v realise dat so mani tyms v r jst fakin arnd.. b it our behaviour , d way v meet othrs... like d title sez ..phoney smiles n fake hellos.. while inside u knw wots goin on.. how well u like d company f d person presnt, d comfrt level dat person has wid ur presence... all pretendin hw elated dey r 2b der while d reality is far 4m wot it seems,, but smtyms maby des is wots requrd, jst 2 shw smthin dats not aftr all u gt ur whole life ahd of u.. dis person dis moment will soon b a thing of past den y not jst let dis thing b.. aft all des fake smiles only makin d worst go away, ..wot wen d harsh emotions replace dis sweet air tho not real n uncmfrtabl.. hw comfrtable is reality goin 2b?? newaz guess dat all 4 d individuals 2 dcd demslves n work out wots best ... in d words f a gr8 soul"choose wot u wish 2 blv.. choose wot u wish 2 c, ... cos v live no more"d falsehood v kary along is d1 wich mks it all kickin.. smtyms mks evry1 stick 2gtr.. or mayb dats nthr thot 2 jst mk 1 blv its all gud, funny thing u meet a random person 4m past n eithr f u jst cant stand each othr but how u gona hugg dem n sport ur best smile evr.. n how all d phrases like "stay in touch" "lets mk a scn soon" "will catch u later" n ya ofcourse share d mobiles numbers.. hahaha only 2 nvr call in most f d cases.. like i said funny story ... n evn more crazy d social networkings.. wid ppl comin across each othr almst evry day but d best interaction dey can hv wud b on sm social netwrkin.. mayb cos it easy not 2 hv 2put up d fake smiles der cos d smileys do dat work :P like dis 1 n mani more... wots der dat mks a person get along wid 1 while cant stand sm1 esle... goin by d theory f algebre.. well thot shud use in my bloggin bein a mathematical student....dey say X=y n y=z makes x=z,,, but x bein comfrtbl wid y n y bein wid z doesnt neccrly mks x gud wid z n thus d phoney hellos surface 2 save a law of great mathematicians... lolzz.. so it goes well dwn in history 2... ok mayb its easy 2 deal dis way wid our past.. but d past ws present 1 day n wot used 2 hapn den?? nthr funny story :P think abt it n u gona hv a gud laf, smtyms it feels lyf's 2 short 2hv things against sm1 n y waste it in jst makin thing worse.. n smtyms jst certain things becum soooooooooo long dat all d friction comes out loud.. so shrt sweet life wid long bittr exprnces... so let all d fakenss n pheny hellos prevail cos d smile do lie along wid dem.. u nver knw wen des plastc smiles mayb wash away all dats not 2b ....n all v wud b left wid wud b d Smiles n hellos .... n ofcourse in d tyms of technology y 4gt d smileys:P :) ;) :> :X n mani more ..guess certain of us r bttr den othrs in placin d smileys .. certainly ppl i knw who r bttr den me at dat... nehw enuf of d blog 4now,, nothin more comin 2d head.. so till d tym it cooks up smthin again lets all b wid d smiles n hellos wid nothin phoeny or fake......


monica said...

Mind blowing yar...ur blog is worth waiting for
The way you have mathematically proved this social phenomenon..kudos to u n i am genuinely saying that,its not a fake or 'phoney' comment.
This superficiality and hypocrisy really gets on my nerves some times and if u don't comply with all this then u r labeled as arrogant.
As they say 'duniya mein aaye hain toh duniya daari nibhaani padegi'.People rarely mean it when they say 'take care' etc. All crap!!

I will suggest that u shud minimize the rampant use of SMS lingo, i know typing is not an easy task but try and minimize.Other wise its a pleasure reading your 'CLOSE TO REALITY THOUGHTS'.You hit the nail at the right spot,no ifs and buts.

Parul said...

Oh boy!! Another great one from you. You have certainly the traits of

becoming a great mathematician one day, why waste life in MCA..lol!
I mean how many of us can relate the Law of Transitivity with this

social hypocrisy! Really good at associating things.. As I said

earlier, You actually have the vision, so I guess putting down your

thoughts in your blog will help others share it.
Only a few among all have genuine smiles. But its hard to figure that

out these days(courtesy:lots of phoney people around)!!
I'd suggest that you minimize the usage of abbreviations, samajhni aya

tuje i had mentioned it in the blog.. ;)
And ya even you are pretty good at placing the smileys..:P

Great work

aditi Kashyap said...
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aditi said...
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aditi said...

hey my dear friend, thats a funny observation and probably a marked "gutsy" one in the history of human behavior (i genuinely mean it). After being made to read it , my mind was more fascinated to ponder over the fact that why in the first place was i particularly made to read it ...Is it because i especially m being perceived as a part of that genre of people with fraudulent smiles and fake hellos !..hmm , if thats the case, then its a moment of emotional washout for me ..boohoo..mummy...boohoo (m crying)..but on second thoughts , i decide to turn around the tables and argue that why should fakery ( unless of course u actually tend to murder the person u r faking a smile to ) be thought of as an evil !!! I mean isn't fakery such an innovative thing and a smart physical workout , we know how many more facial muscles are at work while we smile than while we show anger, don't we ?and innovative , yeah , if m feeling bad against someone , i fight my inner spirit of spitting on his/her face but i decide to mould it into a beautiful smile rather...isn't it preventing us from being anti-social too . so, after giving your readers enough food for thought , i rest my argument here ...
I loved this blog of urs..

PS : spare me for a suggestion thats coincides with Parul's , u must seriously think about using full words and avoiding "fake" english script.. it hurts ..

Cheers !!

sorry for the goof up , i posted comment twice !